24th Feb 2008, 16:34

If you spend 20k on performance mods on any car it will be great, even your Corolla with your nanas knitted blanket and box of tissues on the back seat.

And comparing the 180 with the Focus ST is just silly, the cars are from two different classes, different costs, different sized motors and the ST has a turbo!!

What you save buying a 180 against the ST, you could spend on a turbo and air intake + exhaust system for the 180 and smoke the ST.

And all the comparing of cars is silly, cause if everyone owned the same car as you, you wouldn't feel special and you'd need to buy something else. Be happy with what you've got, drop the clutch and see if your car's as big as your ego.

22nd Sep 2009, 15:19

I've just bought an 04 plate GTi 180, and I love it so much. It actually scares me as I am 18 and just upgraded from a Saxo VTR!! Which was dreadful as everyone knows! I haven't raced many cars yet, but have raced a 182, my god they can shift.

I really love the looks of the car inside and out! 17" alloys look awesome, blue paint is stunning, windows slightly tinted. I think I will lower it a touch!

And the comments people are leaving about the MG ZS 180 being fast and beating a GTi 180; it's an MG, you'll probably blow the head gasket trying to race a GTi!

28th Dec 2009, 15:20

I've just bought an Arden Blue Astra G GSi. What a lovely car. Had 2 GTi 180s, a Type R and a 182, and the Astra is so much better, especially being standard. Really disappointed with the Pug 180; had two and they were both rubbish, but they do look the part.

29th Dec 2009, 17:25

To the last comment concerning the Astra GSi you own.

If you really think the Astra is superior to the Type R and Sport 182, then you clearly have never ever driven any of the cars concerned close to their limits ;)

Try the handling on the Honda or Renault, it's miles and miles ahead of any Vauxhall. The Astra does look quite good with its bodykit, especially with the newer VXR, just don't see how they're 'superior' to the Renault or Honda as a fun hot hatch. They're good, but not superior, their handling really lets them down.