1998 Peugeot 106 XN 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Hot little hatchback!


Starting problems from cold last winter (2004), but with a new coil pack and spark plugs fitted she has been running fine since.

General wear and tear repairs e.g. exhaust back box, new rear brake shoes, and all three filters changed at 44K.

Seats are a bit uncomtable on long distance runs as I'm 6ft 1! but the interior is very hard wearing.

General Comments:

Next to my 1st car (ford Fiesta), the pug 106 is the best car I've owned so far. She may only be a 1.1, but shes very nippy on country roads and motorways, even keeping up with a ford focus 1.8 on the M1!

No complaints in her performance, she purrs at 90 to 100mph with no hassle and I have added some mods to her with no problems e. g alloy wheels, better sound system.

She is great fun to drive and very easy to park up, and cheap to run too! I drove to Lincoln and back with a full tank and used just over half!

An excellent car for learners and 1st time drivers who won't be disappointed with cheap insurance on these motors.

She has been a very loyal motor with no major problems, she runs sweet as a nut and I will keeping her for a long time.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2005

10th Nov 2005, 01:36

Oh dear another boy and his toys find it hard to believe you can keep you with a 1.8L focus when I can demolish a 1.1 Saxo and 106 in a 1.6L 16v Renault Scenic.

16th Nov 2005, 17:14

I have just bought a Saxo Westcoast and even 1.1 106/Saxos cannot keep up with me as I wee guy found out last night when I left him for dead.

23rd Apr 2009, 06:39

I've got a 106 with a starting problem. You keep cranking and it will not start, then like the 7th time you crank it, it starts. Can anyone help?

1998 Peugeot 106 GTi 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Buy One buy one buy one


Nothing really has gone wrong the brakes went a bit weak, but mainly due to wear and tear.

General Comments:

I swapped this car with my friend. Came with full service history was a real cracker. Loads of power and the handling is like it is on rails.

Done a few mods to the vehicle just induction kit and lowered suspension.

Unfortunatley I have written off the veh... but would love another one. wipes the floor with everything else in its class. Hardly anything can keep with this veh. Puts a lot of large sports vehicles to shame.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2005

1998 Peugeot 106 Zest 3 1.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


Very cheap to run and easy to drive


I had a problem with the exhaust, which was replaced. Thereafter the exhaust has never been the same.

No real problems with the car otherwise.

General Comments:

The car is a ultra economical reliable little motor. over 60,000 in 4 years and no real problems.

It'll never be a pocket rocket, but it goes nicely whether in town or out on the open roads.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2005

1998 Peugeot 106 GTi 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Good all round, expect gearbox problems


Continual gearbox crunch whenever reverse gear is selected. Having to double clutch to prevent crunching however sometimes this doesn't even work! Any ideas on how to cure?

General Comments:

The car can shift, a bit sluggish up 4000revs, but after that sit back and enjoy!

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2005

6th Sep 2005, 14:23

Is your clutch disengaging properly? Simple test - put the handbrake on, press the clutch and go to engage reverse. At the point where the gearbox starts to crunch, hold the stick in that position. If the crunch stops, the clutch is OK, but if it continues, you need a new clutch. A brief crunch as reverse engages is normal, and can be stopped by waiting a few seconds between pressing the clutch and engaging reverse. The synchromesh on the forward gears prevents this, but there isn't one on reverse.

If it is a knackered clutch, get it sorted quickly, as it will be doing the same thing in all the other gears. The synchromesh will hide it (for a while) though, so it won't be obvious, but it will eventually knacker the gearbox. I had the exact same thing on an old Cavalier, and "leaving it six months" cost me a gearbox, plus the clutch I would have had to pay for anyway.

14th Aug 2006, 03:40

I have a 106 Zest 2. I also had the same problem with the clutch. I don't know much about cars, and so I left it for around 4 months since the problem first occured, the clutch got a little worse and worse as I drove about daily. Then one day as I drove far distance from home, my gearbox started to leek oil. I had to pay for it to be towed. New gearbox, new clutch, and also pay the machanics to fix and fit the problem. It was a very expensive experience.

My advise is to get someone who knows how to check for faults, and make sure that the car is in good order always.

22nd Aug 2006, 03:45

We're currently dealing with a gear box problem. It started off with it not going in to gear. I was told I'm not driving it properly, however clutch down start the igniting in first and the car pulled itself up a hill. We got trucked home and I believe as a non experienced person that the problem started with the clutch, and finally 6 months later has put the gearbox in an unsuitable state to drive.

So if you are experiencing a problem in the slightest, get it into a garage. A 100 pounds is better than 500 or your life!

18th Sep 2006, 10:32

Think you mean into 5th then straight into reverse, mate.