3rd Apr 2010, 22:12

I have an 2001 Alero. Had it for about 3-4 years, and only problems I have had were the cat getting plugged up, and 1 wheel bearing; nothing since.

My friend has one too, and his brakes do weird stuff when slowing to stop. It's rubbing and the pedal goes crazy. Any ideas?

12th Apr 2010, 17:50

I have a 2002 Olds Alero 2 door coupe that I purchased in 2003... I didn't start getting issues until last year... the main issue was with the darn security light and my car not starting because of that... it seems to have been resolved...

I've had my front brakes fixed, which happens. I do need to get my routine maintenance done this year, but I've noticed that after a while driving, especially when my car is in idle, my engine will rumble and sometimes the car will just shut off... I have to restart the car; sometimes I kinda freak out because it takes me a few tries...

The car will also rumble and feel like it is working really hard when I turn on either my AC or my heater... this bothers me... I first thought it was just the battery, which I got fixed... it doesn't do this as bad now, just when it has been running a little while... I will be taking it in next week... but hoping that if it is something that needs to be fixed, it won't cost too much...


5th Jun 2010, 14:55

The 2003 Alero with 124000 KMS. I have had the anti-lock /Trac off, rear window, passlock and radio button problems.

The passlock lock problem I solved by replacing the key for $2. The rear window defroster not working because the connector where it goes through the antenna amplifier burns up and arcs.

6th Jun 2010, 22:41

2002 Alero. Front and rear hubs a constant problem. Passlock system (security light) also a regular repair issue.

20th Jun 2010, 12:05

Hi, I bought a 2002 Olds Alero five years ago, used. I thought the car was great when I first had it; it was sporty, peppy, 2 door and ran great.

Now five years later it's another story... a long story. I need both window track and crank replaced, for the second time and $500 a shot. I need body work done as it's rusty between the door and rear wheel on both sides, been on going issue for the last two years. I've replaced all the metal, and primed and painted twice now.

I have constant issue with the brakes and rotors, and now just this month my bearings are going again.

My boyfriend hates my car, because I'm always coming to him with concerns about how it runs. I no longer feel safe in this car, and I avoid driving it when I can...

20th Jun 2010, 19:57

Greetings fellow misfortunates.

My father in law to be got us an 02 with a whopping 230k on it from his cousin. It drove fine for the most part, had its minor issues as most of you have previously listed, however...

Driving today, making a routine turn off one street to another then accelerating, it stalled.

The gas tank is just about full.

When you try to start, it just struggles and won't turn over.

Any ideas would be really appreciated.

Mike, tommiedrumist@yahoo.com.

20th Jul 2010, 09:40

Bought this car 2 years ago (2008) with 75k miles on it. It has had nothing but problems since day 1, despite the fact that it is driven very delicately.

Like so many, I wish I had seen this site before I purchased. I love the look of the car (coupe), but the problems are almost too numerous to mention.

There are constant brake and suspension issues, trac-off light stays on, service engine soon light intermittent all the time, both window mechanisms replaced twice, the fan only operates at the highest setting, the cruise does not work, the dash is peeling away.

Now I am told it needs injectors as it can't maintain a steady speed and it is beginning to rust on the outside to boot.

Run don't walk from this car.

29th Jul 2010, 20:07

I have a 2002 Alero, and I have had the hub assemblies replaced, and 20 miles later the trac off service vehicle and one other is on again!! After the light came on, I had my cruise set, and all of a sudden the E-brake light came on, and the cruise went off and would not set again!! I have parked the car for now; trying to figure out what is wrong with it!

5th Feb 2011, 23:26

Just bought my 02 2 days ago. Those three lights came on... any ideas on how to fix that???

Please email me at krystal_ice_516@hotmail.com


24th Mar 2011, 00:07

March 23, 2011 (Canada)

I have a 2000 Alero, 4cyl (manual of course). I bought it new at the time, and have had it ever since. It now has 202,000km.

Fortunately for me I have only had minor problems with it. One that still irks me is the driver's side outside mirror; when it was brand new, it vibrated at around 90 to 100km/h, quite badly, so that one couldn't see what was in it. I took it in three times and no luck. They changed the glass, then the entire internal mechanism, and then the whole mirror, and it didn't work. I should have complained more, but didn't, of course we need our car to get to work and in those days there was no such thing as a courtesy car. A strongly worded satisfaction survey was no help either. I let that go, and found over the course of the next few years that the car was in fact great. Spacious, reliable (one other reviewer mentioned that it always starts, and that's the case). I have never experienced the problems of the security issue that keeps it from starting. The only thing in this respect is when it is really cold (I mean really cold, like -25C) then the clutch is a little sticky (like the fluid is molasses), and the engine rolls over more slowly, but she always starts... so far. I think this is pretty normal though.

So for some of the other problems, I had noticed that the brakes are weak. Don't recall the exact mileage, but it wasn't too long that I had to replace the pads and rotors, and of course that is something I only did ONCE at the dealer. After that, I started going to Midas or Canadian Tire, and in point of fact, it seems these may have been a little better (or the dealer was crappy). In the 200,000+ km on the car, I have changed the brakes about 4 times I would say (3 sets of rotors). Just recently put a second set of calipers on it too.

As for the bearings, I think I have changed them twice, although just this week it sounds bad. I think they might be due.

I have had a check engine light on for about 3 years. The diagnostic said that it was a "slight leak in the fuel system". The dealer of course said it was the fact that the gas cap wasn't on tight enough. Not even close, several attempts were made to fix it (with the corresponding fees for the diagnostic) to no avail. It's still on, and when I go to work tomorrow it'll be on again. Don't care. It doesn't mean anything major.

The blower fan is getting weak, but not in the same sense that the others seem to all have described. In this case the fan works OK, but it comes from all places essentially equally, ie defrost, vents, floor etc... also, the dash is peeling or shifting as one person described, but it's possible that these two issues are related, since I had an aftermarket stereo installed, and the company that did it was not so careful. Could be a result of this (that's OK though, since I got a 7" touch screen Kenwood stereo/Garmin GPS installed with USB and all the kit 5 years ago, before these toys were so "commonplace" like they are now).

In terms of comfort and spaciousness, the car is great. The shifter has a sporty feel, and the exhaust (still original) has a little bit of a throaty sound (not bad for a sedan).

Gas mileage isn`t great, but it`s a domestic.

I`ve been pretty happy with this car, and was planning on driving it until it died. I just hope that these issues that many have described don't creep up on me all of a sudden! So far I haven't seen these things as too much more than maintenance. My father in law has an older (2005 maybe) Nissan Maxima, and when he has to take it to the shop (dealer or not), it costs way more! Perhaps I'm just biased since it's my first new car!?

Thanks to everyone for posting, I hope at least someone hasn't had all bad luck!