6th Aug 2004, 01:42

In general, all convertibles tend to lose much of the torsional rigidity of the fixed-roof platform they are based on (in this case the standard 206 platform), even if the original platform is strengthened. For instance some years back, the Alfa Spider featured only 30% of the rigidity of the Alfa GTV, whose platform shared.

Naturally, this is not the case with roadsters as the MX5 which were initially designed as such, i. e with a special platform structure (the MX5 features a reinforced central tunnel much similar to the original lotus elan).

Anyway, when the steel roof is up, the structure is stiffened up a bit: that's why you only notice significant rattles with the roof down. That's also why many convertibles have softer spring/dampers settings than the fixed-roof models they are based on.

18th Oct 2005, 10:19

My 206cc is excellent, very few problems and works the way it was meant to work. A shame you have had so many problems, but from the many other owners I have spoken to in general they have no problems either.

24th Apr 2007, 05:29

I have had similar problems with the power cutting out. Quite a scary thing while trying to cross a busy road and your car cutting out in the middle of the road. I was disappointed with reaction of dealer. He said it would cost a lot of money to find out what problem was. Number of other things went on my new car, locking system, alternator etc. Was told by service manager "that's the luck of the draw". I wonder is this Peugeot's new sales motto. I'm one annoyed Peugeot driver. Selling my 2 and half year old car with only 19 thousand miles because I am so dissatified.

30th Apr 2007, 04:03

I'm having problems with my Peugeot 206cc electrical roof at the moment. It seems that the roof will go down some times at at other times refuses to go down or up. Also I get a lot of warning beeps coming from it, especially when I go over humps or around corners and it is indicating that there is a fault with the boot. Has quite a lot of electrical faults going on at the moment. Feeling very disappointed as I think it is a beautiful looking car and have always wanted one.

6th Mar 2008, 16:17

My roof won't open, had new sensor fitted last year don't think its that, it just beeps at me can anyone help.

2nd Nov 2011, 09:36

Hiya, did you resolve your problem?? Just bought a Y reg 206, and my roof won't open, don't get any warning bleeps at all?