9th Sep 2010, 07:35

My 1999 Alero keeps running hot with no visible signs of leaks. Has this happened to anyone else?

22nd Oct 2010, 12:34

Purchased my 99 Alero about 5 years ago. It now has 220,000 km. I have loved my car, but it is now causing me problems. I did the front brakes a year ago, recently did the front driver strut assembly and wheel bearing. It is still making this growling type of noise at the front, and I don't know where it could be coming from. I thought it was the wheel bearing, but after replacing it, it is still making this noise. Any suggestions? Or should I be getting rid of the car quickly from what I have read?



26th Oct 2010, 06:48

Bought my 1999 2 door Oldmobile Alero in August 2009. Since then I have spent so much money in gas, can't seem to fix anything else. It costs me about $60-85 week. I work about a mile from my house and my daughter's school is about the same in the opposite direction. I would like to know, does anyone seem to think that you spend too much in gas?

I also have that clinking noise at the front. When it rains, my feet get wet while I am driving.

26th Oct 2010, 09:33

My calculation says you get about two and half miles per gallon. Even with the short distances you do, you should get about 16 to 20 mpg with your car.

I bet it is running very rough and almost chokes off when you try to accelerate. Probably it doesn't get warm enough either.

Your car at the least needs a tune up: Spark plugs and wires and a fresh air filter. Possibly, it needs a fuel pressure regulator, there could be a fuel leak somewhere and the list goes on. Here is the good news: the malfunction is so bad that any mom and pop shop will be able to diagnose this easily. You don't need to take it to a GM dealer and pay their prices. Also, after the fix, you will save enough money on fuel to be able to pay.

Just thinking aloud: why don't you use a bike for these short distances for a month or so?

18th Dec 2010, 09:56

I own an Oldsmobile Alero 1999 GLS. Nice car, but under the hood a lot problems, a real nightmare with this car.

I've replaced so far: alternator, serpentine belt, thermostat, head gasket, Dexcool, fuel regulator, speed control fan etc.

Almost every week I have to deal with low tire pressure, and now my rack and pinion fell off from the chassis mounting. This is my last time I will buy GM or Chrysler. Same piece of you know the rest... My next car will be a Toyota.

14th Feb 2011, 18:33

I too have had some of the same problems most of you have. I replaced the alternator, the rotors, my dash leather has curled up, my signal lights work when they want, but I found out what was wrong. There seems to be a malfunction in the hookup, so when it acts up I play with the hazard switch and they work fine.

I also replace all springs and struts, fuel pump, power steering lines, tires, gas line, air conditioner condenser and now I have noticed gas fumes.

I will never buy GM again.

26th Jun 2011, 05:07

I have a 2003 Alero that I purchased in March 2011, and it only had 64,500 KMS on it. It drives well, and I only paid 5300 bucks for the car. The problem I have is when I pushed in my hazard lights... I didn't push too hard. Has anyone fixed this problem before, and what did it cost to fix?

I have a Hyundai Genesis Coupe... But it is useless for anything but driving, and that is fine.

I love the car. But need to know about the hazard light issue.

23rd Jul 2011, 18:09

I have a 99 Alero also, and the rack mounts rusted off the sub-frame.

10th Sep 2011, 22:57

Hey, before you replaced a inner tie rod, did it feel like when you accelerated, it felt like the tire was rubbing. Or can that be a sign of wheel bearing problems? Any help?

11th Sep 2011, 09:12

The Aleros are pretty poor cars. Had one from new, and traded it in when 3 years old. A lot of issues even when almost new, and the car had less than 50K miles on it when traded in. It was simply a pile of junk, and others seem to have pretty much the same experience. I wouldn't recommend these cars to anyone. When an almost new car breaks down, what then about a 10-12 year old car. Stay away!

24th Nov 2012, 13:27

They also had a recall on the blinkers, so it wouldn't have cost you a thing.