12th Feb 2007, 18:19

My 2001 Alero has had the brakes and rotors replaced too many times to count and my husband has accused me of being too hard on them. I've now shown him this website and I thank all of you. My heating blower has just died again for the fourth time and I'm tired of paying the repairman, but what can we do as owners of these cars? Is there any recall or help for these problems or do we just complain to each other?

13th Feb 2007, 12:08

I have also had problems with my 2003 Alero:

Brakes and wheel bearings replaced last year - $500.00

Passengers side window no longer will go down.

And now I had to replace the head gasket - $900.00.

I am not happy with this car. It is the worst car I ever owned.

14th Feb 2007, 00:10

As another Alero owner I've had many of the same problems as the rest of you. Just a heads up as well that the rotors for these cars are only $24 a piece and cheaper than the brake pads. The auto parts guys said they're basically made to wear out. Also the one positive is they were a piece of cake to change, and I think pad and rotors for all four of my wheels was around $250.

The other stuff hasn't been as easy like the driver side window breaking and all the interior lights coming on. With my new problem (rear defroster) I was just wondering what everybody else had to do to get their's working again? Do I have to replace the whole back window or is it just a computer problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

17th Feb 2007, 19:45

I also have a 2002 Alero. I bought it brand-new...had about 13 miles on it when I drove it home. I was lucky enough to get an interest-free loan, and most of the things that went wrong were while the car was still under warranty. These are the things that have been repaired so far... head gaskets, power steering, starter, front passenger side wheel bearing, brakes twice, (of course those were not under warranty), gas cap has been replaced twice or three times, and this was all before the warranty was off at 50,000 miles. Now at 74,000, the transmission has to be replaced, as well as the driver's side wheel bearing on the front. I am so sad about my car. I have loved the ride, the looks, but was so amazed that someone had their dash cover shrivel.. I thought maybe I had done it by cleaning it with something I shouldn't have. I have had the tire lights come on several times, but that was lucky for me, as I avoided flat tires each time, as there were nails in my tires. I am close to retirement and had bought this car, in order to have it paid off by the time I retired, so I could enjoy it payment free for awhile. Now I have to put in a transmission, and so I guess that will take a while to pay off too. I guess I could rationalize some and say that the money I saved in interest might pay for the repairs, but it is scary to think that my problems might recur. After it is fixed and paid for in Aug. Maybe I better get rid of it.

26th Feb 2007, 07:21

I have a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero and it was nice the first year, but its been one thing after another, well replaced the fuel pump twice, the ignition lock cylinder and the security light won't go off. this car is a piece of crap and anyone is considering buying one don't!!!i want get rid of it fast!!!

5th Mar 2007, 01:19

I'm not alone! I took comfort in it. I just found this site here – I'm an Alero 2000 owner based in Europe – Germany. And I'm totally disappointed with that car. The problems read like a complete car fleet problems-list: for every 2 days of driving the car spends 1 day in service.

We drove the car now 100.000 km (60.000 miles) : forget it! Every day I see the tiny sticker on the rear window: “Build with pride in the US” Hey, guys of Chevrolet: spend more quality in your products than pride! My wife's next car will be a Toyota.

By the way: I’m riding a Lincoln Mark VIII too. Since 13 years as a fun car. And you know what?! No problems since 135 k miles!

7th Mar 2007, 15:41

I've got a '99 Alero with 145,000 miles on it. It's been a pretty good car. Service work seems to be about average. Blinker went bad around 80,000 miles, left front wheel bearing went bad around 95,000 miles. I'm pretty sure the right front wheel bearing is due to be replaced now at 145,000 miles. Battery was replaced in '03. Bought good ceramic pads and quality rotors from NAPA and I'm getting 50,000 on a set of breaks. Power steering fluid needs to be added when it gets really cold and the driver's window occasionally doesn't hit a limit switch and won't go down, but I fixed that. I'm just amazed at how well it runs and the transmission is still working. Good percentage of highway miles, but city driving included as well. Yes, it has some rust now 8 years into it, but what do you expect after 8 winters in Michigan? No, I don't work for the auto industry or a union.

11th Mar 2007, 19:35

I was just looking though some adds for Oldsmobile Aleros, since I am only 18 a newer vehicle for under 10,000$ is pretty good. After reading all these comments, I think I will stick to Japanese cars.

Another thing I noticed is the majority of Alero owners have had to replace both front and rear wheel bearings at around only 60,000miles.

No wonder they're being sold dirt cheap, you get what you pay for!

- Sarah.

12th Mar 2007, 07:01

I also own a 2002 Alero... my mistake.

Purchased it used two years ago with 21,000 miles on it seemed like a good gas saver for work, 50 miles each way.

Lots of electrical issues.

Turn signals, wipers, seat belt light, low tire light, cruise turns off just about all the time now. Radio buttons have no finish left on them.

Power steering pump is starting to leak.

Now I am getting a loud noise from the front end, I was told wheel bearings are famous to go bad. GREAT what else. Only 58,000 miles ready to dump it.

It has a mind of it's own.

15th Mar 2007, 17:40

That's weird to read all this stuff from other people with similar problems. My 2002 Alero has costed me a lot of money. I'm over seas right now and my wife is constantly having trouble with that car. From the blinkers working from time to time, the dome light will be on the whole time she's driving, and the biggest problem is the car starts when it wants to. She has been towed all over the state of Carolina. I had an old friend that always told me to buy Toyota's. I think I'll be taking his advice...

2nd May 2007, 21:38

Yep, bought a 2002 alero 2 dr in 2006 @ 74,000 km and have had the engine gasket replaced at 10k later. Dome light fell down, low pressure light, service light and just today engine light is on. Security just started acting up last week and haven't even hit 100k yet!!

Front tires squeaking turning corners cause the rim lips are rubbing the tires. (thought it was wheel bearings) Replaced tires and that stopped the squeaking.

Seems that I'm not doing too bad yet, can't wait to see what this car has in store for me?

Any one want to by an Alero? Last GM for me!!!