1991 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6i 8v petrol from UK and Ireland


A bargain, road legal go-kart


So far the car has been good apart from the few things you would expect of this age:

Brake pads and shoes.

Wheel cylinders.

Brake pipes.

Throttle switch.

Uneven idle.

Indicator stalk.

I'm a mechanic by trade so I have taken care of these problems.

General Comments:

The car is nice and in A1 condition, it drives like new and the engine is still sweet even with the high mileage.

I have fitted a performance exhaust, K+N air filter, performance brakes and I lowered the car by 60mm.

It handles superbly and will be even better when I get new 16" alloys with good tyres.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2000

1991 Peugeot 205 XS 1.4 from UK and Ireland


The fastest, cheapest first car in the world!


Clutch cable snapped.

Clutch wore out.

Brake pads wore out.

General Comments:

This, ladies and gentlemen, could possibly be the best first car of all time.

Decided early on in my life I wanted a 205, I was appalled when I tried to get insured for a GTi. On paper, the only alternatives were the GT and XS models. Both posted identical figures for performance/economy, but had different engines fitted, though both displaced 1.4 litres.

However, the GT, while a fine looking car in its own right, had five doors, and therefore less 'GTi-a-like' credability. The XS however, was the full monty three door, missing only the plastic arch extensions and lower rear apron from it's more powerful cousins.

On driving it for the first time, I realised why 205's have been so popular from their introduction in 1986. The acceleration is just amazing from the 1.4 litre engine, getting up to 50 mph every bit as fast as the 1.6 GTi, before the larger engined car can use its midrange grunt to out-torque the XS. Top end speed is bordering on ridiculous for the engine size, topping out at just over 110 mph, almost perfectly at the redline. Peugeot's engineers must have spent a while getting those gear ratios so perfect.

But the XS is not just about speed - the handling of the car is just beautiful, it can be thrown into roundabouts and sharp corners, and the impression is always that the car can handle more than you can give it. Body roll is well controlled while cornering sharply, and it will not show any lift off oversteer until it is pushed as hard as possible in the wet, which most people wouldn't do anyway.

The brakes are adequate for the size of car, but do have a tendency to overheat when pushed ultra hard, though again this is only when pushing the car to its limits.

The bodywork and fitting are obviously not up to Teutonic standards, but as French cars go, this is one of the better built examples when compared to its equivalents, such as the Renault 5.

Overall, a car which impressed me no end, and I would heartily recommend it, first car or otherwise.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2000

17th Dec 2000, 20:21

This seems like a good review, though I would like to see how the owner felt after a year!

Apart from that, it was obviously well written and thought out, and truthful, so I would say well done to the authors, for being truthful and not trying to bigup a car which has obviously cost you!!!!! Not that that matters on good car...

1991 Peugeot 205 Color Line 1.1 petrol from Portugal


One rear shock absorber "died" with 40.000 km.

Problems with some overheating, changed the temperature valve and the thermostat, got better, but not enough.

Problems with the brakes as well.

General Comments:

Very easy to drive, very comfortable, especially on rough roads, economical but not very reliable.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2000

3rd Jul 2001, 07:27

Had the 1.4xs version and front nearside shock went. Both drive shafts needed replacing. Brakes are not very sharp and also problems with overheating which caused the car to stall when moving at low revs.