1991 Peugeot 205 GTi Mi16 twin carb 2.1 Mi16 from UK and Ireland


If you ain't got one, get one!


Needed new distributor.

Starter motor failed.

General Comments:

This is the most amazing 205 I've owned, and I've owned quite a few. Over 10 years ago I brought my first car, a 1989 1.6 GTi, and I've owned nothing but 205 GTi's since.

This car started life as a 1991 1.6 phase 2, but lots of work has transformed the performance to another level.

The car has 309 GTi front suspension, along with a 309 GTi rear axle. This gives the car slightly wider track, giving incredible cornering. It's lowered 40mm, and can take a local tight bend easily 10mph quicker than my every day car, which is a nearly standard 1.9 GTi.

Lift off though, and things get very interesting! Rally style!!

The engine is a fully rebuilt Mi16, with 2.1 pistons and liners, stage 3 head, with the air and fuel being supplied by twin Weber DCOE 45's.

The car may look standard, but certainly doesn't sound standard. The induction noise is amazing, and unlike many claims, I've not had to have the carbs set up due to them "going out of tune".

Transmission is a six speed box from a GTi6. This is great for motorway driving, with the engine doing 3000 revs at 70mph, but you do lose a little right hand lock with this box in a 205, due to the 6 speed box being slightly longer than the standard one.

On the rollers, the car made 234bhp at the wheels, and 229 ft lb of torque.

On the road, it ain't worth the petrol on boy racers with their flashy lights, and stupidly large wheels and body kits. However, the Type-R, Cupra-R and RS Focus spikey haired, shades wearing types, with token blonde in passenger seat, get to see just what 80's old skool is all about!

The car goes off the clock at 140, doing about 6000 revs, and I've had it pull almost another 1000 revs after going off the clock before I bottled it! (obviously on private land!!)

One thing I'd recommend to GTi owners is bucket seats. The original seats are fine, and are part of a classic, but you sit much lower in buckets, and personally, I feel you feel even more in touch with the road, and just a bit closer to understanding when that back ends about to let go!

So what is it about this magical little 80's hot hatch that has made it such an enthusiast's car? I don't really know, but in my eyes they're perfection. They look and perform perfectly as standard, have so many engine options that drop straight in if you want even more performance, and the bodies just don't rust if looked after. What other 80's car looks as good today? Find a good one, look after it, and in a few years time, it'll pay for itself.

To quote a well known 205 book,"the 205 GTi is a car you drive for the sheer hell of it, just to enjoy the drive".

"Long journeys aren't tiresome, just extended pleasure".

A future classic today.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2005

19th Jul 2005, 09:40

Hi it's me again. Just want to clear a few things up in my review.

Would like to point out the reason I gave the car 10/10 for reliability was because both faults with engine were before the engine was transplanted into the 205.

I've had no problems with the car since, which I'd expect considering the cars only covered around 9000 miles since just about every nut and bolt was replaced when the rebuild and transplant was done.

The reason I said I wouldn't buy another car from this manufacturer, assuming it means a new, car, is simply because Peugeot don't make the 205 any more! I can guarantee I'll own many more 205's gti's!

9th Aug 2005, 08:40

Hi, I am thinking of replacing the pistons on my 309 gti to the 2.1 pistons that you mentioned - Any idea where I can buy these pistons.

24th Aug 2005, 20:40

Re question about 2.1 piton & liners.

Hello mate. I brought all the parts for my rebuild from Hiflowheads. They sell the 86mm pistons you ask about that'll give you 2.1L. Interestingly, they also list 88mm pistons for the 1.9 8 valve engine, which they state gives you 2.2. I know the 2.0L engines can go to 2.2, but didn't know the 1.9's can. I suggest you have a look at the site and then give them a call about what you want to do. They're based in in Berwick, East Lothian, and their web address is www.hiflowheads.co.uk. On the site, click products, then engine rebuild and parts, then select your car. Hope this helps mate.

9th Sep 2005, 17:13

Can you please tell me if you have moved your strut tops to accommodate the 309 front suspension?? Thank you.

1991 Peugeot 205 GLD 1.8 diesel from UK and Ireland


Comfortable, Simple and Fun


Nothing. Only General Maintenance.

General Comments:

The car rattles when driving, however seems to be well built.

No rust at all, which is very good for a 14 year old car.

A car that you can maintain without having to take into a garage, meaning cheaper.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2005