1999 Peugeot 106 Zest 2 1.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


Not a vehicle to buy if you're used to anything better


Radiator needed replacing 38000

(warranty repair)

Total brake failure 39000 (not covered by warranty)

Sunroof seal repaired at 40000 miles and at 44000 miles (non warranty). Still leaks.

Rear wheel bearings replaced 46000.

General Comments:

The worst vehicle I've owned in forty years, and the worst Peugeot from seven I've owned in the last 21 years.

Horrendously uncomfortable on a longer run than the local shops.

Pedal spacing unsafe for anybody with larger than size 7 feet. Right shoe can catch under the break pedal if having to brake suddenly.

Prominent engine rattle three main dealers claimed is "characteristic" of the vehicle. What happened to the claim - "if you can tell you're driving a diesel, it's not a Peugeot"?

A truly awful, albeit economical, small car.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2005

1999 Peugeot 106 Quicksilver 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Quicksilver - Quick and Sexy!


Two parts of the Exhaust had to be replaced after 2 years of owning the car. Total cost was around £100.

General Comments:

The car is fantastic! It holds corners well and accelerates better then expected in 4th and 5th gear! It's also excellent for beating people off the lights, although anyone with a 1.8 or higher will soon catch up!

The Interior is lovely, the Quiksilver logo is integrated nicely into the seats and overall it seems to hold that little bit more to it then just a bog standard 106!

The extra mod cons are: electric windows, power steering, ABS braking, central locking and the fog lights at the front look really good!!!

The only problem is they don't come with alarms, so unfortunately if you have a stereo it's far more tempting for the car to be broken into, whether you keep the face part in the car or not. My Quicksilver has been broken into twice for the stereo, but as I don't keep the face in the car the thieves have always left empty handed - except leaving me with a nice £200 bill each time to get the door fixed from their breaking in handy work!

Apart from that - I have had no problems. I bought the car when it was 4 years old and now into it's 6th year it's still going fine!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2005

30th Mar 2006, 15:08

I agree with you're review 100%. I also have had my 106 quicksilver since it was 4 years old and it is now six. The car has caused me no problems in this time (touch wood) and it still looks good. I had the car alarmed when I bought it and it still got broke into even though I left nothing on show and removed the radio front. I guess some thieves are just jealous!

26th Apr 2006, 08:52

Peugeot's are complete rubbish. their tiny, plasticy and baggy.! If you want quality you buy a rover!!!

20th Aug 2006, 02:47

Heh, and that's why they went bankrupt then, and Peugeot still going strong?!? LOL, Rover's are for old people, want to buy a British car, buy Aston Martin!

3rd Sep 2006, 04:12

A ROVER!!! HA! Everyone listen up! DO NOT buy a rover with a K series engine in it. The head gaskets blow all the time. And it doesn't matter how you drive it, it just depends which way the wind blows! There absolute rubbish I'd have a Peugeot any day over a rover! Shocking!

18th Sep 2006, 04:12

I own a 106 gti and it's an amazing car, but I think the man who came up with the rover comment is the reason why things get out of hand on here. Don't get me wrong rovers are fine, the 220 coupe turbo is a monster, especially for under £2K now, but are a completely different kettle of fish. As for the comment about head gaskets, try owning a 106 gti they are extremely prone, read some of the reviews, I've been lucky with mine on that front (touch wood).

18th May 2018, 19:58

How many Rovers are left on the roads? They either suffered a terminal break down or rusted faster than an Italian car, plus they were rubbish. The few that have made it are the ones still driven by old people to get to and from their allotments.