1st Dec 2005, 11:40

I too recently purchased a used 2002 Alero and I wish to god that I had seen this site before I signed on the dotted line. This car has been in the dealer just about every month and less with brake problems, noise problems. Every time I have taken the car in they have fixed something on it. Six months later I still have the same problems only now there are loud noises coming from the drivers side underneath the car. Now the dealer is trying to tell me that those noises are normal, if they had told me that on May 31, 2005 I would never have agreed to purchase the car.

Don't take no for an answer when dealers tell you things, take action. I have demanded that they give me another car, and definitely not another Alero, they said that they would, but that I would lose money on my car. We will see about that, this problem existed before I picked up the car. I am a nice person, but if I have to I will make sure that they regret the day that they sold me that crap.

I guess like many of you out there, I really like the look of the car, I still think it's a beautiful car, but one cannot live on beauty. I cannot afford to take a chance on what lies ahead in expenses for this baby, so I am giving it back and putting up a fight.

Please do the same, we have to work really hard to pay for the second most expensive investments in our lives, don't just settle for the dealers words. We don't have to be experienced mechanics to know that there is something seriously wrong with these cars.

Please...please...discourage anyone else from going through what we all have been through. Tell everyone to do their homework before investing in their cars, if they don't it can cost them dearly.


5th Dec 2005, 20:49

Wow! I was searching on the Internet for reasons why my wheel bearing needs to be replaced for the third time! I have a 1999 Alero with 118,000 miles on it. I bought it as a “dealer used” car with 21,000 miles on it. My husband is very diligent with getting it serviced and keeping it in good condition. Nonetheless, I already had the wheel bearings replaced three times on the front, and now I am assuming it will be the third time in the rear when I take it to the shop (again). For me, it’s almost a guarantee that when my “trac off” light and my “Anti lock” light are on, I am need of a new wheel bearing. I thought it was just my car, but now I see it is not. Each time one gets replaced, my car cracks and grinds when I make a sharp turn…it sounds like something is going to break in half.

My battery died the first week I owned the car. I have to get my rotors replaced. I just had my alternator replaced. My ceiling light falls down. My heater/air conditioner works only on the two highest settings. The rubber around the rear window peeled away and I had water in my trunk. The hard plastic on my front windshield peeled away and broke. My rear spoiler is nearly white with all the “sun fading.” Now I know my car is older; however, many of things went wrong (or have been going wrong) for some while. I know there are other things that have gone wrong, but my husband is usually in charge of the car so my knowledge is lacking somewhat.

I am disappointed, and I would not recommend anyone purchase an Alero. It looks great; however, looks aren’t everything! I sure hope others are having better luck.

8th Dec 2005, 19:38

I have own my 2000 Oldsmobile Alero for about three years, purchased used with low mileage, and right now I am having nothing, but problems. I live in the USA, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and am experiencing a majority of the problems many of the same problems people in this forum are experiencing. Here is a small list:

(1) Indicator lights come on and off whenever they want. I have seriously just covered them with black electrical tape because I have just become so annoyed looking at them.

(2) Security feature every now and then malfunctions and I have to wait 10 minutes before I can drive my car. It works in monthly cycles.

(3) Sounds like the good old' wheel bearings are going out courtesy of the grinding noises when I turn.

(4) Blinkers went haywire (recall)

(5) Replaced rotors and breaks 2X.

(6) Automatic transmission sometimes sticks and will not let me put car into park without knock the shifter around.

There must be some way a class action lawsuit can be put together against GM for producing such a horrible car. Oh yeah, I have rust and peeling paint also. I will never purchase another GM product ever, except for the corvette, but aside from that NEVER again!

Marvin, darkstar7000@cox.net.

9th Dec 2005, 09:31

I have an 01 Alero that I purchased new with 7 kms on it. While I have had a really good experience in comparison with some on here, I too have seem to have many of the more common mechanical problems.

1. the wheel bearing problem, one replaced less than a month again and I can hear the other going again ($350.00 ea - not at GM service. I know the mechanic and he gave me a break)

2. the 'service engine soon/ABS/trac off' problem with the hub replacement... for the second time (I have no idea how much this is going to cost me since it was under warranty last time).

3. the turn indicators working intermittently whenever the heck they felt like it (recall).

4. I have also had the heater control knob (controls defrost, feet, dash directions of the heat) break... for the second time in less than a year (fortunately only 23.04).

5. Rear defrost module has broken (which will cost me $294.99??? is the thing made of GOLD??)

12th Dec 2005, 20:28

I own a 2002 Alero 2.2 Ecotec with 50,000 K. I have had the car since it was new. These are the problems that I’ve had:

1. Replaced pads and rotors; front and back, after 45,000 km. (seems normal)

2. The dashboard vinyl is peeling up. I read someone else’s post that this is not covered under the 60,000km warranty. Can anyone else confirm this??

3. Paint on the stereo knob is peeling off.

4. Clear coat on the hood started to peel after 5,000km (covered under warranty after arguing with the dealer)

5. Traction Off light stayed on once, but after shutting the car down and re-starting, the light went back off.

I have been getting poor gas mileage lately (about 21MPG Highway) which is a lot less than when I first got the car. I have been putting 87 Octane in it since it was brand new. I just replaced the air filter and put new AC Delco plugs in it, but it still sucks down the tank in no time. Would a fuel system cleaning help this?? New fuel filter?? New O2 sensor?? If anyone could give advice on how to get better gas mileage, please email me at jrubybackup@yahoo.com.