5th Jun 2006, 22:49

I just bought a 2002 Alero GLS. These comments are scaring the crap out of me! I wish I had read this all before, but Im hoping for the best!

7th Jun 2006, 06:49

I own a 2002 Olds- Alero. I have had many of these problems above. My main new problem has been that my ANTI-THEFT light keeps coming on.

The security light had come on several times before- but the manual said if it turns on, pull over and turn off your car. If the light continues to come on get your car serviced. I did so and my car was fine. I noticed it would happen more often, but the light always turned off so I thought it was my car just being a pain.

I was going to the grocery store at 9 pm one evening. I got some food, came out and attempted to start my car. It would not turn on. I thought the starter went on my car. I called a tow truck and they brought it to the dealership. They looked at it- charged me $150 Can and they said that my car thought it was getting stolen. So it refuses to allow anyone to turn on the vehicle. They reset the car (as they said) and said that it should be fine. It was fine for about a month and on my way to work it did it again. I was SO ANGRY!

I called the dealership and they said that to do the following:

Put my key in the ignition, turn the key to ON leave it there. The security light at this time will continue to flash. Let it do so. It will continue to do this until your car detects it is NOT being stolen. This took about 30 minutes I had to wait. After the light stopped flashing. I took the key out, and tried to restart my car. It worked.

My car worked fine. It happened again 3 weeks later. Then it happened a month later.

IT HAPPENED THIS MORNING AGAIN! That is why I am writing this comment. Who has time to do this procedure all the time. What is going on and how can this be fixed?

11th Jun 2006, 08:53

I just went out yesterday and finally got rid of my POS 03 Olds Alero GLS. After this one I said I would never own another North American vehicle! Bought a 2006 Nissan Altima, I know it is assembled in TN, but all the parts are Japanese made and I looked in to QC at Nissan and it is amazing. So glad to get rid of this stress. But before I hand in my lease I have to replace the wheel bearings and brakes, BIG SURPRISE!!!

19th Jun 2006, 14:04

I own a 03 Alero 4 cil. Quick fixes to all your problems

Problem 1- I learned to ignore the engine light and just about any light, I noticed engine light started going off and on after the car reach 15k, it seems more often when drastic change in temperature.---Solution allow few days to go off again. (Keep this in mind for state inspections)

Problem 2- Rotors/brake problems, I replaced all brakes and rotors on all wheels last year (50k). It started vibrating 3 months later. To compensate, I keep my distance and brake more carefully, you can also move to the country were driving is less stress full. I will replace them again later this year when I get ready to sell this pile of junk.

Problem 3 -The heating/AC fan, --solution I keep my window crack in winter, and fully open in summer.

Problem 4 – I learn my lesson with power windows, So this one is manual

Problem 5- water in the trunk/spring does not hold the trunk open, keep trunk open after heavy rains. Let it dry for a couple days, and carry a large metal pipe in the trunk to keep it open (also security enhancement).

Problem 6 - the acid and weight from the battery destroyed the tube for the windshield fluid. --Solution I stole the tube used from my nephews fish tank and use it to fix the stupid hose with a little duck tape. It is still working.

Problem 7 – The front bumper, the bottom part was ripping apart and hitting the from right tire. --Solution with a handsaw cut the bottom part or the whole-grill so it did stop the noise and solve future problem in left side.

Problem 8 – still have one year of payments. I'm so glad for 0% finance when I purchased.

Any one interested in purchasing a beautiful Alero 03 in July 07 contact me ;-)


4th Jul 2006, 16:48

Yes, I have an 1999 Olds Alero, and I must say that I love the car, but since I bought it in August of 2005, I have had the ignition coils and catalytic converter replaced (700.00), 3 sets of brakes, and my check engine, brake, and service engine lights come on regularly.

My rear defrost also affects my radio and only works with the CD player on, and now every time I turn on my A/C, it causes my car to cut back as if it's going to cut off.

I'm in the market of looking for a new car, but as for the piece of crap that I'm driving, I will not recommend anyone buy an Alero. Help!!!

20th Jul 2006, 15:19

I bought a 2003 Olds Alero, 6 cyl in April. It has 52,000 miles on it.

Problem 1: Fit and Finish. The body lines are not symmetrical at all. The dash constantly "moves" in the heat of summer.

Problem 2: Paint peel. There is almost no clear coat left on the bumper. The hood is starting to peel, and under each door. THIS IS ONLY 3 YEARS OLD! I looked at my 92 Lumina, and it looked a lot better than the Alero!

I took it to dealers and they said there was nothing they could do for me, since it doesn't qualify for rust through protection. BOGUS WARRANTY!

I will never buy GM again...

Way to screw up the American Economy.

31st Jul 2006, 14:15

I bought a 2000 Alero about six months ago. The fuel pump was broken a week after I drove off the lot. Just today the driver's window stopped working. I understand it could be the regulator which costs between $300 and $400. Is this a common problem with the Alero? Does anyone know the best place to get parts for it?

31st Jul 2006, 17:28

I have a 2002 Alero and I loved it at first, but not now! I had the rotors replaced at 60,000 miles. Brakes at 70,000. I currently have it in the shop to get the waterpump replaced as well.

Other little things that are wrong...

Dash board has about 10in. x 18 in. area that is totally warped and buckled. Looks so terrible.

Turn signals work only about 80% of the time. I found that if you hit the hazard button they will start to work again.

The numbers and graphics are coming off the radio, and I have to push the buttons so hard that it hurts my fingers to make them work.

There is so much road noise. I got new tires that were supposed to be the best for lowering road noise and it is still loud in the car.

Driver's side door creaks even after lubing it.

Automatic door opener has been replaced once already.

Change oil light is always on.

Low tire pressure light is always on.

Never buying an American car again!