2003 Peugeot 206 LX 2.0HDi from UK and Ireland


Promised so much, but failed to deliver so often


Fuel system failed resulting in everything from the tank to the injectors needing to be replaced.

Indicator switch failed which needed to be replaced.

Drivers door had to be re-aligned.

Steering wheel had to be re-aligned.

Front Fog lights failed.

Damaged to the bonnet and front wing caused by the dealership.

Clutch had to be repaired due to fluid loss?

Internal Oil display had to be repaired twice still not working.

Second steering problem on-going fault, still not found yet.

General Comments:

Both handling and fuel economy is great on this little car.

The cabin in small, but feels bigger than it is.

Seats are OK, but long journeys are no fun with out a break.

The pedals are too close to each other.

Rear space is cramped, but will seat 5 people for short journeys.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2003

18th Oct 2005, 14:20

1.4 Automatic good drive, but gearbox needed replacement after just 4000 miles, second gearbox is not smooth, avoid automatics.

26th Oct 2005, 18:30

I have a 2002 LX 206. It recently had to have its fan replaced. Now however the indicators aren't working unless you put pressure on them. Is this a sensor thing? I have been told that once sensor problems occur in a peugeot its time to get rid of it! Anyone know anything about that?


27th Dec 2011, 11:36

I own a 206 2.0 HDI with 87k on the clock. Within the past year, the speedo has failed, rear wheel bearing, gearbox mountings, gear synchronisers, air con compressor, alternator, EGR valve... the list goes on and on. Fuel economy is dreadful; 24 MPG on A roads driving at 50 mph.

This is the first Pug I have owned, and will most definitely be my last. The car feels like a tin can.. on the motorway above 60 mph, it feels like it's going to fly; wobbles all over the road. Should have listened to my mechanic and got a Focus!!!

2003 Peugeot 206 Style 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


A really great car that is more than worth what it costs. I recommend this car to anyone


I haven't yet encountered any major problems with the car. The only thing that really has annoyed me is that the passenger seat has needed to have the frame replaced four times. Due to the car being three-door, the seat has to move to let passengers in and out of the back. This has either snapped or ceased, and at the most awkward of times. Apart from that, there has been nothing wrong with the car.

General Comments:

The car is quick enough for a 1.1 and handles like a dream on all road surfaces.

The power steering really takes the strain out of turning round those tight bends.

The only disappointing thing about the car is that the gearbox is quite clunky when I change gear and the pedals are rather close together.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2003

2003 Peugeot 206 XT SW 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Good in some areas, poor in others


Stereo sometimes comes on at maximum volume with the ignition.

Cigarette lighter no longer works.

General Comments:

Useful little mini-estate. Good to drive with typical Peugeot sharp steering and decent handling. Shame about the grotty gearbox which has loads of slack in the linkage, and baulks on downchanges from 5th to 4th, even at 40 mph.

The normally decent TU engine is awful in this car. Coarse, noisy, reluctant to rev, and gutless. I used to have a 106 XSi with this engine and it's hard to believe it's the same unit. Guess that's what happens when you try to make such an old design pass new emissions regs. Thirsty too - 33 mpg average despite the fact 85% of my driving is long motorway trips. My previous 1.4 Astra managed 43 in similar driving.

Seats are comfy initially, but cause upper back and shoulder discomfort after 100 miles or so thanks to backs which slope sharply away from you towards the top. Seating position itself is OK, and the dash is easy on the eye, although cheaply constructed. My main gripe is the way the steering shaft fouls my clutch foot though. It's irritating.

LHD wipers are annoying as a matter of principle, but actually work OK.

Good car, but could be better.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2003

30th Nov 2003, 16:49

Hi, I am the writer of the Style review and my cigarette lighter blew up to, but it was just that the fuse for it didn't have a high enough rating so I replaced it with a 30 amp one instead, this should sort your problem out, it did for me and I have had none.

17th Jul 2004, 20:00

If you have your family in the car you really shouldn't be smoking!

8th Nov 2004, 05:18

It's quite possible to use a cigarette lighter for purposes other than smoking. Also who says his/her family is always in the car?

2003 Peugeot 206 XSi 1.6 16 V from UK and Ireland


A very poorly built car with a poor engine and components


The car has a flat spot and a distinct lack of power. It also jerks quite violently when cruising at speeds below 50 mph. The car has been like this since new.

General Comments:

Apart from the problem with the engine which the dealer insists doesn't exist; it also suffers from a very poor driving position.

The sports seats make it awkward to use the handbrake.

The gearbox is loose and noisy.

The boot is non-existent.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2003

24th Aug 2003, 22:40

Most of these comments are gripes you have with the car that should have stopped you buying the car in the first place. For example.

- "The boot is non-existent." Why would you buy a small hatch if you wanted a boot??

- "The sports seats make it awkward to use the handbrake." How often do you use the handbrake for that to be a major issue?

The dealer hasn't been able to detect the "violent" jerking below 50?? If the problem is that bad perhaps take it to an independent inspector and consult a solicitor.

2003 Peugeot 206 Look 1.1 Litre from UK and Ireland


Sporty car


The car was involved in accident and declared was a right off.

General Comments:

This car is a very good runner, except when its on hills (very slow up hill).

The cabin is upholstered with Grey and black material. The seats are comfortable, but after a while your legs begin to ache, as there is little legroom.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2003