1995 Peugeot 306 XSi from UK and Ireland


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Just about to buy a new car. Need a cheap runabout and torn between a Renault 19 16V and 306XSI. A friend of mine has one and has had no end of problems:

Head gasket blew.

Radiator needed replacing.

Exhaust has fallen off twice.

Heater matrix packed up and had to be replaced.

Electrics constantly playing up.

General Comments:

I thought that this might be just his car, but after reading the reviews on here it seems that the large majority of 306`s have a lot of problems. Can someone convince me to buy one? It sounds to me like they aren't very well made. Thanks.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2004

22nd Dec 2004, 01:34

My friend put 175,000 miles on a 96 N example a few years ago.

Nothing whatsoever went wrong with it up to its 127,000 mile service, when he got a big bill to fix an oil leak, a problem with the catalyst and worn rear suspension bushes. Not exactly unreasonable at 127,000 miles, to my mind.

At 150,000 miles the original clutch started slipping!!! Again, 150k for a clutch is very impressive.

Oil consumption started to get quite high around this mileage as well, although the car still sounded sweet and performed well. It started smoking a bit on start up indicating the problem was just worn valve stem seals (parts to fix cost less than a tenner, plus labour or about half a day DIY.) He didn't bother and just kept the oil topped up.

At 170,000 miles it developed a serious fault with the fuel injection system where it suddenly started returning about 15 mpg and would stall frequently. The cost of diagnosis and the likely parts needed exceeded the value of the car, so he got rid of it a few thousand miles later.

I reckon personally that's a pretty good record for a hard driven performance hatchback. From the reviews on this site, I seriously doubt many of the mk4 Golf GTI's or Renault Clios will make 175k and be in any kind of running order.

Oh, and if you ignore the 306, you'll be doing yourself out of possibly the best front wheel drive chassis that was ever produced. I don't care what the reviews say, it's a much more fun car than the Focus I drive now, and in a different league to the mini-van 307 replacement. You steer a 306 on the throttle as much as the steering wheel on the limit. It's fantastic. Also proves that superb handling cars don't have to ride like skateboards.

Crappy interior, but who cares? Your call.

22nd Dec 2004, 04:52

I used to have one, a 1995 1.4 litre with A/C. I had no major problems during the 6 years I had it, apart from a suspension arm that had to be replaced and the ignition switch, whose spring that turned the key back, broke when I was just about to sell it.

All I had to do, apart from the above, was to put gasoline and respect the usual service.

Bes regards.

António Pinho, Portugal.

3rd Jul 2005, 18:27

Hi there.

I have a Peugeot 306 XSI and it has to be one of the best hatch cars on the market. For the price you pay you get a good 2 litre engine, excellent handling and a good strong engine.

Yes the parts are expensive, but if you have mechanical warranty, and do a regular service then there is nothing to worry about.


3rd May 2006, 09:14

I've had my 306 xsi 95 model for the last 18months, it's quite possibly the best car I have had the pleasure of driving! It sticks to the road no matter how hard I push it, it has great handling! I agree it does have a crappy interior, but what the hell! And I'd rather be seen in my xsi than a Renault!!!

1995 Peugeot 306 D Turbo 1.9 DT from UK and Ireland


Great all-rounder, get one!


Central Locking on key fob not working on test drive. Fine when I picked up the car, but stopped working 5 days later.

Replaced batteries but they stopped after another 5 days.

Batteries for key fob are expensive (£6.00 per pair in the shops, but cheaper on-line.)

This is a common fault with the 306 and Peugeot with charge you £70 for a new fob, which is crazy when you think about it. I mean it's basically the same as your infa-red TV remote control only with 2 buttons!!- Rip Off!

Also, you have to be standing right next to the car door for the damn thing to operate!

Bad dent on rim of nearside front wheel on test drive. Thought they'd sorted it out when it came to picking the car from the garage, but turns out they swapped it with the spare!... Should've seen that one coming.

Stalk to operate CD player not working.

It's got a replacement Sony unit in the car and to get the stalk to operate the volume/radio station etc you need to buy a "blue lead" from Sony at a cost of £45! Another rip off!

Radiator leaking after 1 week. £80 + labour for a replacement.

Some of the dashboard illumination bulbs have blown.

Annoying creaks and rattles from dashboard.

The car shudders a bit when pulling away from start on colder mornings. Feels like it's coming from the clutch for some reason.

Washer jets to windscreen keep getting blocked and even after they're cleared out with a pin and set properly, the power behind the spray seems to vary from day to day. One minute they're fine, the next, they're spraying the car behind!

Tires replaced after 8000 miles of driving (admittedly that could be my fault!).

General Comments:

When you look at the list above, I'd have to say these are faults to do with general wear and tear or just annoying niggles. Having said that, 6000 mile service intervals are a little tedious, but then again, my car is nearly 10 years old now, and has done enough miles to have gone round the world 5 times over and it's engine is still great.

It doesn't use a drop of oil or water. Sure it's noisy to start, but once the engine's warm it's actually quite refined.

This is the first diesel I've ever had and I have to say I'm really pleased.

I'm an average, working class 24 year old and it's perfect for a chap like me. It's a poky little number and in metallic Miami Blue (the nicest colour the 306 comes in, in my opinion!) has a credible style that hasn't dated too much. But it's cheap to run and even cheaper to insure... Group 5!

It's as happy on the run into town as it is on a 150 mile trip back home to Cornwall, taking me there and back with over a quarter of a tank left.

Wind up the turbo and it does shift. In fact, it can be a bit tricky to hold down the traction from the lights.

My brother has a Clio sport and he was amazed by the power of the 306.

I like the look of the car too. the standard star shaped alloys really set the whole car off and give great stability and handling too.

On the downside (another silly niggle really) the car the worst turning circle of any I've ever driven.

Apart from that it's a hoot!

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Review Date: 19th November, 2004