1991 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 from UK and Ireland


Probably the best 'driver's car' available for the money


Most things...

But nothing too serious.

Still on the original engine - they're v. strong. Gearboxes aren't though (mine lasted about 100k).

Considering it's age/mileage/ (ab) use, car is v reliable, but it's never long before you've got another job to attend to with it.

Main niggles are with keeping the engine in tune and general wear and tear with suspension - rear axle has been rebuilt; but the front suspension components seem to wear fairly quickly.

General Comments:

Brilliant car.

The enthusiast's magazines eulogise the car - and it really is that good.

There'll never be anything like it offered new again!

They're cheap to pick up, and, if you're reasonably careful, it's not difficult to find a good one.

Insurance is obviously an issue for some, but, otherwise, you just have to accept that it's going to require some maintenance. Parts are cheap though, and they're reasonably easy to work on. Plenty of decent specialists around as well.

To drive, it's just such a fun package. Torquey engine (3rd will pull all the way from 20mph to 90mph) ; so-so brakes; but the highlights are the (unassisted) steering and the handling.

Everyone says you'll be fired off the road backwards if you lift off whilst going too quickly - but you'd have to be an eejit to experience this.

For the most part, it's perfectly controllable and no where near as fearsome as some make out. You sometimes have to be quick when the roads are greasy, but, in the dry, it's just good fun.

I've had mine for 5 years and have covered 100k in it - it's unmodified (apart from a rude boy exhaust - I like a bit of noise!) and I use it for the daily commute, the occasional track day (the brakes fade v quickly), and also sprinting/hillclimbing.

I've tried the 206GTi180 and MiniCooperS (but not any of the Clios yet) - but the initial impressions were uninspiring.

If you're into cars and fancy some cheap fun, the 205 GTi has got to be one of the best ways of going about it.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2005

1991 Peugeot 205 GR 1.1i 1.1i petrol from Netherlands


Who really needs more?


Replaced at 136.000 km:

-Front brake pads and disc's

-Rear shock-absorbers.

Replaced at 158.000 km:

-Head gasket

-Drive shafts left and right.

All the weak parts have been replaced by now, and I think it has been a reasonable investment because it drives like new again! It is a small car so to repair something always is cheaper then with bigger car.

General Comments:

It's my third 205, but this one looks so good that I will keep replacing/ repairing stuff when needed instead of going for another model.

I like the 205! I prefer simplicity and simple joy, and this is the car that embodies it. It has more comfort and space than I could wish for from a car of this size and it's both enough for me. And if I ever would need a bigger car, I wished it could have been a 205 Break! Well, maybe a cheap second hand 206 will be a good alternative by then. Anyway one can do a lot with and within a 205, just remember there's more to enjoy in life than just the 205...

What I like about the 205;

-Good seats! Most important if you ask me, together with the ability to move from a to b.

-Good looks. I prefer and own the 5 door model. Also provides easier access to rear seats.

-Good suspension. I never experienced any problem and it saved me couple of times... absolutely no complaints!

-Good engine. Uses 1 l/15 km or less and has enough power for this lightweight car. Who really needs more?

-No rust.

-The GR has wipers with interval and some other very basic extras which I consider to be a pure luxury!

OK, the 205 also has some weak points (front brakes/ dive shafts) but when you treat the car well (repairs are always affordable) it will never let you down! It's its simplicity that keeps it running.

And it runs good! I looked through the specifications and it seems the 1.1i is as fast as the 1.6i. I think the combination of weight and power is excellent. It followed up the previous 1.4 carborator, which was even less fast. I drive it until 140 km/h comfortably, but never tried top speed. Driving about 165 km/h must be a bit scary, but I'm sure the 205 will manage without problems. I'm curious how it will be, must give kind of a thrill, please comment if you tried.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2005

15th Apr 2005, 20:40

Hi, maybe this can look to you as silly, but I've bought my 205 GR 1.1 5 yrs ago, in second hand

It is a really old car (it cames back from 87) but it still runs pretty OK (considering to be so old) I've run it on top speed, 180 km (less scary than you might think) but I confess it's a lot more safer to run on 120 butt still I'm pretty glad with it, I'm just commenting to please your curiosity to know how it behaves in such speed.

Have nice rides.

6th Dec 2005, 04:06

1.1i can keep up with a 1.6gti? You're barking if you really believe that! I have had various 205's from 1.1, 1.4xr to my recent 1.9 gti and the 1.1 will be completely blown away by any of the 1.4's. As for the bigger boys forget them; you won't even see them! Not saying that 1.1 isn't a nice little engine though.