29th Mar 2003, 23:22

I have a 1995 Aurora with 80,000 miles and have had 1 problem, the water pump, but that's just maintenance. I have flow masters, k&n air filter, aftermarket lowering springs, and an aftermarket chip for better performance, I have gone very fast on the high way with no shaking or wobbling. And I haven't had any problems with going from rev. to drive or park. You might want to check your cv joints. They usually go from people flooring it and putting a lot of stress on the axles. So if you have a lead foot that's probably the problem.

23rd Jun 2003, 07:44

I own a '97 Aurora and I love the car. The only service issues I've had with the car surround the wheel bearings. I've replace three of the four, and ran into a lot of aftermarket vendor quality issues: I had to replace two of the bearings on 3 different occasions.

I'm now having a problem with the CD player -- can anyone tell me where to find a listing of the Error Codes?

5th Jul 2003, 08:50

The issue of the Aurora's sudden jolt into reverse or 1st gear is something I am currently experiencing. The problem description is more like a loud clunk and a big surge/jolt movement of the engine and tranny when shifted into either reverse or a forward Drive selection. Your first impression would be that given when a car has very bad motor/transmission mounts!!. I have replaced all the transmission mounts at some uncomfortable cost and I still have the same problem. On the other hand the Check Engine light and the ASC (traction control) lights have both intermittently stayed on all the while. I eventually ran into a very patient and good mechanic who took is time and did a some elimination test and also hooked it unto a computer. Here is the diagnosis:

The Check engine light is on because of the ASC (traction control). The ASC is on because the TSS (transmission speed sensor) has gone bad. The TSS is also called a Shaft Input sensor. The part itself is no more than $50.00. The problem is the labor - the transmission has to be removed (perhaps the engine too) and then taken apart to put the sensor (it is fitted inside the transmission). The TSS controls the rotation speed of the shaft and modulates the engagement of the tranny gears for a smoother engagement. Also the same sensor feeds the Traction control information necessary for normal operation hence the ASC lights coming on. I hope this information is useful for all you guys experiencing these problems.

6th Jul 2003, 11:22

Hello has anyone here experienced their parking lights staying on with the headlight switch and twilight control off? Any help will be appreciated.

7th Jul 2003, 16:07

I am having the same issue with the car shaking on the highway. The shaking actually feels like a wheel and tire out of balance, but I had Goodyear remount and rebalance the tires. Still shaking. Does anyone have a fix for this? The local Chevy dealer thinks I'm crazy.

9th Aug 2003, 21:46

I'm interested in adding a little performance to my 95 Aurora. Any ideas on how to go about this? Any product recomendations? I noticed one of you has an aftermarket chip, among other things. Where did you find such a chip? I've looked for a while now and no one seems to have any go fast goodies for my car.

I'd appreciate an e-mail at Sagent00x@comcast.net if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

6th Sep 2003, 12:12

I too have a 95 Aurora, and over the last 18 months have also experienced problems that are becoming quite annoying. Radio clock has a mind of its own, power window failures, cruise just stopped working, one of the 4 coils went bad that the dealing took a week to figure out (after I told them to check it first), and now an error code that the converter clutch is malfunctioning. The car now lacks power when under load and stumbles to accelerate.

I love this car, but seeing the bad experiences other owners also have, I could not recommend this vehicle to anyone. I'm going to have the transmission repaired, then sell it. It's a real shame that Olds did not do their home work before releasing this cursed car to the public.

9th Oct 2003, 06:36

I own a '95 Aurora, it's a really comfortable car, real fast and all, until all of the sudden the transmission breaks. $2,000 just go get it rebuilt, other than that it's a good car...

10th Dec 2003, 14:35

My 95 Oldsmobile Aurora runs well. The only problem with it is that the starter is going out and sometimes my front windows don't roll down. I also had to fix the radiator. That was $500. To fix the starter it will cost around $300. The part alone is $120-$250 based on my research. But you have to take the exhaust manifold off and that's a little bit of a job that I just don't have the time for. Other than that the car is very comfortable.

11th Feb 2004, 19:48

A year ago I met the best thing in my life. She came with the biggest nightmare you can imagine and I'm not talking an EX. She's got a 95 Aurora that has more problems than they give me room to tell!!

She got it used. The first day she brought it home, the radiator went out. The next week, the alternator. The week after that, the A/C compressor. - She quit driving it to drive something more reliable. A little old METRO!!! 3 banger and not a problem in the world - except the deer I hit last week! I moved her to Iowa, and we started having problems with the car appearing to be in neutral doing down the road. Flooring it brings it out of that, only to be launched from 50mph to 80 when it snaps. Darn this car is fast - sometimes.

If it wasn't for the Metro, always ready to jump start, we'd never get anywhere. The headlights like to come on in the middle of the night - we've had cops wake us up at 2:00am to inform us that the headlights were on... Can't figure out what gives there, but if you watch out the window, they flash - hopefully signaling aliens to abduct this troublesome car!!

If it wasn't for bad credit, I'd love to trade this in on a Harley. (Something that gets more valuable with time) Still owe $7,000 for this thing, and not a chance of a lottery win, so we are hoping someone can help us out with a "sensible" solution besides dynamite to fix.


12th Feb 2004, 14:05

I bought a 95 Oldsmobile Aurora about a year and a half ago from a used car dealership and I have had nothing, but headaches since. This is my second Aurora in almost 2 years! On the first Aurora the electrical system went out and the engine locked after 25 days. So the dealer gives me another one since it was under warranty and the repair cost were too high for them to fix it. On the Aurora I have now, the $160 battery had to get replaced and a week later the transmission starts slipping. I took my car to the dealer and they told me that the car would cost $2000-3000 to fix. The master cylinder was leaking out my brake fluid so I had to buy brake fluid every 4 days. When I make turns sometimes the car jerks back. The left turn signal works whenever it feels like it. I have also had the problem with the car jerking when putting it into reverse and drive. Driving 75mph or more makes the car shake. It feels like the doors are going to come off. I am currently making payments on the car and somehow have to come up with the money for repairs. I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone unless they are looking for a pretty interior.