1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Regency Brougham 307 5.0 V8 from North America


Just cruising along in my merry Oldsmobile!!!


Busted brake line, due to me power braking. My fault.

Transmission was rebuilt, but that was due to a bad tranny mount.

Heater core replaced.

Valve covers leaking.

Carb rebuilt.

Front seats wearing badly.

General Comments:

The car is my baby. It runs good and floats down the highway. Drove it out of town, and it hung with the newbies with no problem.

After minor repairs were made, such as carb and cooling system, the car performs like new. Slap the duals and glass packs on him, and he runs like a beast.

Car still drives smooth, and starts up every morning in cold Michigan winters.

Despite that it is a northern car, the body is clean and solid. It's a rare 2 door coupe. I wouldn't trade for anything new; I'm true to my old skool Olds.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2012

14th Feb 2012, 16:14

Sounds like a nice car to me! I am a big fan of Chevy Caprices, which are pretty much the same car.

Great highway cars; so smooth to drive.

Nothing beats the reliability of these old boats; they always start.

I also had a 1985 LeSabre Limited RWD with the 307. It was the most comfortable car I ever owned. Too bad they don't make real cars like that anymore!

16th Feb 2012, 02:36

I agree also had a 1985 Cutlass and a 70 Bonneville. Old cars are the best, but neither of them performed like my Delta. My 307 still runs strong at over 220,000 miles, but I wanna swap for that Olds 455.

14th Mar 2012, 15:56

To Feb. 16, 2012: Tear out that little 307 & toss in the 455. And also a TH-400. You'll love it!!

24th Jun 2012, 10:21

I agree, cars aren't like they use to be. I fixed the valve cover leaks, took off the A.C. unit, air compressor, slapped on a Edlebrock air filter with a bigger filter, put on the Cutty mags, and the old man gets down. I gave him a sportier look while making little enhancements. He can beat a few of those who wanna challenge me at almost every red light. LOL wouldn't think the old tank was pushing 300,xxx miles!

1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale Brougham 307ci 5.0 liter from North America


One of the best cars I have ever driven


Alternator was bad when purchased. Cheap, $50.

Idler arm was found to be bad - 65000.

Trans pan leak - 60000.

Oil pan leaked when purchased.

Radio wiring shorted and was replaced at 69000.

Carburetor needed to be professionally tuned when purchased.

General Comments:

This car is amazing.

I purchased it for $800 and love it to death.

It won't win any awards for acceleration, but what do you expect for a car that weighs near 5,000lbs.

It is zeibart and has no rust, and has an amazing finish.

This car is for sure a cruiser. I often find myself doing 85 and not even knowing it.

It rides amazing, and has one of the smoothest transmission I have ever drove.

It may be a tank and a gas hog, but the interior is amazingly comfortable and in good shape. The interior is unbelievably spacious for a 2 door (I am 6 foot 2 and can fit comfortably in the back)

It is a boat to drive, yet it has great road feel.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2009

8th Jan 2009, 00:26

Your lucky to have found one with such low mileage. As a teenager, I owned 2 of the big-body Delta '88's (both '85 model) and needless to say I treated them like crap but the dang things just kept running. Plowed one into a tree (RIP), put the other in a ditch (amazingly, kept running after towed out). Despite the high mileage and utter lack of respect and maintenance, this was the most reliable car I owned. Keep it.

1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale 5.0 307 V8 from North America


If you don't want to work on a car, buy a delta 88


Since I have owned this beast the only thing that has gone wrong with it was the fuel pump.

It has some surface rust but not bad for 25 yrs.

A minor tear in back seat.

General Comments:

I love this car. its acceleration is amazing.

The first day I owned it I took it to a track to see what its got and it topped at 127 mph, and I was at 60 mph in around 7 seconds. superb for this size of car.

If you don't watch it, it'll spin the tires pretty easily.

The brakes surprised the ___ outta me, stop on a dime.

The trunk is huge.

There is a ton of room for the driver and passengers.

If you are going 30 mph it feels like you are going like 15 because it is such a boat.

And it has a pretty tight turning radius for its size.

The only thing not so great about this awesome car is the fact that it goes through a 20 gallon tank of gas in just over 225 miles.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2008

27th May 2008, 15:40

Anything over single digits is good gas mileage.

28th May 2008, 01:55

Cheaper to own an old car worth a few hundred or a thousand dollars and pay for the gas than to buy a new one for $25,000.

29th May 2008, 09:50

Well of course I have never financed any car, new or used, but I would have assumed most new car payments would be more like $500/month. Also because I value comfort and safety I much prefer to drive a large older car.