10th Sep 2007, 00:46

Sorry to disagree with the above comment, but that is not true. Though later years may be marginally better, they are on average one of the worst cars in terms of reliability to come out of Detroit. And that's saying a lot.

I feel duty bound to warn others of this money trap, and cannot let your comment pass without objection. I strongly recommend that anyone considering the purchase of this POS, go to automotiveforums.com. Look at the number of problems and how serious they are.

This was not a big selling car. With that in mind, look over at the number of complaints on say, the Ford Crown Victoria or even the Ford Taurus, a huge seller. The Auroras are junk, and selling these kinds of cars to the trusting consumer is one reason the GM is now behind Toyota in worldwide sales. And, it's going to get worse.

11th Sep 2012, 10:06

I didn't see a lot of Auroras for sale or desperate people on that website you mentioned. As a matter of fact, I saw a lot of passionate owners who love their cars, and don't want to part with them.

20th Dec 2012, 14:13

Passionate about the Aurora is correct. If by that you mean they passionately hate this car. Again, I direct any potential buyer to look for themselves. Look at the statistics at Automotive Forum against other much larger sellers. The number of pleas for help have declined relatively to other cars within the last several years, because a lot of these junk heaps have been consigned to the junk yards.

This is from a person who has had personal experience with two of them, desperately looked over a number of websites for relief from the nightmare that is an Aurora, and more than a few mechanics who had prior experience with this fraud on the car buying public, strongly advised me to get rid of it.

22nd Dec 2012, 11:10

To Dec.20, 2012:

Were the 2 Auroras you bought new or used? If you bought used ones, then it's no surprise that they were garbage. All used cars are garbage. I bought my 2001 new. I still have it.

It has given me the least trouble of any car, new or used, that I have ever owned.

25th Mar 2013, 17:26

I have been buying cars for 45 years. Every one of them have been used. Therefore, I feel strongly that I have an excellent perspective on the reliability of vehicles when they are used. It was not because the two Auroras I owned were used. They were poorly designed garbage. If you want to talk yourself into owning one, that's fine. However, I highly advise you to look with an objective eye on automotive forums.

26th Mar 2013, 16:28

I have bought a number of both new and used cars over the many years I have been driving. I have found all the used cars I have owned to be just as good as the new cars I've owned. The only exceptions have been imports, which have proven very unreliable.

My family has generally bought only used rental cars when buying used. These cars receive excellent regular maintenance and are driven almost exclusively by business men or families on vacation, and are seldom subjected to harsh treatment. We have never had a single problem with any used rental car.

To state that all used cars are bad is a sweeping generalization that is blatantly false. I have purchased two used cars that had over 180,000 miles on them, and found them to be very sound and reliable cars. One was purchased at 183,000 miles and driven to over 240,000 miles with only routine maintenance.

As a mechanic, I know what warning signs to look for in a used car, such as evidence of over heating. I pay little attention to CarFax reports, as they aren't overly helpful and are often inaccurate.

27th Mar 2013, 09:31

To 25th Mar 2013, 17:26...

The 1995 Aurora was a piece of garbage. It was a totally new design for Olds that year, so it turned out to be a terrible lemon.

Everybody who knows the Aurora well is onto that.

27th Mar 2013, 14:57

As I have no experience with the Aurora, I'm not qualified to pass judgement on it. I do know that all the older rear-drive Oldsmobiles were extremely solid and reliable vehicles.

28th Mar 2013, 23:25

Absolutely right. The 95 was garbage, but investigation later proved to me that the entire first series was much more unreliable than average. I loved my first 95 Aurora as I was driving it back from Birmingham, Alabama to NC. Best car I ever drove. And what a deal, $6000.00 for a pristine running and looking car with only 20 some thousand miles on it back in 2002 or so. That feeling of supreme satisfaction with my purchase did not last long.