1989 Peugeot 205 XE 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Everyone should get one. Best there is and a bargain


Nothing so far. You can almost feel something should fail any second now, but it just keeps going on without any problem. I don't think 205s know what rust is either.

General Comments:

Thanks to this car I think I've become Peugeot fan forever. Perhaps I wouldn't take it for a ride across the country, but as a commuting transportation this hatchback is just amazing. You can find them in Loot for £350-500 and trust me, they are the biggest bargain there is.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2003

1989 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 from UK and Ireland


A Delight to Drive!


Clutch started to slip shortly after purchasing vehicle.

Gear linkage.

Oil filler hose perished.

Uneven idle on startup.

Drop links.

Drive shafts.

General Comments:

A few things have gone wrong with the car, yes, but care for this car and you will be rewarded.

Pininfarina styling is timeless.

The 205 design was penned in the early 80s and the angular lines still attract.

Handling is perhaps the best among the hot hatches (sans Clio Williams).

The eight valve, 1.9 litre engine has got much more torque and grunt than the 1.6 version.

Bodywork slightly flimsy. It dents easy; I have seen a few dents appearing on various panels after returning to the car in the car-park.

Driving should be fun. Driving should be about feeling and emotions. The 205 Gti is the embodiment of fun, feeling and emotion. Taking one down a windy country lane will show you what it is made of.

You feel the road through the steering, which is crisp and precise.

As a result ride is a bit hard, but I am not one to complain.

Repairing can be expensive, as cramped engine bay leaves little room to manouvre, which entails high labour costs:

Clutch (make sure it is a Peugeot clutch, 1.9 should not have anything inferior put in, as you would not last as long, so you will paying out more in the long run) was £300+, inc. labour.

Cam-belt (only costs a few pounds, but the rest is down to labour charges) was circa £200.

The oil filler cap and hose is a nuisance as it is difficult to open, and easy to break.

I know the car is immense fun, but unfortunately so do thieves.

Have had an attempted theft on the car (had no stereo at the time, so must have been up for a joy ride).

Woke up one morning, car still parked outside my house, albeit with one bent passenger door and smashed glass (glass generally fares badly when bent!) - Heartbreaking.

There are newer cars, which are more comfortable, better built and more reliable an maybe even faster in a straight line, but the 205 Gti is a legend, and rightly so.

New cars have been made with safety regulations, and with comfort in mind. As a result new hot hatches are generally bigger, slower and have slacker handling than the original hot hatches.

The 205 is all about sensations.

Take one down some country lanes for a drive, and return home with a big grin on your face!

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Review Date: 26th April, 2003

24th Sep 2004, 13:07

The 205!!! What can I say, this is the best ever ever car I have ever owned. They are high maintenance, high petrol costs, high insurance, but so what??? They still look great and drive better than any other car I have ever driven. They stick to the road like glue and will beat just about anything at the lights. Pure delight. Worth every penny (or £100 of pounds at the garage) Keep them original.

1989 Peugeot 205 GRD 1.6 diesel from France


One of the best French cars ever made!


Only minor things, all of which were repaired at my local Peugeot Garage.

1) 125000 Km, Oil sump leaks, was replaced easily and cheaply.

2) 150000 Km, Timing belt needed adjustment.

3) 170000 Km, rust began to appearing, but I have managed to keep it under control.

4) The paint was fading on the roof when I bought the machine for 2500Ff (around 250 Pounds). Now the complete paintwork has faded so much that I can no longer remember the original color.

5) It had passed every two-year road test. It is also taken to the garage for checks every six months.

6) The diesel pre-heat system broken down around 200000Km, it would not start when it was cold and was very strange to start when it was hot. The system was replaced.

7) The clutch system has been replaced twice when I have owned it. Once because of the leak of the oil sump and the second time for normal wear out.

8) The battery wears flat very easily now it is older. I can no longer wait with no engine and listening to music.

General Comments:

I love this car so very much.

I think it has taken me nearly half way around the world... we have travelled the length and width of France, Britain, Germany and Spain. It took me to Britain, when it was fully loaded, and back with no problems at all. We have driven to Russia, Sweeden and Denmark, also Egypt and Marroc.

The inside of the veihcle is very comfortable, lots of leg room and comfortable seats. The controls are very well designed and made.

It is enjoyable on the autoroute also on country roads. The ride is smooth and agreeable.

It does not use much gazole and will give around 22Km/Litre.

Insurance is not expensive, I think because of not high acceleration.

Excellent and reliable car! Ideal for in the town and long distance!

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Review Date: 7th December, 2002