1989 Peugeot 205 Automatic 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic - though maybe a smaller engine?


Nothing at all mechanically. Replaced all 4 tyres as they were still the originals.

General Comments:

A very comfortable, powerful Automatic. Easy to drive. Top of range in 1989 came with power steering, central locking etc. Nice interior, off-white body with body colour sub-bumper curtains.

Very quick, but is more costly to run that cars with smaller engines - and is noticeable. Only the second owner from new, so the car is immaculate.

It's a tribute to Peugeot that this 205 is still in near-showroom condition 14 years on with not a bit of rust or corrosion or any faults at all.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2002

25th Sep 2005, 10:28

I have a Peugeot 205 auto,1580 cc.,"j" reg,19000 miles on the clock from new, I have just fitted BOSCH 510 spark plugs to it, state of the art,4 pin electrodes,"£22 well spent in Halfords, no more flat spots, and it takes off like a rocket, with the price of petrol right now, no matter what car you drive, use 4 pin spark plugs, I think you will make the cost back in 1 month, I did. The old plugs were perfect, but I threw them out, if you use 1 pin spark plugs, you are still in the stone age.,check out a start when your 10 or 20 below zero.

25th Sep 2005, 10:56

You want to know something?I had a crash a few years back, I was in a Ford,3 m.p.h on a blind bend, I smashed the front bummper, no.plate, right wing,£350 to rebuild... the Peugeot got a scuff on the front bumper, I now drive a Peugeot.,its not a car, it's a Sherman tank. Peugeot cars are awesome.

29th Sep 2005, 13:13

...regarding a propane conversion, I found a place in North Herts, he tells me its £1000 for a 4 cylinder,£1500 for a 6 cylinder, and £2000 for an 8 cylinder, have any of you found a place that's less?I don't mind going 500 miles for a big discount, propane has just gone up a tad,"60% of petrol"...I can live with that...more, some cars are excempt from the congestion charge in London, like the 4000 cc Jeep, if it runs on propane, you save £2080 a year over 52 weeks, that's just on the charge alone.,and you fuel bill goes down 40%...not all cars will beat the congestion charge in London... the 205 will not, as it it was before the catalytic exhaust system.,that's my guess, I am still doing research on this. More techno info, to the 205 1560 cc auto I fitted Bosch 510 spark plugs,4 electrode, last week, it turns over 3 times and fires up, better than the 15 times on the "unipart" single electrode plugs my dealer fitted,1000 miles back, so I estimate my starter will burn out at 250,000 miles.,like it says on the pack.,"improved acceleration and superior starting performance".If you live in Scotland, Sweden, North America, or Canada, you need that.

27th Jan 2011, 00:56

Is it true there were not a lot of the '89 GTIs in automatic? Or a myth?

1989 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 1.9 from North America


The joy of driving


The car is still original. We replaced the hand brake cables. We replaced the head because a valve broken due to a inappropriate fuel octane. Too low.Know I am using 94 octane with a additive for a total of 98 octane. Be side that the car runs like a beast.

General Comments:

The cars handling is like a go cart. In Quebec the road are very ugly and this 205 is not made for that. Too hard, but the torque and response of the engine is superb. 0 to 200km with out no problem. The seat's are fantastic with there support and grate view. I most enjoy the car in U.S.A the roads are superb and my 205 GTI 1.9 like that. I have Peugeot's and B.M.W,Audi cannot compare Peugeot for there reliability and the fun of driving.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2002

6th Oct 2003, 06:37


This is Arnaud from France!

I'm very happy to see that there are few owners of this wonderful 205 GTI in America.

Would you have some pictures of your car?

It would be so great!

2nd Feb 2004, 10:58

Hi, I'm another 205 GTi owner from France... I do think it is a fantastic car... it's been (and probably still is) a legend around here back in the 80's / 90's...

Tell us about your car : how come it got to the Americas, and how did you manage to get the appropriate authorizations to drive it around?

Bye and good driving!

19th Jul 2007, 05:22

This car is very popular in France ; It's amazing to find one in North America :-)