13th Nov 2007, 10:02

My brother has asked me to correct my point about his integra type R, as it actually does 28-31mpg on average. He was also shocked at your mpg as he thrashes his teg and achieves the stated mpg, so unless you're driving with the fuel cap open that engine is performing awfully.

15th Nov 2007, 18:39

Hello there, read all your comments and I have something to say:

There is a 306 HDi that is 110bhp standard. I've driven one. They are called a D Turbo S HDi (S meaning sport)... If you go to autotrader.co.uk and search the number plate in the HPI report bit, I will be proved right.

Any way back to the point; as I was about to buy it, I noticed the clutch was very stiff, also the rev counter actually red lines at 7000 RPM, which I found quite tasteful... As I drove it, I managed to do 70mph in 3rd gear with 4000 rev's left!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

Another thing which makes the D Turbo S stand out is the engine cover. Whilst the normal 90bhp has a black cover, the Sport has a limited edition silver cover.

And the thing about the turbo boost pressure, I can safely say that Peugeot fitted 2 different turbos to the HDI range... One was a KKK turbo, the other was a Garret T2 I think it was (the make I'm positive on).

Please enjoy.

16th Nov 2007, 09:20

A diesel engine cannot rev to 7,000 RPM. It is physically impossible! Unless Peugeot found out some way to speed up the combustion process which has eluded the finest minds from BMW, Audi etc.

5,000 RPM, give or take a couple of hundred, is your lot in a diesel.

17th Nov 2007, 14:45

Some interesting ideas about chipping here...

I have standard 2001Y 306 HDI Meridian 65k. Recently found that in 2nd at low speeds (i.e. ~20mph) the car judders between 1800-2000rpm. Settles down above that & doesn't do it if you're accelerating at the time, but really annoying in town! Peugeot garage had it in under warranty & couldn't find any fault, but it's still doing it. Also, is it usual for these to lose power above ~3500rpm while pulling hard? Bit worried it may be the turbo... Thanks.

17th Nov 2007, 17:41

I'm not saying there is no 110 bhp 306 (I wouldn't know, or much less care). What I am saying that no diesel engine revs to 7,000 RPM because it is impossible. No point comparing what's possible with a petrol engine because the fuel and burn process are completely different.

Even the 650 bhp Audi R10 TDI Le Mans car only revs to "a bit over" 5,000. It's a limitation of all diesel engines.

23rd Dec 2007, 05:18

I have a 2001 306 Meridian HDI 90. I've just notice a rattling sound coming from the left side of the engine when viewed from the front. This is not easy to explain, but from what I've read from other websites, it could either be the injector (?) or most likely the crankshaft pulley which I'm bracing myself nothing disastrous will happen.

I did notice earlier before that I did hear an odd occasional squeak from the same side of engine. I'm JUST BAFFLED. Any ideas suggestions??

24th Dec 2007, 16:30

Not all of them came with half leather!! My friend has a Meridian and he hasn't got half leather!

And yes I have heard of paint, but have you ever wondered that if car companies make a special edition car, that the little things such as silver engine covers and such things make it special!

As for the squeaking noise, if it's all the time, your PAS/alternator or whatever you want to call it belt needs adjusting. It is possible that the crank pulley is on its way out; get a garage to check it out.

3rd Apr 2008, 16:06

The Peugoet 306 HDI is a good car, and they seem to be dropping in price now and are fairly affordable. They aren't the most pokey units, but they are reasonably refined and return decent mpg.

I am not a fan of the ride as I prefer something that grips and engages with the driver like a Fiesta Zetec S, or even something all out like an Integra Type R, whereas the 306 is all about comfort and floaty suspension. The upside is a very relaxing journey, but equally I found the car to be a forgettable one.

11th Apr 2008, 18:48

Hi I've got a 2001 306 HDI 71K chipped to 109 BHP, lowered with 17" wheels. My problem is I'm getting through rear brake discs every six months. Every 6000-7000 miles! What on earth is going on please!?!?...

My mechanic thinks it might be something to do with the lowered suspension... Rear tyres develop 'patchy' wear also...

You might care to answer this as well! - How bad is it to have 4 people in a lowered car - am I asking for trouble?

12th Apr 2008, 11:04

I have been in a 306 hdi with 17" alloys on it that used to catch the tyres when the car went over bumps-but the car wasnt lowered, just standard suspension. The lowered suspension might actually firm the ride up enough to make back seat passengers less of a problem.

Have you checked to see if the pads are sticking? Take the wheel off and spin the hub and see if its free, a wire brush and copper slip should help. I don't understand how the back is getting through discs faster than the front, cars do about 80% of the braking with the fronts. Other than that, it might be the quality of the discs. Is the handbrake sticking on? Check that as well. Hope this helps.

17th Jun 2008, 12:09

I used to own a 2000 HDi a couple of years ago, and if my memory serves me right, it was never a performance car as so many people seem to think it is. I will admit you do get your head knocked back on gear change as the turbo thumped in, and you then realised you were barely moving!

I did like the car for a simple A-B runaround, but to be honest I didn't find it that economical, as I only ever achieved low 40s (which most diesels will better, and petrols of similar power will match).

As for people saying they are faster than Saxo VTRs, they are not, as I found out when one easily overtook me on a local dual carriageway. And to be honest, I once tried to get past a 1.2 Corsa SEi, and only managed to stay level with it! Fast this car is definitely not.

And to the person who said handling on this car is second only to an Integra R: I think the only other vehicle they must have traveled in must have been a boat, as the suspension was that soft. If I went too fast over speed humps or dips in the road, the tyres would skim the arches. And as for cornering, it would nearly tip over! The ride was very comfortable, and nice and relaxing, but I have driven better handling vans; it was not what this car was made for.

Although it sounds as if I am slating the 306 HDi, I am not. It is good as a daily runner and it has got reasonable mid-range pull for everyday use. But even when chipped, it is not even a warm hatch, nor least of all a performance monster that some people seem to think it is.