1999 Peugeot 306 LX 2.0Hdi from UK and Ireland


I think it is a good all round car to drive


Interior instrument lamps, Clock and temperature.

Gearbox: The gear lever jumps around in all gears on acceleration, except 5th and reverse. Has anybody else experienced this?

Your comments would be much appreciated.

General Comments:

Economical on long journeys.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2004

1999 Peugeot 306 gti6 2.0 16v twin cam from UK and Ireland


Rear offside brake caliper gave up the ghost.

Radiator needed to be replaced after small leak.

General Comments:

This car is fantastic. There is so much that I could say about this car that would put anyone off buying one, but then there is more to make you buy one. I was looking to buy an Astra gsi at the time I came across this little gem. I feel in love with the car as soon as I put my foot down, big smiles all round.

The inside of the car can look very dirty very quickly so I would say to try and keep on top of that. The seats have loads of adjustment on them.

As for speed and handling this car would be hard to beat by other cars in its class.

Although the turning circle to the right is very wide, parking can be a problem at first, but I soon got used to it.

Drag race! I've beaten r-type civics, Astra gsi, cavalier gsi, Vectra v6,Renault 5 turbo, MG Zs 180,Golf GTI, and lots of boy racers in novas.

Although its not really a good idea to give this car a lot of stick when clod, engine noise will tell you that.

Altogether a marvilos car all round car.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2004

1999 Peugeot 306 XSi 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


Get one!


Door cards have been badly re-fitted causing rattles (easy DIY fix)

CD Crackles through speakers at low volume a new radio cured this fault.

General Comments:

Looks fantastic in metallic Grey.

Handling is great.

Good driving position.

But it does drink fuel compared to anything I have owned before, but I can't stop driving it it's so much fun!

No serious problems to report (yet)

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Review Date: 28th March, 2004

23rd Aug 2004, 10:20

From the author of the original review.

14,000 miles later the car has stopped using oil, and is still going very well.

No serious problems but the back wiper motor has stopped working.

29th Mar 2005, 07:46

My 306 is up for sale now at 60,000 miles.

List of problems since last time:-

Engine misfire (faulty plugs)

Catalytic converter damaged (due to misfire)

Fuel consumption getting worse (22mpg)

Rear brake caliper seized.

Tree ran out in front of me, damaging wing, bumper, bonnet headlight and grill, take my advice use genuine parts, I bought a spurious headlight and it doesn't fit very well and has no beam pattern.

1999 Peugeot 306 LX 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Cheap and nasty


Engine mount.

Door handle will not spring back.

Electric windows are getting a bit lazy.

Generally the car is not wearing very well.

General Comments:

This car is the most expensive and the newest car I have ever bought and it is also the worst.

This is a tin box on wheels, the worst car I have ever owned.

As for handling, it goes around corners OK that is if there are no bumps in the road and when you hit a bump or pothole the whole car feels as if it has left the road.

Build quality! There is none I sold a 14-year-old BMW for £150 and it was twice the car that the Peugeot is. Everything rattles and feels cheap.

I bough this car because I do allot of miles and needed to economise, but after 3 months of misery I'm getting rid! Back to petrol and a 10-year-old quality car (3 series, Celica, Prelude, Impreza, etc.).

Take my advice if you are thinking of getting one of these cars for economic reasons give up smoking, take a packed lunch to work, give up the booze, grow your own weed, do anything to save money, but do not buy one of these Biscuit tins!

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Review Date: 15th March, 2004