16th Jun 2011, 10:16

I also have an 2002 Alero, bought it with only 18,000 on it.

I'm sorry but I just love my car. I have had no major issues with it as yet. The only problem is with brakes which are wearing faster then they should.

1st Jul 2011, 14:09

Hi guys, I just test drove a 2002 Alero with the tech 2.2 engine in it. The ABS light is on with track off light. Also the odometer came on when I pushed the four way flashers, and it flashed with them. Very hard to read how many KM on the car this way. Also she had receipts for $600 for some GM mechanic changing connectors on the wheel sensors.

Usually when the ABS comes on, it means the wheel bearing is worn and the sensor can no longer read the bearing sensor. On my Buick Century I did not have to change any wheel bearings until after 150000 KM on the car. I now have 359000 km on my Buick, and just changing my last original bearing now. The bearing does not always make a noise when the ABS sensor does not work any more. Also I changed my first brake pads at about 150000km as well. Now that I have the high mileage, I have only changed my brakes 3 times, and the third time just the other day. So changing brake pads at 20000km is pathetic, and the calipers should not be seized that fast. That is the only thing that causes premature brake pad wear.

I will not be buying the Alero I just test drove, because they seem to have a bad electrical problem as well. So get them on Kijiji and dump them, because they are garback. Much like the Cadillac North star engine problem; GM not being able to keep the head bolts tight, so they blow the head gaskets, and yes they still sell the same engine in its original form, knowing this problem. They don't care about us little guys :)

19th Mar 2016, 02:48

I now understand what you're going thru, as well as many others (sounds like?). My '02 Alero is making loud irritating humming sounds too. But I agree on a petition also...

12th Dec 2016, 12:00

I have a 2003 Olds Alero that is driving me crazy (no pun intended). I have had the front hubs replaced 2x on each side. The pass-lock, fuel pump, water pump, heater core, and numerous sets of brakes and rotors. One would think I practically have a new car, but now I need to replace the catalytic converter... again. As soon as I finish school in 8 months, she is going to the graveyard in the sky...