28th Aug 2006, 00:06

I bought a 2002 Olds Alero GLS with the 3.4 eng brand new. It has been a great car with 136,000 miles on it. I have had the brakes worked on twice and its on its 3rd set of tires. The car is just now starting to act up once in a while and the check engine light comes on. I think I lost a lot of miles on the engine when I mixed up the engine coolant and put in the green stuff instead of Dex-cool and caused the two fluids to gel and the engine to over heat. (Oops) Before I met my wife she also had purchased a new 2000 Alero with a 2.4. The only problems encountered were the emergency flashers went out affecting the signal lights as well. After I replaced the flasher I got the recall letter. Now Both front windows don't roll down. This car also has 140,000 miles and still running strong. We plan to operate both these cars for several more years to come. Sorry to hear so many other people have had rotten luck with their OLDS.

21st Sep 2006, 07:29

I purchased a 2002 Alero brand new and it wasn't the best move I've made. At just over 60'000Km things starting going bad. Here is my list of problems:

-Head gasket needed to be fixed twice. (Over $1500 eachtime)

-Rotors and brakes have been replaced 6 times.

-Fuel pump went last summer

-AC/Heater blower only works on top speed, very annoying.

-Starter has gone twice.

-Ignition system had to be replaced.

-Computer got replaced 3 months ago because it burnt out.

-Hub assembly has been replaced 2 times.

-Front shocks went last year at 140k

-Numerous other small issues, dash buckle's in heat/winter, buttons on radio have lost their paint.

Overall the car has had about $6000 in repairs in the 4 yrs I've had it. And that's not including regular maintenance.

The most frustrating thing was being turned down for the headgasket repair from the GM dealership, after it went shortly after 70'000K, and these cars carry a 60'000km warranty. The fact that they let me pay $1500 cost them my business purchasing a GM next time.

27th Sep 2006, 20:34

My wife of 4 months got me to go out and buy a new car, so I did. I got a 2002 Alero that has 80547 km on it. I bought it in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. No problems yet, but everyone has me scared. I hope I got a good one.

28th Sep 2006, 09:18

I own a 1999. Between 42K and 70K the following things happened:

Intake Manifold Gasket

Bad Fuel Injector

Both back window regulators failed

Transmission failed.

Since 70K...now at 108K haven't had any major issues, but now my "Low Trac" light keeps coming on and off. From the previous comments I am guessing Hub Assembly/Wheel Bearing.

Not my favorite car.

11th Oct 2006, 12:36

DO NOT BUY AN ALERO! I bought my 2002 GLS 2dr Coup in the summer of 2004 used with 26k. It was Gm Certified. My Alero was great up until this past summer. Here is a list of some of the problems:

Replaced the pass side bearing.

Replaced the regulator in the driver's side window 3 times @ $350 each time!

Paint on the radio buttons is gone.

Dashboard vinyl is warped.

The blinkers started to have a mind of their own. When I would turn them on they would work and then stop working or just not work at all. Now the blinkers start up whenever they please. This is even when I do not have the blinkers on.

Last week while driving down the road everything electrical stopped working for about 30 seconds and then started working again.

Monday my car wouldn't start. I brought it in. The battery was dead so I replaced it. That can be general maintenance so I wasn't upset. Tuesday my car ran great. Today my car won't start again. We will see what is wrong this time.

This car has had oil changes every 2k and general maintenance. The Alero only has 90k on it. These things shouldn't be happening. I am 7 months pregnant and my husband is gone serving our country. This is extremely upsetting. I called Gm and they have terrible customer service. They do not stand behind their product and will not help me out in anyway. For anyone reading this Stay away from the Alero. We also own a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. There is a reason Gm is going under. I highly advise you to stay away from GM all together.

29th Nov 2006, 17:19

Like many others, I am in Alero he**!!! My ac/heat only works on the highest settings. When it rains there's puddles of water in my passenger set floor board and recently behind the driver seat as well. The driver side window only works when it wants to, along with the blinkers. I have also gone through countless brakes and rotors. My newest problem is now, my car drives like its in first gear, (keep in mind I have an automatic) and so far no one knows whats wrong with it. Other than that it's a great car!!!

20th Dec 2006, 10:13

My Alero is awesome except the fact that only one window in the car will roll down. Every regulator went out within a 3 month period along with my blinkers/flashers. My car also loves eating brake pads. Pretty much general motors can blow me. Kia Rio here I come.

2nd Jan 2007, 17:20


I am another dissatisfied 2002 Alero customer. I wish I had thought to look this car up before I bought it. I bought mine in 2004, with about 51,000 miles on it, it has about 75,000 now. So many big ticket items have gone on this thing. Never again will I buy an American vehicle!!!

So far I have replaced...

2 left hub sensors.

1 right hub sensor, and the ABS/ETS light is on again

A head gasket.

A fuel pump and after 2 of them, the gas gauge is not working properly, I can't believe I could be lucky enough to get 2 defective pumps!

The radio dial paint wore off, then the stereo/CD player died.

The trunk covering is falling down, came unglued.

The interior around the back window is loose...

What were they thinking when they decided on this model??

Being a single parent with only one income, I thought this car was going to last me until I could afford something else. For all the money I have put into this car, I could have bought the something else and not had as many headaches.

2nd Jan 2007, 19:20

I don't mean to rub salt in the wounds, but you stated ".. so many big ticket items..." need repairs. Did you leave those off the list? I could not find any big ticket items. Big ticket items for me, equal $1000+ repair. A repair less than $500 is not a big ticket item and a gray area is present between $500 and 1000. But I did not even find any single $500+ repairs unless you were seen as a pile of money to a greedy repair shop. (Quite possible in the world today.)

Also, I'm not defending the Alero, but a bad sample of any car does not mean all cars from that country are bad. There are bad samples of cars from every country that makes cars. One should be careful about making a mountain out of a mole hill. Perhaps you will have a better 2007 than you did 2006!