12th Dec 2006, 14:50

I have never owned a 306 D Turbo, but I am thinking of buying one. It's a private sale with Full Service History 1999 V plate 2.0 L HDi D Turbo Hatchback. Any advice on what to look out for and the MPG please?

9th Jan 2007, 04:05

What does remapping mean? I am about to buy my dads 98 306d turbo and am thinking about installing a turbo bleed valve, would the power out put be much noticeable and can it damage anything? thanks Jason.

29th Jan 2007, 12:19

Hello, How do you fit a boost gauge to a 306 1.9 D Turbo. is it the same as a petrol turbo.

I had an Escort RS turbo that was around 200Bh running at 21PSI it did 140MPH at 4000RPM in 5th when I was younger, but had to sell it as it was costing me £40 a week in fuel just to get to work & was very un reliable. I then got a 1.6 205 GTI it was an amazing it was just like a go-kart until someone ran into me. I then got a mk2 Golf GTI 8v this was a good reliable car, but I decided to get rid for a cheaper to run car. I now have a modified P reg 306 TD It has the buzz of a turbo kicking in that a missed and sounds great, The handling of a go-kart & once you get used to driving them Its just as quick as the golf at a fraction of the cost.



23rd May 2007, 18:41

I agree with earlier comments about slagging off diesels, mine is the 2000 1.9 non-turbo model and I often leave people behind at traffic lights! Especially satisfying with silly little boy racers in their 1.2 Corsa's...or even 1.4 Corsa's, my car gives them the two fingers!! LOL!

ANYWAY, my question is this: is there actually a difference between the HDI and HDI Turbo? The BHP is the same and so is the insurance group, and cars I've seen advertised which are the basic 5door HDI's have sometimes sid 'new turbo fitted.' I'm really confused! If there is a difference, how much of a difference is there in driving an HDI and HDI Turbo?

I would love an HDI Turbo in diablo red in 3 door (My 306 is a diablo red 5 door), but sadly the Turbo model in the HDI range only did that red for the 5 door : (

Someone please help!!

2nd Jul 2007, 12:45

I'll 2nd that.

306 2.0 HDI, 111K miles, lower pulley failure ;)

The volume of the noise had me fearing for a far worse problem.

Fortunately, I stopped within 100 metres of the noise appearing - otherwise I'm lead to believe there could have been secondary damage.

In the end it only cost me £160 (incl. £50 labour) to have put right; good local mechanic I guess.

Certainly a lot less than the sums I was imagining :S.

The only other lingering problem I have, is a whining turbo. However, it's been whining for the last 5k miles, and will probably whine for another 5k+.

I've done a little research, and it looks like it'll cost no more than £500 to put right; less if I get a refurb, and do the work myself. (well, probably 95% Father-assistance ;)

3rd Jul 2007, 16:15

I have a 2000 306 2.0 hdi turbo when I put my foot down I get a ticking noise coming from the engine, can anyone tell me what this is? is it my turbo making a cyclic noise? or is it something to do with the engine?

31st Jul 2007, 05:52

Hi, been reading the comments on this forum for a while now on the Hdi, and thought it would be nice to join in.

I have a 306 Hdi d Turbo in Moonstone Blue with the added extras like leather seats etc; looks the part.

The engine was standard when I bought it, and I've just had the ECU remapped with a rolling road print out giving out 124bhp.. which was surprising. I wasn't expecting that much, but the technician who tuned it for me said I had exceptionally high air mass flow, which was healthy for the car. I've not done anything else to it.

I was thinking of fitting an induction kit to it, but could someone tell me if you really achieve any gains from this, or is it just a load of gobbledygook?

Also, where could I get a bleed valve from, and what does it do?

Just to give you an idea of the performance increase; I raced a VW Polo on the way to work this morning. It was on an R plate. I must admit he did scare me a little, because it had a 1.4 badge, and it was keeping up, and I thought to myself what's the matter with you? Eventually I did pull away, and we met at the lights and I realised it was a 1.4 16v; those are 100bhp standard, and I noticed he had an exhaust on, god knows what else, so then I really put my foot down on the throttle and soon I saw a small blue object disappearing in my rear view mirror. I think he would have wasted me if it was the standard 90bhp.. pheww!

14th Aug 2007, 12:01

Hey..I'm an Irish boy.. driving 2001 HDi..black, body kit, debadged, lowered 60mm,17'' wheels, dump valve, remap 125bhp supposedly, but on the "to do list" to put it on the rolling road, I have beaten a standard 130bhp golf at 100mph..it made me smile!!! what is a bleed valve? why does my car whine a lot.. turbo ya??what is wrong with it? the car also makes a ticking noise when I put my welly down.. it stops ticking then round 3500rpm..what is it? sound.

15th Aug 2007, 06:27

LOL. You do realise that a dump valve won't work on diesel engines don't you??

15th Aug 2007, 13:52

NO.. special dump valves can be got for diesel engines.. they not like petrol one's cause there isn't enough pressure in the turbo to release them, so they have a little wiring to them, which helps them release when you lift off the throttle. Hard to get; I only found one crowd making them. Everyone else says they don't exist.

21st Aug 2007, 15:14

Hi, just bought a pug 306 d turbo, wouldn't mind getting a dump valve, where did you get that one from? cheers.

5th Sep 2007, 04:10

Both my 306 d turbo and current HDI have dump valves on them.

The place where they are both from is Dervdoctor in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.


21st Sep 2007, 05:30

Hey I've got a 1.8i 16v pug 306 meridian and am considering selling it for a HDi as I only get about 24mpg on a good day whereas the HDi's apparently give around 50mpg. my only concern is that the HDi will be a lot slower than mine.

I've been reading a lot of the comments on here and was wondering how much it costs to remap the HDi?? I'm test driving the HDi over the next week so if you know and can offer any advice on what you think I should do, then please post a comment soon! many thanks!

22nd Oct 2007, 17:20

The working of a dump valve on a diesel has nothing to do with low boost!. Diesels typically run WAY higher boost than standard petrols.

It's because it doesn't have a throttle butterfly, therefore you don't need to release the pressure, the sensor thing is only there to know when to open the dumpy on a diesel. It's completely pointless and if anything, will lose you power!.

A sneezing tractor springs to mind..