27th Jul 2004, 09:57

I have a 1997 Aurora, have not had many problems, until recently.

The parking lights stay on even when all switches and the car is off, I noticed someone else had that problem, but there was no response. Anyone have any ideas?

The fuel gage also goes crazy once I fill it up, that is a little annoying, but I can live with it.

The big one is having to disconnect the battery so the parking lights do not drain it.



5th Aug 2004, 18:42

I was just talking to my sister who has a 95' Aurora/North Star engine with only 51,000 miles on it - she says it's beautiful I'm sure it is, (she lives out of state) but wants to sell it to me for 5,000. I was really considering it, but after reading all these comments I'm really scared. Is doesn't seem like there is even a warning when anything goes wrong - it just goes! I guess I'm not sure what to do now. Any input from anyone?

9th Aug 2004, 04:17

It was my late Dad's wishes for my older Brother and I to each buy a new car on him before he passed away. I spent almost a month test driving cars and reading Car Reports at the Public Library. With Dad's budget range allowed to me, I chose a Lexus. My brother convinced my Dad to allow him to pick out my car instead. I got a 1995 Aurora. The Air Conditioner failed 3 times within 4 months. Then the Transmission began jerking problems in reverse and during normal driving. After three phoned complaints, General Motors replaced the car. The second Aurora's Air Conditioner failed 6 months after. The Transmission failed 6,000 miles out of warranty. GM would not honor it. Presently, it is parked with bad motor mounts and a pressure leak some where in the fuel system. The Aurora's sound system, comfortable seats and leg room make trips enjoyable. Unfortunately, my experience is: this is an unreliable vehicle with expensive labor repair costs. I deeply regret not allowed to buy the Lexus, I choose while Dad was alive.

10th Aug 2004, 12:35

I've had the 95 Aurora for 6yrs. Had nothing, but problems. It's a nice car, smooth ride, nice interior. But any repairs are over priced. The oil pan gasket is a 1000+ repair (Motor has to be almost removed). Fuel pump $500-$700 dollars parts & labor. Starter is $250 part only. I would not give this car to my worst enemy. Hope your pocket book is ready when purchasing one of these nightmares.

25th Nov 2004, 13:05

I have a 95 Aurora that need a battery replacement, where can I get this battery from and how much will it cost me?.Also had wires and plugs replaced at a cost of 180.00. So if you know a good mechanic that's what you should do. I have had my Aurora 5 years and put 100,000 miles on it, I have replaced fuel reg. plugs and wires, fuel rail, radiator, wheel bearings, water pump.

15th Oct 2005, 23:07

My 95 Aurora has been fantastic. It has over 179000 miles and begs to be driven fast. A former company car it was sold to me for $350 because it would not pass emissions. I spent $1200 on an extensive tune-up, but well worth it. Honestly, I have not experienced hardly any of the problems described by so many of you. however after reading about all of the cars fault maybe I should put it on the market.

2nd Nov 2005, 12:18

I have a '95 Aurora, like other I have spent a lot of time and money to keep this car on the road. The problem that I have now is. When starting the the car it will crank, but will not start the first time I try to start it. I have to turn the key at least three time before it will start. I have taken it to the shop to find out what the problem may be. They can't narrow it down to anything and now I'm at a lost. Has anyone had the same problem?

15th Nov 2005, 11:12

I bought my 95 Aurora in '02, and have since then put about $3500 into it. All of my problems mimic most of the ones here. My solenoid was the first to go, took it to a tranny shop and spent around $400 on it. Air Conditioning was next, quoted at $800 ($1100 by the dealer) so I drove 2 hot Florida summers without air. I finally got that fixed last year by a friend in a shop for $750. Fuel lines went, but there was a recall and I got some of the money back ($450). Fuel pump was bad, I bought the part at a discount auto store, then couldn't get the existing pump off (rusted on) and had to take it to my buddy anyway (another $85). Then the dreaded hard shifting problem. I took it in around a year ago to the same tranny shop I used the first time, after numerous tests, he says I need to rebuild my transmission. Fine, go ahead. ($2300) Works fine for about 8 months, then the problem starts again. I take it back, after keeping it for over 3 weeks, he says he can't find the problem. I take it to the dealer and tell them the situation, they want $1000 just to pull the tranny to diagnose the problem. I'm currently trying to get some of my 2300 back, and in the process shopping for a new car, through a dealer, of course. I'm hoping one will give me $500 or so for a trade in, but I'm not counting on it.

I'm sure these were great cars when they first came out. When it was on the road it was an unbelievable ride for me. But it's not worth it after about 60k in my estimation, maybe a little higher. I've seen too many other people have the same problems to buy anything from GM anymore.

8th Dec 2005, 10:09

My boyfriend just purchased a 1995 Olds Aurora. The air doesn't work, the drivers seat sometimes moves on its own and we just got the annoying beeping noise to stop when we turn the exterior lights on for night time driving. Now the car won't even start. My boyfriend believes that it might be computer/wiring since the seat can move on its own and the beep beep beep noise from the lights being on. The car is in the shop. We were told that its the starter and that the starter is located behind the intake manifold and is a difficult job. It has a repair price of $550.00. Does anyone else have a related story? Can anyone help with the possible replacement of the starter? If you have a diagram and/or directions that would be excellent. *After reading this forum, I wish to just cry. Its unbelievable to know what may or may not be in store for us due to this unwise investment.* Thank you and have a wonderful Holiday!

27th Dec 2005, 14:23

I just purchased an Aurora from a lady off the street. When I bought the car she told me that I would need to replace the air compressor, within two days it had locked up the motor. If you get that replaced your car might start. Now I'm experiencing the transmision problem. the first post says that he replaced a wire and it was fine now I need to know which one.