5th Dec 2005, 22:51

I drive a Kelisa Gx Special Edition. Engine vibrates, true, due to the 3 cylinder engine. But the trade-off is the pickup power, performance and economical fuel consumption. A 4 cylinder 1 litre engine would not vibrate, but you won't get the performance and economy. Forget about the pickup as well. Eg, the Atoz...

The Kelisa vibrates violently when idle, but it is smooth when high speed.. 100Km/h++.

Perodua gave cheap tyres, on dry surface it works just as well, come rain, it is advisable to drive very slow. If you can afford it, change the tires to a falken or something. I'm still using the originals - no money yet.

Sound proofing is something left to be desired upon. At high speeds, although the car is smooth, but it's so noisy. Also when you hit a pothole, the noise you hear feels like the world is crashing on you ;-)

But, the standard suspension is acceptable. Superb handling and very forgiving car for a first time driver. My only gripe is the tires..

27th Sep 2006, 01:46

Just got myself a 2nd hand (2003) car last month (Sept 2006) and I find the comments true. The brakes locked when I was driving on the highway yesterday, car skidded and luckily hit the kerb and didn't manage any fancy spins (luckily). Best of all the window switch broke and was told by mechanic it wilcost me up to RM 400 to get a new one. Anybody got any tips on how to fix it at lower price? Thanks - ciidiiboy.

1st Dec 2007, 23:40

I too got a 2nd hand perodua kelisa 2003 model then only problem with it the brakes jam at low speeds is there anything that can be done. mechanic told me to get the brakes serviced.

Is it advised? other than that it's fine no problems in above

50 km/h.

3rd Dec 2007, 03:11

Take his advice and get them serviced-brakes are important!!

You might get away with a good clean, adjustment and lubrication, but it sounds like the calipers needs attention.

Good luck.

9th Feb 2009, 11:00

I just bought a Kelisa SE (brand new) 2 years ago (year 2007) just before they stopped the production...

I find the car had a lot of vibration due to it's 3 cylinder nature.. And also the sound proofing isn't up to my standard..

And the back will become very low if 2 person sit behind... and also the original tyres are gripless on wet...

Other than that it's OK... Compared to my brother's Myvi, the Kelisa still quiet when drive through bumpy roads compared to Myvi... build quality is also far more better than the Myvi... Very powerful when picking up, but no back power when wanna over take... and also the fuel economy is really good for an automatic (what more to say manual?)...

16th Aug 2010, 11:47

Super mini car. I bought a used 2005 Kelisa but it feels like new. Lots of bigger cars try to play with its pick up. I feel very proud to own one and it has very cheap maintenance.

No regrets for 1000CC.

7th Jul 2012, 10:27

Just bought a 2005 gold Kelisa GX M.

Test drive was OK, engine was smooth, but not noisy.

Can anyone tell me what's the different between the EZ, GX, and EZI? Anyone know?