5th Aug 2009, 00:41

Can anyone tell me the solution for transmission stuck in 2nd gear only for a '95 Aurora? cbarrows61@gmail.com.

18th Aug 2009, 22:25

A 95 Aurora stuck in 2nd is likely to be a broken shift solenoid. A filter in the transaxle valve body pushes out and breaks the solenoid mount. It happened to me on my 95 with no warning. GM has an upgrade kit to fix it. I installed it myself in one evening, but it requires some carefully executed mechanical dis-assembly/re-assembly using a shop manual. You must remove trans oil pan and valve body. The kit has 2 new solenoids and a bracket to hold the filter in place. This was added to Auroras at the factory in 96. Do a search first. I found complete instructions on-line with photos.

26th Feb 2010, 13:32

I just bought a 1995 Aurora that I was talked into by my husband, because he loved the way it looked on the inside. I was very skeptical, because it is 15 years old and has high mileage.

Anyway, against my better judgment, I bought the car for $2700 out the door, and I feel I was scammed big time.

We ended up putting 4 brand new tires on it; that was $300. Now we are up to $3000 for this car I didn't want.

I drove the car to Arlington from Hurst, and then it started to run hot once I got back to Hurst. We talked to a mechanic guy we know, and he says it is probably the thermostat. I really don't want to spend anymore money on this car I never wanted, but I don't know what else to do. Very upset about it.

9th Mar 2010, 09:43

I've had my 95 Aurora for about 2 years. Now it has 180,000 miles. Biggest headache of my life. As others have stated, my parking lights randomly stay on sometimes, shifts hard from park to reverse, rack and pinion needs to be replaced. Would never buy this car again, or advise anybody to do so.

9th Sep 2010, 01:36

I bought a 95 Aurora in 2007 from a used car dealership.

The same night my gas pump went out. I called the dealership the next day and they took it to the shop and replaced the gas tank.

Two weeks later, my serpentine belt snapped. I called the dealership and they wouldn't replace the belt, but the dealership decided to give the car to me for my troubles.

Three months later my water pump went bad and I replaced that. A months later the water pump belt went bad and not too long after that the alternator and the radiator went out. After replacing the water pump, alternator and radiator my car started to overheat. I went to the shop and spent 169$ trying to find the problems and still no answers. I finally decided to replace the radiator cap and that fixed the problem.

Now I'm having problems with the transmission. Every time I drive the car for more that twenty minutes the transmission slips and the speedometer doesn't read. I let the car sit for a day and then drive it for the fist twenty minutes and it drives like a dream. Then after twenty minutes or so I hear a clunk and the speedometer stops reading and the car is stuck in first gear.

I've had this car for two years and for some reason I have fallen in love with it. I have spent a small fortune in car repairs, but I can't bring myself to give up on my Aurora. If anyone is having a similar problem or has had this problem with the transmission please help me.

Repair Crazy in Tacoma.

28th Sep 2010, 08:26

I have a 95 and need a repair manual but have little money. Can someone can help?

28th Sep 2010, 20:57

"28th Sep 2010, 08:26

I have a 95 and need a repair manual but have little money. Can someone can help?"

- They show up on ebay from time to time at good prices.

20th Mar 2011, 20:14

Heating core.

1st May 2011, 10:12

The parking light problem is in the steering column, which is the combination switch. The actual switch for your lights and signals. I repaired mine myself by pulling one off at a junk yard.

The gas gauge problem could be the float on the fuel pump.

24th May 2011, 10:04

Take it from someone who knows. It gets hot in the south, and reliable air conditioning repair in Arlington, VA is a must. So I employed the services at http://www.croppmetcalfe.com/air_conditioning_heating/air_conditioners.aspx, because no one wants to get all sweaty or suffer from heat stroke.

Don’t wait too long to keep cool.

17th Jul 2011, 22:14

What makes the car shift hard?

16th Aug 2011, 18:45

I have a 1999 with 172,000 miles. I just went through a long period of my vehicle cutting out, and stalling at stop signs. It also would not start (no engagement of the starter at all). The cutting out was the crankshaft position sensor... the not starting and electrical weirdness was a corroded negative bolt on the battery. Now it runs great again. Have had it since 2001, and love it.

4th Feb 2012, 12:36

Sounds like ya need to go to a new shop.

5th Feb 2012, 19:00

I have a 95 Aurora, and have the same problem. I found out that an electrical door isn't closing on your side of the climate control vent. I'm working on fixing my problem, but I'm not familiar with your style, but I hope this helps you.

12th Apr 2012, 00:22

My Old's does the same thing. I just make sure to give it at least 3-5 minutes of "warm up" time... or park it so I can shift directly into drive when it's still cold.

13th May 2012, 20:16

The starter is a really easy job. I am thinking there is 4 to 5 bolts you take off on top of your motor. I just got something to hold up the top half, and the starter is right there. 500.00 bucks is way over the top; try 60 to 70.

5th Mar 2015, 02:41

What's wrong with people? Nobody knows how to do any labor on cars anymore. Just blow money on a garage to fix it.

5th Mar 2015, 16:32

Many don't want to try. They spend hundreds of dollars and then comment on here, from a comfortable climate controlled home or office. My greater fear is a garage breaking something else inadvertently. Do it yourself and get a free vacation or cruise for yourself or family, from the savings from high labor, parts costs and added shop fees today. It might mean you have to wash your hands. To me it's worth it. Same with homes; my friend paid 1600 to paint a couple of rooms. I'd rather invest it for my old age and buy paint and a roller.

6th Mar 2015, 16:19

You don't always need to buy a shop manual today. Look up your make and year, and pull fix it info right off YouTube. I use it all the time. It's great. You can see the real part coming off and the tools to easily do it yourself.

11th Jul 2015, 20:25

I have a 1995 Olds Aurora and I love it. It runs just as good at 100mph as it does 50. If anything goes wrong with it, I get on the computer and find out what it is. If I can't fix it myself, I see a mechanic and tell him what to fix, not the other way around. Thanks to the computer I know what I should be charged, and the mechanic will know what I will pay.

13th Jul 2018, 18:59

Hi. My name is Steve and I live in the Denver area. I own a 95 Aurora as well and I'm seeking a new one. Mine has over 280,000 miles on it. I would be interested in buying yours if you still have it and it is well cared for and garaged. Please feel free to call me at 720-308-2196. Thanks! --Steve Davis