1995 Peugeot 306 XTdT 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


An excellent little car with top notch reliability


Glowplugs at 90k and again at 150k.

Radiator fans failed at around the 110,000 mile mark.

Brake light switch failed at around the 135,000 mile mark.

Power steering rack started leaking at around the 150,000 mile mark.

Never broken down or failed to start.

General Comments:

Very reliable and very cheap runabout that's great to drive and costs pennies to run.

Good performance from the XUTD engine, and still a very smooth unit even by today's standards. Quite noisy though, particularly on tickover. Gearbox a bit clonky, but works well enough.

Handling excellent, even at this mileage. The XT suspension is quite soft, but even so there's balance and steering feel that no equivalent car made today gets close to, even if grip levels are not that high. Rides beautifully.

Interior cheap looking, but comfortable, and surprisingly quiet on the rattle front. Good seats, reasonable driving position, low-ish noise levels. Good spec for the year - car has electric windows, electric mirrors, power steering and an electric sunroof. It all works too.

After a short spell in a mk3 Golf CL TD (90 bhp), I can report the 306 to be better handling, quieter, smoother, better riding, noticeably quicker, more frugal and more reliable (yes, really)

A well looked after 306 turbo diesel will go on forever if looked after. Service it every 6,000 miles, keep on top of the little things as they go, and it will be as dependable as sunrise and sunset. The car has given me one bill over UKP 100 in five years and nearly 80,000 miles of use and that was for the steering rack. It has never failed to start, never let me down.

If you want cheap, functional transport that is still reasonable to drive, this is so much better than an equivalent aged Escort or Astra. Particularly in diesel form.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2005

14th Dec 2005, 09:51

I agree with everything you say apart from your comment about the handling/steering balance and modern cars-have you ever driven a Focus TDCi whether new or old shape?

16th Jul 2006, 07:22

Just a quick question. I was wondering the signs you see/feel when your steering rack was on its way out... think I may have the same problem starting to occur, as I am also on 130,000 miles. Cheers.

28th Sep 2010, 04:28

You can taste the steering fluid in your blood.

1995 Peugeot 306 XLDT 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Very cheap, very economical and great performance.


Not much, as I have only had the car a few days, there is a warning light that comes on now and again.

General Comments:

I took the car for a test drive and was very impressed with the performance and handling.

Its feels very torquey and pulls very well in third. It will cruise at 70 in 5th gear fairly quietly and camly and return great fuel consumption.

There is minimum body roll around corners and sticks to the road very well.

The interior is very well laid out and spacious.

The boot is fairly large for the size of the car.

I put ten pounds worth of diesel in the tank and have covered 70 miles and the needle has hardly moved!

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

1995 Peugeot 306 SR 1.8 Gasoline from El Salvador


Could not be worse


Oil pan warped and therefore leaked oil (defect from factory).

Plastic of oil dipstick melted.

Steering wheel plastic disintegrated (replaced it with a nice Momo).

Rubber Bushings of suspension arms disintegrated.

Door gaskets did not hold water out.

Drivers seat cushion broke.

Reflective surface of headlights bubbled.

Accelerator often got stuck under Peugeot's original mats.

Engine missed when there was less than 1/4 tank of gas left.

IR door remote stopped working.

Ate outside of front tires quickly.

A/C evaporator rusted and became perforated after only 2 years of use.

General Comments:

Worst car I have ever owned, second worst was a Peugeot 605.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2005