23rd Apr 2005, 01:15

I just bought one tonight, 17,000 miles on it, it looks and drives very nice, have to comment back after I put some miles on it. the 3.4 v6 really rips. no grinding rice at all.

27th Apr 2005, 17:34

I realize that there are some that seem to be happy with their Alero. I own a 2001 that has mostly been driven by my daughter. I have had multiple problems with it since new. I'm an engineer and do some of my own mechanic work so I some understanding mechanical/electrical devices in cars. I agree that this car is a very low quality and poorly engineered car. My daughter is a little bit demanding when it comes to driving a car. However, I've got a 1994 Talon that she started with and have had no problems. I'm now driving it with 188,000 miles and no major parts have been replaced (i.e., original alternator, water pump, fuel pump, AC compressor, etc.).

We definitely have allowed ourselves to become driven by profits and not by the quality of our products. The bottom line is that the quality eventually affects the profit. Japanese cars have now become the standard by which cars are measured. That is sad.

29th Apr 2005, 13:05

I purchased a 2001 Alero in the fall of 2004. I love it! It looks great.

I have two problems with it right now, though. The upper strut mount needs to be replaced and the car is chugging. Two different repair shops have looked into the chugging and were unable to fix it. I am wondering if any other Alero owner has experienced this problem. I would like to read their comments.

20th Feb 2006, 04:25

I have replaced the upper strut mount as well. What does chugging mean? hesitating? I also tend to agree with the previous comment about good and bad reviews, consumer reports said to avoid buying one yet other editors don't really give it a bad rap, edmonds for example. The overwhelming majority of owners seem to be younger people who may tend to be vocal(hard on cars,alot are former rentals) and may not have a ton of money for repairs since they feel a lot of the nickle and dime stuff is made out to be major problems. I don't want to spend $ on repairs either, but the Japanese cars do cost more to purchase so the cost of these repairs or lack of is spent on the intial purchase price. I am going to ask a question and would like an unemotional response. Should I spend $1730.00 on a AAA warranty up to 100k/60mos (I would need to put this money up front and feel like I am spending now $1730.00 for a repair). I have 13k on the 2002 now, I would like to take this $ and spread it out over the 5 years and really take my chances. what do you think?

24th Mar 2006, 02:08

Problems I have had. The brakes.I've had to do them every 20-25 000 km is this normal I don't know. I have a 2000 Alero with the 2.4. I loved the car when I bought it and I love the car now. The engine finally went at 211000 km and I'm hard on cars. Yes there have been some minor problems, but your going to get that on any car weather it is North American or not. I'm buying my second Alero this time a used 2004 GLS modle. My advice for the previous comment would be get the warranty yes its more money now, but in my opinion the peace of mind is worth it.

24th Mar 2006, 19:29

To the person wondering about warranties. I went through the same thing when I asked about an extended warranty for our used Dodge mini van. Well I don’t even know what the coverage was because I didn’t hear a word they said after “$2000.” 3 years later at 70,000 miles, I have spent about $650 on repairs (not counting maintenance). You hear the stories about people saving a bundle of money because they had a warranty. The fact is, the people making money on warranties are the sellers, not the average buyers. On the other hand, if you’re sure you’re buying an unreliable car, better get a warranty!

27th Mar 2006, 21:49

Absolutely poor service at the dealership!!I was left in a waiting room without updates for 2 hours.. after car finally serviced for wiper not working... and eventual transmission replacement.. found windshield crack next morning... Dealership denied responsibility and told me to go through my insurance... I felt manipulated and ripped off... I will never buy another GM vehicle (nor will my family or friends) again.

31st Mar 2006, 12:36

I have the 1999 Alero GLS sedan which I got in 2000. Overall I have been very pleased with it and would have bought another if Olds hadn't gone under. No it's not the most exciting car to look at, but it drives really well and the interior is nice (leather). The V6 is fun to drive and it has a great sound system. It has about 150,000 miles on it now, so lately I've started having to put some serious money in it (struts, etc) but knock on wood the transmission is fine and so is the engine. I'm thinking it will easily get to 200,000 miles. No it's not a Honda Accord, but it cost me thousands less!

2nd Jun 2006, 13:59

I've had an 02 Alero v6 since 01 and have not had anything major done; tires, brake pads. I get oil changes regularly. about a month ago I started to get hesitation when I come out of stops and its been hard to accelerate up to normal driving speed, sometimes I have to floor it for it to finally accelerate. I had a diagnostic done and it said the EGR valve was bad and I needed it replaced along with a fuel system cleaning, both of which I had done. I still have the problem. I tried a gas addititve and that helped until the gas ran out. any help or advice on this problem would be great. I love my Alero. Plus its almost paid off!

18th Oct 2006, 03:46

I think the problem people have with these cars is the majority of them that are purchased slightly used from rental companies, they take care to do maintenance, but people that rent the cars don't care about the car, then the Alero is purchased by or for a teenager that hot rods it and brake checks it from stoplight to stoplight. They aren't perfect, they could use better brakes, could get better gas mileage, and more cushion in the seats, but they are a decent car for the price...BTW, who's the Japanese that keeps making coments about how good Japanese cars are? My buddy bought a BRAND NEW 05 Maxima, and had to file a lemon law claim on it. Not the prettiest car around, overpriced, and a lemon. Japanese ROCK!

16th Feb 2007, 14:41

I have a 2003 Alero, bought it brand new and now I have 102,000 miles on it. So far I think I have been lucky, the only parts I have every replaced on it are the battery, horn relay, and the AC compressor which was very expensive to repair. Other than that the engine runs great, it still looks brand new, I take very good care of my car and I always use Mobile 1 5w30, its expensive, but well worth it.