24th Jul 2017, 17:46

Again, just like the Buick thread, you are accusing the wrong commentor. Never said EVERY 4-door had factory duals. Pending on the HP figures or if ordered that way is how you got them. And once again stop assuming that I'm obsessed with 4-door classics. Remember in an earlier comment I stated I prefer 2-doors.

25th Jul 2017, 10:58

17:46. I agree with you. I think we are tripping over the same commenter from the 50s. Typically bashes domestics and overlooks recent major recalls and ever any issues with imports. Strikes a nerve as there are many outstanding domestics from the era of this review car. And today. It's not a political debate or free trade being the factor. At any rate I grew up in the 60s. They use to cover the showroom windows to have a unveiling of the latest new cars. This happened even in small towns. The cars were easily identifiable by year and make. This excitement in my mind doesn't exist today. TV ads today are more the dealer drawing you in to visit their dealership. Or you sit at a computer and do a multi state search. All that's not bad. However the print ads really use to make the cars distinct and cool prose. A lot of cars now are bland, potato shapes generated for interior space by a wind tunnel. And lighter thin materials. Backing out of my driveway I actually bent my chrome bumper out on day lilies lining the drive! That's pretty pathetic. And it is a truck.

So sure many cars from the 60s lack modern ergonomics, and may not handle as well. But I thoroughly enjoy driving my 70 Chevelle SS Big Block 4 speed with the air on. A rare combination. It's not this exact review car, but with a car loaded with options, and a nice ride being a frame car, it's great. Add power steering and power disc etc, it's a lot of fun. It sits for weeks with a battery tender on. One touch of the newer magnetic starter, it turns over first hit.

I have had many other classics, not all performance/muscle only cars. Get them done and set up right, and they are a dream to drive. All the comments and writing on here cannot compare to the actual experience behind the wheel. The negativity on old cars can often be pointed to ones that have not been really gone over properly. You can update cars to better ignition systems, ditching the drums, adding power steering etc. These can be reversed by the purists. My cars always look fairly stock. The subtle improvements greatly increase the joy to drive. My entire suspension has been upgraded with a subtle change in the stance. But handling and steering are crisper. This costs money, but any complaints of old fade away. You could do the same on this or most 60s era mid to full size cars you enjoy. My favorite full size cars of the 60s, especially early 60s, are from Pontiac. I have yet to own one, but have really developed a appreciation for them. High performance, nice lines, 2 tone interiors etc.

Everybody likes their own certain cars. You can keep them totally stock and complain they are not as nice as today. I like reversible upgrades. Bolt on. Not incorrect paint, custom interiors etc. Having the classic with modern technology. If you go on eBay, you will often see cars that have these upgrades command more than stock. You can save the original drivetrain and set aside for numbers match. At any rate, cars are supposed to be fun. More fun than just writing a history dissertation. And never owning one.