14th Sep 2005, 10:17

I get sick of comments such as 'it's a diesel'.

People still don't realise how good diesels now are. (and have been for some time)

If they quietened out the diesel 'rattle' more, everyone would drive diesels.

15th Sep 2005, 11:13

I am the author of the "It's a diesel comment" and own a 51 plate 306 HDi, so, I feel I'm in a suitable position to speak about them, thank you very much. Brilliant though it is, it runs out of puff at circa 3200rpm. That's a fact. Diesel's just don't rev like petrol's. I was referring specifically to his 'power and torque' comments. Completely different engine characteristics, where numbers are essentially meaningless.

And 90mph at 3000rpm? No chance. Mine is doing closer to 70 - 80 at that engine speed.

21st Sep 2005, 05:20

I bought a 306hdi about 2 weeks ago and mine does 90mph at approx 3000rpm.

I think this car is a little rocket, although it could benefit from a little more top end power, (90mph+) and have more passenger storage space I think it is a gem compared to the previous indirect diesel injection models.

Nice drive, good handling, excellent performance and fuel econnomy.


21st Dec 2005, 03:36

To the commenter of 13th December, you say your car has 120 bhp and does a "proven" 0-62 in 7.6 seconds. Can you please explain how this is possible when the Rallye model which has 47 bhp more, revs 2,500 RPM higher, weighs over 100kg less and has a close ratio 6 speed gearbox only manages it in 7.5?

I would imagine your car is very quick on the "in gear" stuff where torque is important, but 120 bhp in a 306 does not give a sub 8 second 0-62 time. What you are saying is your car is quicker than the XSi petrol which has 15 bhp more. Impossible.

13th Jan 2006, 10:34

I like your comment that your turbo kicks in earlier at 2300rpm. The one on my 306hdi meridian kicks in at 1500rpm! You may have 120Bhp, but you also have a huge hole in the power delivery in the lower ranges! Lets put this argument to rest, the 306hdi cannot pull the skin off a rice-pudding. It is an excellent car, but it has a diesel engine tuned for economy and low emissions. All this talk of leaving saxo's behind are rubbish unless the Citroen driver had left his hand-brake on! Iam not rubbishing the 306hdi, it is a very good car within its own class, but that is as far as it goes!

19th Jan 2006, 17:25

I bought a 306 HDi a few months ago and mine does 90mph at 2950rpm, if your's is doing 70 - 80 at 3000rpm like someone described earlier you have got problems, or have got the not so glamorous, but efficient 1.9 diesel (crap, although you'll be lucky to have a rev counter on one of those). mine will do 120mph easy. never really properly tested it and hasn't been chipped. thinking about it though, bit steep at £500 odd. acceleration is good, especially pick up at 50/60mph etc, so much quicker than my dads 2 litre Renault Laguna. more torque than Gti-6, says it all really. and 10mph slower top speed as standard compared to the Gti-6, who cares, get your Hdi chipped and you'll soon realise whats better. Gti-6 is for posers who like wasting petrol.

30th Jan 2006, 05:55

Steady on you guys. I drive a 96 D Turbo and am more than happy with it. I live in the French alps and this car is spot on for it's use. It looks pretty good, is comfortable, does 100mph all day if required and returns close to 50mpg while it is doing it.

I use it to drive up and down mountain roads regularly, and the torque is great, and combined with decent handling it is hard to beat up the hill (And I know the roads very well - which makes it interesting).

However, I am finding the brakes not the best, with judder under hard breaking and they are difficult to lock, even with new pads and discs. Also I am looking at some extra zip, in the form of maybe a k&n in the standard box or an induction kit. Nothing major. Any ideas on the best route to go with this? And how easy would it be to raise the rev limiter a couple of hundred rpm??

Thanks in advance.

5th Feb 2006, 04:05

I refer back to a comment made on the 1st of Jan re: the re-mapping of a 306 HDI, you said that the torque figure reached 285.4 lb ft. If my knowledge is correct then this gives an increase of over 100%. How is this when most companies who offer re-mapping advertise a 30-40% increase?

12th Feb 2006, 06:39

Thanks to the gentleman for his comments on my turbo cutting in at 1500rpm. I suggest you check your data logger a bit more carefully in future. Max torque on a 306hdi is reached at 1900rpm (Peugeot's own figures). As I am sure you will understand the turbo would need to be running even earlier in order to attain this. I never said that the turbo was operating at full boost, but from 1500rpm it is supplying a useful helping hand. Try driving one and you may find out! I think you may have your engines mixed up as the old jz series of engines in the 306, the old 1.9, developed max torque at 2500rpm, though the turbo would have to kick in a few hundred rpm earlier to achieve this. Remind me to never have you data log my engine. From a Peugeot mechanic with 17yrs experience. Thanks for the laugh!

16th Feb 2006, 16:21

To the guy who lives in the French Alps:

Check out www.allardturbosport.co.uk. They offer a 3 phase performance upgrade for the 306 TD engine. Phase 1 costs £125.00 + VAT and involves some special tuning; they say that this gives up to 20% more power and torque. Phase 2 costs £495.00 + VAT; this is phase 1 plus an uprated intercooler, supposed to give a 35% increase in power and torque. There is a phase 3, but I can't remember exactly what's involved; it gives a 45% increase though, and costs the best part of a grand.

I hope this helps. I haven't used them yet, but am about to buy a Citroen ZX TD off a mate, and plan to have phase 1 done fairly soon. I'll let you know how I get on.

By the way, they're based in Gloucester - I think they sell manuals though, which will show you how to do it yourself.

2nd Mar 2006, 05:02

Hi all.

I own a 2001 HDI and am really pleased with it. I must admit, it lacks in first gear, but I can testify to it being able to beat most 1.6 petrol cars, like your Escorts, Focus', Astra's etc.

I also do a lot of motorway mileage, and having previously owned a 1.6 Escort (I think I'm in a position to make my above comparison, then!) I love how the 306 eats up the road, and is able to accelerate from 70mph to 90mph in top with no trouble at all. I feel quite safe to throw it around, too - and that whistle of the turbo's magical.

A question though; my 306 has done about 90k miles, and has developed a 'ticking' noise, that increases and decreases in time with the engine revs. It could be as simple as a cam belt needing replacement, but it sounds like it's coming from deep down at the bottom of the engine, and I'm worried it could be the bearings in the crankshaft. HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD A SIMILAR PROBLEM?