1994 Peugeot 106 Rallye 1.3 from UK and Ireland


You won't stop wanting to drive it


Battery and alternator needed replacing.

Head gasket blew at 42k before I owned it.

Wheels started to rust, but only £30 each to replace.

Drop links and anti roll bar bushes.

General Comments:

An extremely fun car to own and drive, with a rally honed engine producing 100BHP from just 1.3 litres. This power comes from the standard uprated cam and head, multipoint injection, and tweaked induction. This matched with a lack of sound deadening to save weight equates to a quick car which sounds incredible on induction. It corners flat due to an uprated rear beam, and steering is direct and weighty under cornering. 0-60 is under 9 seconds and the car is only insurance group 9. If I was to find a problem it would be expensive parts because of the car's rarity. The drop links (front suspension) cost three times more than they would for a 1.1 106! Performance air filter is a must!

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Review Date: 7th December, 2003

1994 Peugeot 106 1.4 XND Graduate 1.4 diesel from UK and Ireland


Economical Bargain, Go buy one!


My rocker cover gasket had a very slight leak, only a quick job to fix it.

Apart from usual things like tyres, bulbs etc.. I can't fault this car.

General Comments:

The reason I bought this car, was to replace my 1990 Ford Fiesta XR2i, which was costing me a fortune in repairs, fuel, insurance..etc.

I can't really fault my 106, OK it might have a bit of a "girly" image, but I wouldn't hesatate to buy another.

Performance wise its no XR2i (But I didn't think it would be!) But what it lacks in performance it makes up for in economy and reliability.

Whatever the weather, it starts first time every time, and never misses a beat.

I have to travel 25 miles to work everyday so this car is ideal, plodding along at 55-60 returns about 75mpg!

Even town driving returns good mpg, basically I can't get less than 50 mpg, which is great!

The seats are comfortable and supportive, and the interior of the car is well laid out and easy to use.

In summary if you are looking for a cheap (to run & insure!), reliable little car, look no further than a 106 diesel, I wouldn't swop mine for anything!

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Review Date: 12th November, 2003

1994 Peugeot 106 XSi 1.4i from UK and Ireland


Overall a brill little car which is grate fun to drive


Only just got the car so nothing big yet, tried to get at the door speakers, but the screw heads were worn (how do you get them out?).

One slight rip in the drivers seat.

General Comments:

Great little car, not too insurance heavy and fairly economical if you can keep your right foot light.

The car goes well particularly above 4,000 rpm because it's a small engine (1.4) the lack of torque lower down the revs is felt.

Handles like a beast, the steering is perfectly balanced once moving and tracks with ease through bends.

The interior has aged well and is virtually immaculate.

The only concern I have is how loud it is, it only has a standard exhaust and a GREEN air filter, but still roars and pops etc? is this a problem or do all XSi's do this?

Slightly rough idle, but most do.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2003

1994 Peugeot 106 Mardi Gras 1.0 from UK and Ireland


A sound, reliable car for the younger motorist


The catalytic converter needed to be replaced after 65000 miles, but renewal of the rest of the exhaust system was unnecessary.

The car is very reliable and the repair was relatively inexpensive to repair.

General Comments:

This car is somewhat overlooked when compared to the run-of-the-mill super-minis of today.

Despite its size, it is still a fully-fledged car and has a great deal to offer.

The controls are very responsive and pleasant to use.

The car has a good acceleration.

The engine size limits you to 4 gears and the trim option leaves you with body-keyed bumpers, but no power-steering.

I think that this is a great car for the younger motorist and prices aren't too bad either!

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003