29th Apr 2003, 10:43

Thank you for your advice mark, but with over 250 pages of complaints on these cars I beg to differ that this is an isolated case. My e mail is full of emails from discouraged Alero owners, most of them are 99 models, but I have a lot of kms on my car so I'm experiencing these problems early. Give it a while and I assure you that your opinion will change. I am definitely not keeping this car, I found a number for an arbitrator in the back of my owners manual, and in less than 2 months I will have full cost back for my car minus the extra kms.


14th May 2003, 16:00

I have owned my Alero since January 2001. It's got 68,000 miles on it and I've had no major problems. (I had a side view mirror glass fall off, the cup holder in the back broke, and my aluminum wheels have a rubbing sound about every 10,000 miles) Last week however I was told by the dealership that my wheel bearings needed to be replaced.

What fried me was that GM said I was 32,000 out of warranty and the GM extended service people were so rude they wouldn't even allow me to make a plea for an extension -- though I had complained about a front end noise 10,000 miles ago.

The question is, how common are wheel bearing failures?

28th May 2003, 12:14

I have a 99 Alero GLS Coupe, with almost 90,000 kms on it (!). We had to replace the right front wheel bearing last year, and I think the left front is just about toasted now too. My husband has an Achieva - the Alero's predecessor, and he had problems with bearings too.

I also have some problems with the onboard computer - which continually tells me my tire pressure is low (it isn't) or that my engine needs to be serviced (it is serviced regularly). I have come to ignore these two lights, and only pay attention to new ones that come up!

12th Jun 2003, 23:32

Wheel bearing should not wear out till 150,000 miles with no maintenance. I have a 1999 Alero, changed in-take gasket, and water pump at 67,000 miles. Changed the rotors twice, and the blinkers will not work sometimes. GM says "Anything can break on a car" and will not even help. I will never buy another GM product, and will try to persuade anyone from it. If they turn there backs on you here, they won't help you with other products either. Remember that a car is your second biggest investment you have. GM has lost this concept.

13th Oct 2003, 11:13

I have a 2001 Alero with 55,000 miles on it. At 9,000 we replaced the rotors, at 16,000 both wheel bearings had to be replaced. We have also had problems with the rear defrost (had to be replaced), the computer constantly saying "service engine soon", and a leaky seal around the driver side window. Now the paint is peeling off on the right front hood (in large chunks - not just small chips) - and of course it's not under warranty unless it rusts completely through. So basically, GM is saying it's perfectly normal for a 2 year old car to start to peel! Now the front brakes seem to be making an awful sound. We've had it looked at and the mechanic can't find anything wrong - but he can't fix the noise either. I wait to see what comes next...

4th Dec 2003, 22:42

Add my name to the long list of dissatisfied Alero owners. This is/was the last Detroit made car that I will ever own. If Detroit and the UAW continue to be as unconcerned about quality as they have been, the U.S. auto industry deserves to go under. My 1999 Alero has had over a dozen different problems, ranging from fit and finish issues, to rheostat failure to the most annoying: the power windows. Tonight I made a very cold journey to my home 30 miles outside Nashville. Snow is predicted this evening! I was in downtown when the window broke (for the third time in three years!) in the down position. I plan to call the Olds folks tomorrow and demand that they pay for repairs. I plan to "get Medieval" if necessary. I know this won't get me very far, but I'll feel better afterward.

11th Jan 2004, 00:45

I have a 2003 alero and the paint has a striping affect on it dealer has said it is normal.

13th Jan 2004, 19:27

2000 Alero would never buy one again. 100,000 km and 5 right front wheel bearings that is very expensive. Check engine light twice a week from the day we got it. They can't find the problem and keep charging for it. Lets not talk about brakes they do not last. The suspension creaks and clunks and has been adjusted 5 times. Tansmission is leaking for the third time. My list is very long. Do yourself a favor GM will not stand behind this vehicle so do not buy one.


22nd Jan 2004, 07:55

Hi, I helped my Dad pick out this car. (Regretfully)

Dads 83 and wanted to get Mom a new car, hes not going to live forever, so he tells me, So he wanted Mom to have a new car no problems...

The 2003 Alero has been back to the shop twice, Dad bought it January 3/04, (its now jan22/04) and hasn't put 100 kilometers on it.

The problem, it won't start, it might start if kept in a heated garage, but we live in Canada and sometimes its cold here, but Dads 1989 Chev starts... Any Ideas???

24th Jan 2004, 06:31

I could cry! I was just browsing around looking for quotes on wheel bearing replacement (front) because my 99 Alero is currently in the garage. I also had to replace the rear rotors and brakes about 6 months ago. I have had issues with the tire pressure light and coolant light because they are ultra sensitive. My car is just over 48,000 miles. And I thought I was getting a car that would last.. if anyone has any brilliant ideas on how to get our money back for these annoying repairs, I'm more than happy to join you!

29th Jan 2004, 20:45

My 2001 has 90,000 Kms and the paint blistering off under the front lip of the hood and will require re-medial maintenance to avoid rust perforation soon. GM dealer is not interested as it has not perforated yet. It looks like a waiting game that GM will win.

I fear a re-occurrence of the paint peeling which happened on my 91 Corsica. The Corsica only started the peeling after 8 yrs. What do you think my chances are if the Alero is already flaking away.

Driver side wheel Bearings replaced at approx 65,000 KM. Dealer suspected tire noise for about 3.5K km. Over warranty too bad

Passenger side bearing replaced at approx 80,000 KM. Didn't bother asking!

Manual transmission clicks and chatters at low RPM's in above 75 degree temperatures.

Dealer remedy was to drive at higher RPM's. Nothing can be done. Good news is I wear brakes much slower than Mother's Alero that lasted 23,000 Km.

3 Heater thermistors replaced since my car bought new. 2 were replaced under warranty, now its my problem. Conformal coated board looks like it has a corrosion problem as it blisters underneath the coating.

Great looking car, but I know I made a mistake.