4th Jul 2003, 10:25

I am having all the same problems with mine too! Its such a nice car, but I can't put up with all of it's issues! It won't start properly and sounds rough, its done a few miles bless it, but I want it fixed asap! Peugeot have been less than helpful, telling me it is the 'Blocked fuel injectors'...what a load of rubbish! They think they can pull the wool over my eyes because I'm a girl! I have tried everything...!!! Nobody knows what the mysterious problems are! Someone out there must know... HELP ME PLEASE!!! Gemmaandgreg@ntlworld.com.

28th Oct 2005, 21:56

Peugeot mechanic and owner of a 106 GTi here. Mine's extensively modified, running over 150 bhp, but as others have said, check your map sensor and your coil pack (these should come up on diagnostics). Also make sure the fuel filter is new, and that the idle control valve is cleaned out. 106s are renowned for getting water/condensation in their tanks.

I hope you can get it sorted. Mine's been a wonderful car, and the extra 30 bhp allows me to chase Clio Cup 182s and 206 180s all day long haha.

22nd Nov 2005, 22:09

Hi I own a 106 xsi and my clutch went last week know the thing won't start for me the orange light has come up. It backfire and stalled and now its not starting. Can someone help me plz thanks.

21st Mar 2006, 06:20

In response to the comment about chasing Clio 182's, my best mate has a 54 reg (normal one, not the Cup version). On paper they're quite a bit faster than a 106 GTi, so when I got my new one the other day I went out and raced him in it.

We took off from the lights, and by the next roundabout, about three quarters of a mile away, he was only about 2 car lengths in front of me.

Believing it was down to his poor driving, we swapped cars and raced back the way we came, this time with me in the Clio and him in my 106. Once again, at the lights we raced from the first time around, the Clio was in front by about three car lengths, which isn't really a lot.

His Clio is bog standard, my 106 is a T reg which only has a K&N induction kit (as fitted by the previous owner). Both were running on super unleaded.

The point I'm making is that for the price of them, they're excellent value for money. For a car in insurance group 13, it keeps up with a group 17 motor in a straight line and I can easily beat my mate's car (with him driving) on twisty lanes.

Obviously some of it is down to the driver, but I paid £4000 for a low mileage 106 GTi, and he paid 12 grand for a 182 with similar mileage. If performance is all you're after for little cost, get a 106 GTi - you won't regret it.

1st Mar 2007, 08:43

I don't have the gti version, but have had a 106 (1998 zest2) for 4 months, and it's had more problems than there is space to write them. I would never recommend a 106 again I'm afraid, and all the things I have read online say the same - no-one seems to know how to fix its many problems. Such a shame, because when it's working, it's such an awesome car to drive.

Trying to sell it now, but my neighbours have not only driven in to it, but some kids kicked a football against it and scratched the paintwork. The world's against 106 owners!

11th Jul 2007, 12:50

I've had my 106 R reg XS for about 9 months now, and have the same problems as everybody else. Often wildly fluctuating revs when idle, which I just have to deal with; and it sometimes cuts out when I change gear, so I start again as it rolls along.

Now to mention that the clutch slips and makes it impossible to change gear, sometimes leaving me stuck at the lights until I push the clutch violently for 2 mins, then it works.

A real pity, because it's a great car to drive.

14th Aug 2007, 15:27

I have a 97 reg 106 GTi, and it jerks and jumps badly on acceleration, and it's worse when it gets hot...

When in heavy traffic, it feels like a miss in the engine and it hunts and cuts out.

Has anyone else had this problem, and can you help me?

6th Oct 2007, 20:12

That's exactly the same as whats happening to mine, it gets worse as it warms up which make me think it could be a sensor, I dropped it into Peugeot and they said all my sensors were fine. So I'm considering getting a new coil pack, there expensive, but it sounds like its missing....Il let u know if i get it sorted

28th Oct 2007, 16:08

R reg 106 GTi - 86k miles.

Erratic idle, has cut out twice before, but the problem went away.

Today it was really bad when driving to town, so I took the MAP sensor out. Gave it a good blow and refitted. Problem has now gone away.

The sensor had some light moisture on it, so I'm thinking the cold weather is causing it to get damp.

May just need a new rubber seal.

Try it, you might like it!

1st Nov 2007, 10:08

Hi Iv just bought my 98 gti and it has the same problem when it is warm the revs idle between 8000 and 10000. any help will be good and a cannot get my hands on a gti map sensor no were will it matter if it is off a different model.

Cheers J.P.


6th Feb 2008, 14:28

Hi, I am a girl and I have had my 98 S reg 106 GTI since my 21st birthday, and am now nearly 23. I loved the car, it was very fast; it can keep up with a lot of cars on acceleration, and was great fun to drive.

Every sports car is gonna have its problems, and believe me mine has; I had new head, inc gasket, tappets etc spent about 1500 and it was finally fixed... put it thru MOT and full tax ready to sell as had my new car, a black Astra GSI Turbo 03 plate...

Sat my pug off road over Xmas and started it up every now and again, when time wasters said they were interested. When someone finally turns up, it decides to run on 3 cylinders...

I have changed the plugs, checked the coil pack, done compression test, tried inlet manifold, but none of them seem to be the problem. The car has done 108k, but has been well looked after and is in mint condition, I desperately need to sell the thing... Any suggestions?

21st Sep 2008, 14:37

Help! I have a V reg 106 GTI, it won't keep to 30 mph! When I'm accelerating it's fine, but trying to hold constant revs is impossible, it feels like it's missing slightly, then it's fine, then it does it again! Any ideas as to what this could be??

6th Jan 2009, 14:17

If your car will not stay at a constant speed, and if you think it is missing, it's the coil pack or ignition leads. Check spark plugs. My GTi has had no problems, and let's just say I don't drive slow.