1994 Peugeot 306 XSi 2.0 8v from UK and Ireland


Unreliable, underpowered, waste of cash


Radiator needed replacing.

Immobiliser failed, replaced.

Engine management system failed, replaced.

Alarm malfunctions regularly.

Exhausts last about 1 year.

Bad wear on outer edge of front tyres, irrespective of vigour of driving.

Warped brake discs.

3 Lambda sensors in 14 month period.

Bad fitments, fittings, squeaky interior, front seats (3 door) don't click back into place properly when using rear seat, can be dangerous when you accelerate and suddenly fly backwards. COnsumption (30+ mpg) not bad for two litre, insurance not as cheap as you may be lead to believe.

General Comments:

This car is the most unreliable car I have ever owned. If you're considering getting one, don't. It drives well, handles well, lacks a bit of BHP, but that's it. It's cost me roughly 200 quid a month to keep it going.

Approved dealers are attrocious, unhelpful, rude, accusatory even, workmanship is poor, parts v. v. expensive (tried to charge me 120 quid for a battery). I have usually found other problems with my car after it's been serviced. They once left a footprint on the dashboard, a mysterious hole appeared in radiator, alarm stopped working, none of which they would accept liability for.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2000

1994 Peugeot 306 XL 1.4i petrol from UK and Ireland


Heavy tyre wear.

Driveshaft went at 44,000 miles.

General Comments:

Excellent cars - reliable, comfortable and a pleasure to drive, especially on the motorway.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2000

1994 Peugeot 306 ST Sedan 2.0 8 Valve petrol from UK and Ireland


Inlet manifold gasket, brake disks, rear suspension bushes, front wishbones (bushes again), alarm, handbrake cables, immobilizer freezes, leaking water pump, fragile remote control keys, paint stone chipping.

General Comments:

Brilliant fun to drive, very involving. Driving position too straight-armed. I always feel I'm sitting on it rather than in it.

Build quality better than 405, but not to competitors standard.

Back suspension noise gets annoying. Wears out front tyres quickly.

Insurance is lower than XSi with same engine.

Boot space very good.

Always fit security bracket to spare wheel - the theft of these from Peugeots is chronic.

I'd consider another if Peugeot hadn't discontinued it. Recently looked for another car, couldn't find anything as good looking or involving (not to mention as powerful) for under £18,000.00

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Review Date: 14th November, 1999

27th Dec 2000, 20:05

Your review agrees entirely with my impression. I bought a 1994 306 ST 2.0 Sedan when it was 3 months old. I've had every problem you mention except the water pump.

The tyre and disk wear is chronic, and the handbrake cables wear because you can never trust the thing and end up testing it 10 times before leaving the car. It always feels 'one notch too short'.

Apart from that it is the best car I have ever driven. It feels solidly planted, the build quality is good (way better than my old 405), and the engine is a peach - especially now it's cleared 40,000 miles and is actually getting quicker (must be worn in now)!

At 40,000 miles it has started to consume oil - at a rate which the manual predicts and says is normal.

Fuel consumption is good - always averaging 32.6 mpg on my daily run to work (country roads, 50 & 60mph limits).

I have been looking for a replacement for over a year (only on the grounds of age), and cannot find anything better for under £20,000. I just wish Peugeot still made it!

Apart from the items you mention (except the water pump) which have been diagnosed and fixed in yearly servicing my car has never needed any work at all.

One last comment: Choose your dealer/service agent carefully. If you find a good one hang on to them - the variation is incredible (and don't expect the big ones to be the best).


Nigel Mayo

(Wishing 406 Coupe's were cheaper)