15th Mar 2006, 13:20

Hi all, I have had a 306 HDI turbo diesel for 3 years. A good looking, fairly fast car, but have unfortunately wrote it off. Thinking of changing to a 206 2.0 litre turbo diesel HDI. Anyone owned one of these to give me a comparison in performance and faults?

25th Mar 2006, 12:30

Am I right or wrong in thinking there is a 110HP version of the 306HDi? I'm sure I remember hearing about them before, but Googling for a 110 now I can't come across any info.

If there is, how do you tell them apart from the 90?


26th Mar 2006, 08:11

As far as I know, there was never a 110bhp HDi 306, at least not in the UK.

27th Mar 2006, 03:42

OK thanks, guess that explains why I can't find any :).

Anybody got any thoughts, power/speed wise, on the 306 HDi 2.0 90 VS the 307 2.0 HDi 110 VS the 307 1.6 HDi 110 VS the 307 2.0 HDi 136?

I've got an old 94 405 1.9TD at the moment, but need to upgrade badly. I love the look of the 307 HDi 136 XSi, but because they only started at the end of 2004 and aren't really available in Ireland it would cost me in the region of €23000 to get one. I could stretch to €19000, but if the 306 HDi was a good car I'd be just as happy getting a 2001 one of them for €10000 :).

Let me know what you reckon...

28th Mar 2006, 09:39

Dunno if it is true, but the 307 hdi is supposed to suffer head-gasket problems. But the build quality is miles better than my 2001 306 hdi. The 306 is a very good car, but can feel a bit flimsy. Hope this helps.

7th Apr 2006, 07:14

The D-turbo is the 92bhp, the 2.0 90bhp is the hdi. Out of the two the hdi is the much better engine, but tends to be a lot more expensive, mostly because it is the later model.

10th Apr 2006, 16:54

The 1.9litre engines are the old-style mechanical injection diesel engines from 1993-99. Very good, economic, reliable etc, but surpassed by the engines the Germans developed in the late 90's. In late '99 Peugeot switched to using the HDi engine which is a much more modern engine. These are common rail injection ECU controlled engines which are much quieter and more advanced all round. The HDi's are 2.0litre.

The engines can come with or without turbo's - this is the 71/92bhp flavours in the 1.9's - as for the HDi's they all seem to come as 90bhp with a turbo - however I did drive a HDi that had no turbo, but I can't find any information on that - strange!

Some HDi engines give 110bhp - these are the intercooled versions - I have heard them available in 306' but have yet to see one?

Anyway - the older 1.9 engines are good, but the new HDi's are superb. Obviously you pay for it, but it is definitely worth it. Impressive performance and very cheap to insure / run.

18th Apr 2006, 14:55

Hello all

I've just bought a 1999 306 HDi Estate, 62,000 miles from my sister who's had it since new. No turbo - at least as far as I can see. It does everything it should, instant start, cruises well above legal limit etc - except that it gets there slowly... It is really flat all the way through the rev range. My beloved '94 405 turbo estate with 230,000 miles on the clock would run away from it from the lights... It's my first contact with common rail diesel - how bullet proof is the Peugeot ECU? (The air-flow sensor looks OK.)

Thoughts/comments very welcome.



19th Apr 2006, 14:48

To the 2nd Apr commenter, a D-Turbo will either be fitted with the 1.9 92 bhp or the 2.0 90 bhp if its one of the later HDi models. The 1.9 is a bit laggier and noisier, but is still a lovely smooth engine with a stonking rush when the boost cuts in. The 2.0 is smoother, quieter and much more linear in its delivery. Much more driveable, and will crack 50 mpg if driven half gently. Maybe not as exciting as the old 1.9 though which feels genuinely fast in the higher gears when on boost. In my experience though if you want a 1.9 get an early one. The later (phase 2) shape ones I've driven seem flatter low down - maybe something to do with emissions regs. Drive a few and see for yourself. You'll love it on boost though. Stick it in 4th at 50mph and squeeze it on. It feels great!

To the guy above, it sounds like there's some kind of problem with the turbo or associated plumbing. You don't get a sudden rush with the HDi engine, but you should definitely feel it squeeze you back in the seat. The car should feel lively and responsive - if it doesn't get it checked out.

22nd Apr 2006, 13:34

For the Gentleman who owned the Escort and has developed a ticking noise from the engine which changes with the revs. I too had a similar problem with my 306 (2000). I took it to the garage and was informed that it was something to do with a pulley holding a belt between the engine and gear box. I am no technical chap I'm afraid, but when the engineer at the garage looked at it, he turned the engine on and off very quickly and told me not to take it away until it was repaired. Repaired OK, no further issues until the car met an unfortunate end after a puncture on the motorway and hitting the central reservation. Lovely cars on the whole, I went and looked at another today.



26th Apr 2006, 06:38

Anyone who says the hdi is not a good engine needs to get their head tested. My mate has a chipped 306 and he can beat a Golf GT TDi with 130bhp. He's had 130mph on a flat road and 0-60 in 8 seconds.

30th Apr 2006, 11:42

I've been reading all these comments about chipping the 306 HDI turbos and like the sound of it. I'm considering buying a standard 306 HDI turbo and getting it chipped myself. Will the chip invalidate my insurance? will it show up in MOTs? this is all I'm concerned about really. If anyone can shed some light on this that would be great?

10th May 2006, 15:03

For the Gentleman who owned the Escort and has developed a ticking noise from the engine. I had exactly the same problem as you described and it turned out to be the lower pulley so it was not cheap to repair. It cost me £230 pounds to fix with labour included. Apparently this is something very common with the 306 HDi engines. My car had 105K miles when this happened.

I suggest you get it fix ASAP since the pulley may come out and cause a lot damage on the engine which would be very costly to repair.

All the best.


15th May 2006, 09:41

Hi, I was just wondering if all HDI's are turbo or not! I'm looking or one and I wasn't sure. Many thanks phil.

21st May 2006, 17:09

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me a rough estimate as to what an intercooler would cost including fitting, for the 306 HDi turbo, as I know the car doesn't come with one which limits the remapping process. I'd like to take my car up to 150bhp, but need an intercooler for this. If anyone could explain how I would go about doing this and how much it would cost, that would be great. Thanks.