15th Jun 2004, 08:37

I am a 2002 Alero owner who is having the same problems as everyone else. I had leased a 99 and had absolutely no problems in 45,000 miles except an alternator. So I decided to buy the 2002, what a mistake. I have a 3 page single spaced list of different things that this car has been in for service on. The biggest problem here is the brakes, which I was told by the dealer after asking why there has not been a recal, "Is not considered a safety issue". My dealer also told me that the brake calipers are made from Aluminum, which when it get heated, moves which causes the front end to shake and warp the rotors, which in turn wears down the pads unevenly, causing all of our problems!

I have had my car in for service on the brakes 5 times. The rotors have been resurfaced, shimmed, replaced, resurfaced, resurfaced, resurfaced. I am going back to the dealer once again on the 18th because they problem is back again. I have had enough. Oldsmobile just LOVES to tell me it is because of MY driving habits, HA!

I have already been rejected for GM to buy back this lemon of a vehicle.

Oldsmobile is telling me that because my vehicle now has 57,000 miles on it and brakes are considered a wearable item they may not cover it. What I tried to tell them is that it has been a re-occurring problem since 12,000 miles. THat I have been dealing with this for 45,000 miles.

Also, I have a 3 page list of crap that has been wrong with this car, including..

4 new tires replaced because of TSB from the clunking sound in the front end. Olds wanted to just replace the 2 front tires, like I was stupid, until I said, "Well, what will happen when I rotate my tires and the new ones are now on the rear and old ones are now on the front and the noise will come back". I would leave witout 4 new tires and rims.

Gas cap - awful gas smell inside of car, they replaced the gas cap.

4 radios - paint on buttons wearing off - cheap painted buttons, COME ON!

Interior pieces including rear drink holder 2 times, door mouldings 2 times, console latch.

Trans line leaking.

Both front wheel bearings.

Front AND rear brakes.

Rear door handle broken.

Have had 2 windshields because the smallest of stones crack the glass.

I could go on forever, I have owned a GM vehicle since I got my drivers license at 16, this is definitely the last GM vehicle I will ever own.

Any comments or suggestions, please let me know if there is anything that I can do: kathie1971@yahoo.com.

17th Jun 2004, 09:56

I just came across this site while looking for information on tuning up my 2000 Alero. I have to say that I have experienced some of the same problems as every one else. I think the on-board computer is quite bad on this car.

My security (pass-lock) light comes on while I'm driving. Dealer said they found nothing wrong.

Now it locks my car up in about every 7-14 starts forcing me to wait 10 minutes before I can go anywhere.

Fuel Gauge sensor broke and had my car showing that I had more than a quarter tank of gas when I was well past Empty. Result: Ran out of gas doing 75mph at night on the interstate. Also my fuel pump broke as a result of this and had to be replaced. All because of a bad sensor/computer.

My power windows driver and shotgun seat had to be replaced as they would work periodically.

My power steering shaft broke just as I was setting up for a road trip, this was quite audible and startling.

My brake rotors warped twice and were machined at the dealership unbeknown to me (against manufacturers recommendation).

I hear strange sounds at different speeds from the engine now, but I no longer know whats maintanence related and what is just bad car design.

My alero has 64K miles on it now. The best thing I ever did was getting an extended warranty since most of my problems started at just about the 36K mark (actually at 33K or so).

My prognosis: The Alero is a gook looking sporty car and good while under 30K, but after that its just NOT WORTH THE MONEY.


5th Jul 2004, 14:10

I own a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero and have had several problems with it since I bought it brand new in February 2003. At 1 year old and since (it's only 1 year and 4 months old now) I have had the following problems:

Feb. 2004: Ignition switch went out. Air conditioning, dash lights and stereo would not go on when car started up. Computer updated.

March 2004: Car would not go into reverse. (car is 5 speed) Back in the shop. Linkage broke. Replaced. Computer updated again.

June 2004: Car stopped while driving it. Stalled 4 times whie trying to get it off the road in the rain. Back in shop for 5 days. Fuel pump out and fuel filter clogged. Car has 30,000 miles on it. Fuel injectors clogged and throttle body needs cleaning. The fuel pump was replaced under warranty. We took care of the rest.

I am very nervous about this car since reading all these reviews about the Alero. I tried to trade my 2003 Alero in and so far I can't get close to what I still owe on it. I think dealers know about these cars and their problems. I have a feeling that I have not seen the last of my problems with this car.

16th Aug 2004, 18:07

I have a 2002 Alero. Twice the car has been in the shop due to the power window on the drivers side not working. Beware of the 2002 models and your dash. My two year old car now has a dash that looks rippled. I have since discovered that this defect is not covered on my 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty. The workmanship on this vehicle is poor and my car is falling apart. BEWARE!!!

26th Sep 2004, 16:19

I also have a 2001 Alero. In the last two years (60,000 miles), I have spent over $4000 on repairs for this car that has yet to hit the 100,000 mile mark. Regardless of the fact that I meticulously maintain this worthless car, I have replaced the brakes 5 times, rotors twice, motor sensor twice, and the lower intake manifold gasket- very common to go on this car according to the dealer, but painful as its at least a $1000 job. Also, my turning signal ceases to work on occasion as does my emergency light.

Most recently they've discovered rust in my coolant (which btw, is suppose to go to 150,000 miles until a change), and today I woke up to yet another bright red light on my dash and am headed back to the shop again this week.

If I wasn't upside down in my loan I would have gotten rid of his car long ago. If you are considering buying this car, JUST DON'T DO IT!!!

5th Jan 2005, 07:15

I have a 2002 Alero and have experienced many of the same problems. Brakes, wobbling, etc. I now have a strong fuel odor in the car. This is an intermittent problem and I hate to take it back to the dealership in that they will probably find nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks.