19th Aug 2007, 10:34

You lucky guy! Only $300. I don't think being stored will hurt it that much, particularly the 307. You might have some minor issues, and the transmission would be the only big one.

18th Jul 2009, 00:34

I inherited one with 84000 miles on it, perfect condition minus the A/C and brakes needing to be redone. Now that they are considered classic, I am excited to take it out... good luck with your car, hope you bought it.

15th Feb 2011, 17:09

I purchased my Delta 88 July 30, 1983.

After 300,000 plus miles this wonderful car is still on the road. I replaced the transmission, didn't replace the air conditioning, just open those power windows and enjoy the breeze. Emissions have been the most challenging.

Today I was advised that the Olds needs a diverter valve and the mechanic was unable to locate. The interior of the car has held up remarkably well, better than any other car I've owned. I'll keep looking for the valve and get my Olds back on the road.

Best ride ever!

14th Feb 2012, 02:15

I was told that if your car is plated and registered in a state that doesn't make you pass a spec test on cars, such as Michigan where I stay, you don't have to put it through those requirements. My Delta would never pass, because I had duals put on, and the catalytic converter was cut off.

15th Feb 2012, 22:33

Do an on-line search for parts. There might be some finds on eBay.

4th Apr 2012, 23:59

Thank you for the suggestion. The Olds is currently at a GM dealer service department for replacement of diverter valve and speedometer. They were able to locate the valve; initially they thought it was impossible. I am delighted. Next a catalytic converter, then hopefully it will pass California Smog.

My Olds is the best, just can't imagine retiring the car, because nothing today measures up to the quality and comfort, not to mention the protection. It is a tank in today's world of cars. Thanks again!