1995 Peugeot 306 XT 1.8L from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap to run/own. Great fun for a low price


Gear links wore badly, making the gear stick and car shudder. $90 fixed it, did it myself.

Driver's seat sticking came undone, sewed it up myself.

Nothing else.

General Comments:

Great little run about, paid $800 for it. FULL LOG BOOKS AND ALL RECEIPTS FOR 20 YEARS!!!

Goes like a stink with the 1.8L engine in such a small/light car. Good fun in and around corners.

Being I'm 6 foot 2", it's a tight fit for me. Regardless, I love the car and prefer it as my daily driver to my 2005 Audi TT Quattro Roadster.

I would definitely recommend buying one with a consistent service history.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2015

1995 Peugeot 306 S16 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


The best way to sum up the 306 S16 is they are fun when they work


Vacuum diaphragms failed.

Rear brake pads.

Faulty aftermarket immobilizer caused car not to start. Now removed.

Bad earths replaced.

Exhaust holes, now welded.

General Comments:

The S16 is probably one of the best handling cars on the road today.

It is fairly quick and handling is A1, similar to driving a car on rails.

If they are not maintained, then big $$$ needs to be spent.

The best way to sum up the 306 S16 is they are fun when they work. Truly.

I would recommend one if you enjoy hot hatches. A bit of TLC on one and a little $$$ results in many hours of fun and comfort.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2010

1995 Peugeot 306 LX 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Cheap on fuel, but electrical problems can lead to expensive repairs


Ignition coil failed.

Exhaust became blocked.

Front drivers seat deteriorated with age.

Loose relays under the bonnet made lights fail.

Relays under dashboard click randomly (not when operating a switch).

Heater is not very warm.

Lazy temperature gauge.

General Comments:

The car is very spacious, and excellent on fuel for its age.

Fairly comfortable, although the pedal settings leave something to be desired, no power steering on this particular model, but it's quite light and one less thing to go wrong. The interior fittings are quite durable, and of a practical rubberised plastic.

My car suffered from the common Sagem ignition coil failure, although the ECU was of a different make so spared damage. Shame Peugeot did not appear to test this item during the development stage, however I might add that mine gave over 100,000 miles of service before failing (a week after ownership!).

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2009

1995 Peugeot 306 XLD 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Great first car


Radiator died, replaced it.

Heater matrix also leaked, but put a seal on it.

Backbox fell off, got a new one.

Other than that, just small faults due to wear and tear - seats are ripped, some interior light issues, but nothing that could really be a fault.

General Comments:

I've only had this car a few days, but wanted to write a review anyway. It's my first car - before this I drove my mum's Ford Fiesta, 1996, 1.25 engine.

Compared to that, I prefer this car. It's almost impossible to stall, has power steering and a nice electric sunroof, the handling is excellent, and it's very comfortable despite the worn out seats.

The sound system is also excellent - standard speakers, but with an aftermarket (cheap) CD player.

As you can see I've had some issues, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a car of this age and mileage. The performance is adequate, again with the mileage I wouldn't expect it to be great. The car seems happier around 60 rather than 70, but it feels safe at all speeds. Engine is economical, have done 200 miles on about 1/4 of a tank.

Overall a great car really, especially for a first car.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2009

17th Nov 2009, 06:06

A follow up to this review, I am the original reviewer.

I've now had this car 6 weeks or so and I'm much more used to it.

I would adjust the performance mark upwards - the handling really is excellent, and if you keep in the power band, it's really quite nippy around town. It's not great for motorway/dual carriageway driving as it lacks the power to overtake much, but it'll cruise all day at whatever speed you like, and I would say it's fast, very fast for a diesel, up to 40 or so. I've certainly given a lot of drivers a surprise at the lights, especially the boy racers in their Corsas.

Some seats from the scrapyard made the car so much more comfortable, and with a good wash and wax it looks good as new - many people comment on how new it looks and the great condition it's in, most people estimate the mileage at a much lower figure - 50k or so? Which is amazing for saying it's done over 4 times that!

By driving sensibly the fuel economy can be excellent, but even when driving quickly, it's never awful.

Normally I'm one to regret my purchasing decisions very quickly, but this 306 continues to impress me. I do sometimes wish for a little more power, and if I'd had the money to buy, insure and run it I would have bought a Turbo diesel model. Having said that, I'm still extremely happy with this car and would definitely recommend it.

30th Jan 2010, 10:33

Thank you for your review, I was skeptical about the power, but you've convinced me and am completely sold on this car now. It's all up to ebay now!