17th Jan 2009, 17:10

I run a small garage and just spent 4 days on and off trying to sort a erratic idle problem out on a Pug 106 GTi, and hey guess what, even with up to date diagnostic equipment, I have had troubles. Fortunately I went on to some sites and found that the problem is usually that when the coil pack goes faulty (misfire) it spikes (shorts) the ECU, which causes poor idling. Also the lambda sensor can cause this. I am going to try the lambda sensor first as this item is a lot cheaper than an ECU. If it works I will let every one know in the world, as it's driven me mad LOL.

27th Jan 2009, 09:08

R reg 106 GTI with nearly 110000 miles on the clock.

The first problem I had was that it would run fine and then randomly decided that it was going to run rough and not accelerate, with some bunny hops too. Noticed that if I gave it full throttle I could see a little black smoke coming out the back. Took it to an independent fuel injection specialist who found that the coolant sensor was telling the ECU that the engine was cold, so the ECU would try to rev the engine up by itself. New sensor all in cost £85 and the car ran fine.

Second problem was that I could feel it hesitating sometimes under part throttle and would sometimes die on me in traffic or at a stand still. Took it back to the fuel injection specialist and they found the map sensor was shorting out. Put a new one on for £80 and the car runs as good as gold now. Injection place thought it might have been the lambda sensor, but having changed it they found it was the map sensor.

If your in the Birmingham area, I recommend the fuel injection and carburetor clinic, which is behind the Jet petrol station in Sutton Coldfield.

30th Mar 2010, 11:36

Well I'm now on my second Peugeot. I used to own a 205 GTi that was problematic and forever chasing faults, but wasn't too bad a car, so when I was looking at getting another car the other month, I thought about a 106 GTi.

It's been one of the biggest mistakes of buying a car I've ever made; got it home and was all OK. 2 weeks in, the alarm kept going off, clutch went, and also the input thrust bearing collapsed on the gearbox, and I've not even been racing it.

Now I've refitted the gearbox, and after a lot of swearing and thinking what have I bought, it's now back together and won't start.

I'm fed up with it, and will not be buying another Peugeot/french car ever again.

Nightmare to work on, tight and cramped, everything seems too be awkwardly positioned in the engine bay.

Peugeot were complete morons when I went to talk to their service department, and buy parts from them.

I'm gonna stick to my VWs and Audis from now on, like I should have in the 1st place. Much nicer cars to drive and work on; any parts aplenty, and simple to fit work on and understand.

Rant over.


21st May 2010, 10:34

Hi got a 1998 GTi engine in my Quicksilver, and haven't over the past year of having it in, ever had it running tip top on idle since..

But now it's come to its MOT, the idle is making it really difficult to get it through it.. so I went about replacing parts.. basically because it's now out of MOT and TAX, I have no way of getting it on a tester..

Parts replaced.

MAP sensor.

Engine temp sensor.

Fuel filter.

Idle control valve.

Pinking/Knock sensor.

Injectors all 4 (thought mine were faulty).

Crank sensor.

Fuel relay.

Lambda sensor.

Inlet all sealed for leaks.

Now have run a spark test using HT tester, and it still sparks fine when running like a bag of bolts.. so the only think I can think of is that it's over-fueling, as the return is blocked off from the GTI fuel rail, as the Quicksilver has one near the tank itself..

Would this be a problem, as it only idles badly when warm/hot, and it leaves a white kind of smoke out of the exhaust, which can black it up quite bad..

Help much appreciated.

30th Sep 2010, 09:47

I have had the same problem twice on the car.

First time it was do to the MAP Sensor.

Second time, after a lot of things had been tested, I changed the ignition module and spark plugs and now it drives like dream again.

6th Oct 2010, 03:17

I have a 106 GTI 98.

It ran fine, then as I gave it a bit, it started to misfire and now it does it all the time in every gear, but it still idles perfectly even though there is a misfire.

What could it be?

9th Oct 2010, 14:30

I've had 11 GTi's, and they've been good and bad. They all idle crap; that's just them. Just change the oil every 3k, and check the plugs and coil pack are tight; they do tend to loosen up, and the crank pulley can chew up the woodruff key, so check that.