1st Sep 2007, 18:10

My Alero 2002 had many problems and the latest is the dash board lights, interior lights all go on and off like Christmas tree lights... what on earth is going on? I checked the reset buttons fuses, grounds, battery, computer chips... and finally I give up... and I'll take it to the garage... there you go?? It's an Alero.

7th Sep 2007, 18:49

Dear Alero owners...

I also bought a 2002 new Alero. As I have always tried to buy American made cars and trucks. I have had so many problems, many I have read and feel bad for all of you.

The largest problem I had was my timing change broke. In my Alero it's located in the engine. WOW! Needed a new engine.

Yes the security lock system really in a pain. It stops you from starting your car for approx. 10min. If that's a safety feature, they should have considered that; if I have my keys let me start it. In the case of a car jacking, the criminal may shoot you thinking it's something you did. And be sure to lock your doors if you feel unsafe or people at a gas station are getting mad at you.

Yes mine locks up at least once every 20 starts or so. Good luck with that.

Hubs, rotors, loud breaks often needing replaced, rust on the hood and rear passenger door. Dealer told me that it's only under warranty if it rust's right through. Well that's just silly! Fix it now before it does.

Blower stops working.

My right side spring just broke while I was driving yesterday.

And if you need to speak to someone from the GM complaint line, good luck! I'm not sure, don't quote me on this... but I think they work outside of the USA. :-)

25th Sep 2007, 21:22

I also have a piece of crap 2002 Alero. My wife traded in an Avalon for this garbage car. I found this site while looking for a rear window regulator as both sides are broken. The rear windows were not put down for awhile and I guess they got stuck, and then when I went to put the windows down, they broke the tiny plastic piece that holds the crimp in the window. What a horrible design. Both are broken.

My car also leaks. It took awhile to find the problem. The drain on the sunroof got clogged and the water would back up and then drain inside the car through the fuse box. Currently, the paint is flaking off the windows by the doors and the trunk latch auto release is not working. This car is so bad and so worthless I'm purchasing a 1999 Saab with twice as many miles, but because this car isn't worth anything with only 60,000 miles, I'll keep it till it dies. Terrible Terrible Terrible car.

1st Oct 2007, 20:12

I have a 2002 Alero that I have been fairly happy with, until recently. I can't tell you exactly how many miles are on it since for the last 3 months the odometer and tripmeter have been reading in KM. The nearest I can tell, it has 105,000 miles, but like I said I'm not sure. It also resets to zero every 45 kilometers. I live in Nebraska! What in the ---- do I care about kilometers!!! I replaced the ignition switch for $300, but as I read through some of the previous comments, I may have gotten screwed there. My front brake rotors are shot, but I can change those cheaply. I cannot reset my change oil light. The flashing seatbelt light will not shut off. The low fuel light comes on periodically. The turn signals do not always work, but I can fix that by beating on the hazard lights button. Several months ago, all the dash lights started blinking at random. I shut the car off and re-started it, and all was fine. The peeling paint on the radio knobs, the buckled dash pad, the rear door pad pulling loose, these were all present when I bought the car, but the rest of this crap, along with the increasingly poor gas mileage, is quickly becoming too much. My wife and I have just decided, tonight, to get rid of this car.

4th Oct 2007, 20:42

I have 2002 Alero GLS I purchased with 23,000 miles. I really love the car, but I have to say I've had to replace the front brakes and Rotors @26,000 miles The right front Wheel bearing @ 28,000 miles and now @ 38,000 miles Rear brakes and Rotors. I've replaced the Tires once and the front ones need to be replaced again! I have to say I do like this car! I hope all the probs about this car I am reading about don't happen to me.

28th Nov 2007, 16:14

I have a 2002 Alero. I recently got it about a month ago. It's under a 30 day warranty, which will soon expire. My trac. off light, anti-lock, and service vehicle soon lights come on in unison. The guy who sold it to me told me it was an O2 sensor, so they replaced it. My other concerns are about my power steering; the fluids are full, but the wheel whines when I turn. I'm now looking at repair costs. Since I'm a college student, there doesn't seem to be much hope. I live in upstate NY, and everyone knows they like to charge way more than they should. I was wondering if anyone had those things replaced? It's a nice car and I've put a lot into the interior and exterior, but nothing that makes the car perform better. I don't want my car to occur what is being said by all of you. So I guess "buyer beware" does apply all too frequently.

Any info. about these problems is greatly appreciated.

10th Dec 2007, 09:06

I agree that there are problems with the Alero. I own a 2002 Alero with 98,698 miles on it. Overall, it has been a pretty good car. I live in Upstate New York and yes, my car too has rusted, but it chipped because of stones.

I have replaced the brakes probably 4 times and the rotors once. I also replaced the wheel bearing on the passengers side and now my "low tire pressure, service vehicle soon, trac off and ABS light" are on and the mechanic (which is a family member) checked the code and my left wheel bearing is shot.

I have replaced the hazard switch and battery, but other than that, it has been a wonderful "engine" car. I could care less if the panels are buckling, it gets me where I need to go.

I agree with the buttons on the radio wearing off, but I was told by my mechanic that it is most likely caused by my lotion. He told me that you wouldn't believe how often he sees that.

Hope everyone has better luck!

10th Dec 2007, 23:56

My Alero Review!

I have a 2001 GLS Olds Alero. I purchased it new seven years ago.

Note: When Purchased - The Alero was a much better value on the market in 2001. I saved Over $2,000 with just GM rebate and 60,000 mile bumper to bumper. Saving thousands less I was able to get many more upgrades that the imports charged extra.

Example: My Alero was listed a $23,700. An Equal Import was $28,400. No rebates or dealer discounts at that time.

I now have 118,000 miles on it and still love and enjoy the car like it was day one. I've been reading a lot of the comments and can relate to some of the major issues with the Alero.


1) PROBLEM - Brake engineering is very poor. Every 30,000 mile replaced

2) PROBLEM - Original Good year Tires... Poor design. Replaced at 45,000. Not GM fault

3) PROBLEM - Wheel bearing have been replaced once under warranty and once out of my pocket. Poor design

4) PROBLEM - 6 months ago the car would not start. Thankfully in my driveway. The ignition wires/assembly and censor was replaced. $600.00 GM

4) PROBLEM - Today it went in for a pressure test on a coolant leak. The Manifold Gasket Leaking $600.00 GM.


1) Never tuned-up. Even at 118,000 mile

2) Same shocks/springs.

3) Same muffler and exhausted.

4) No rattles or noise even after seven years

5) Drives the same as day one.. truly

6) Never did the GM maintenance in the owners book (Oil was changed every 3,000 miles and always, but in 89 gas)

OK... We all now understand that most Alero's on the road have similar problems. I too wish GM would stand up and recall or service these acknowledged problems. I also agree and understand why many of you may never buy another GM product again. BUT.. I feel I've been very luck with my Alero. Only till this year have I needed to invest any major money for these upsetting repairs. My car has been paid off now for three years. Even till now it has been cheap affordable transportation. With this years repairs totaling around $1,200.00. That's only $100.00 a month. Now... that's still better than another new car loan of at least $350.00 and up for five years.

I do plan and hope to run my car for about two more years. We'll see what the future bring. I will still consider look at all makes when I decide to purchase another car.

Happy and safe driving!