5th Sep 2006, 04:00

110MPH with 120BHP. Think you've something wrong with your car. I have a 206 D-Turbo, magazines say 112MPH top speed, but I've had 118mph (downhill) out of it... and it only has 90BHP.

5th Sep 2006, 04:36

There must be something wrong with your 306 HDI mate because the standard 90 BHP version in the book says it'll do 112 MPH.

5th Sep 2006, 16:11

Thanks for the comments guys. ime having a new clutch put in it this weekend as the bite is very high and is slipping slightly. I've got a suspicion I could of cought my exhaust on something with lowering my car 60mm. The mechanics giving it all a good look over for me whilst doing the clutch.

11th Sep 2006, 04:20

I’ve been reading all the reviews on this page for quite some time now and eventually decided to buy a 306 HDI Turbo with only 50k on the clock. I haven’t really tested the car out fully as of yet, it seems to handle very well and picks up quite quickly. It is fairly quick, but I wouldn’t say its quick enough to beat the likes of a golf. Although it turns more heads than the golf does.

I left a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 SXI petrol for dead at a traffic lights start the other day, which I admit I didn’t think I would pull off. As its only 90 BHP I was considering getting the car chipped like so many of you have discussed, but for now I think ill leave it as it is. My dads got a brand new 1.7 CDTI Astra SXI with 110 BHP and it seems like his turbo is more of a ‘put you back in your seat’ power than my 306 HDI, but with the amount of torque in the 306 it quickly catches up, and there’s no contest on cornering. From driving both cars id say my 306 has much more power through its gears than the Astra so for me the 306 takes the cake.

For anyone considering buying a 306 HDI Turbo here is some info for you, I filled my 306 up from just before reserves, it took about 57 litres and has been running at 48 mpg, (urban driving) and I haven’t exactly been driving conservatively.

Overall the car drives great, looks great inside and out. It’s a sporty looking car with good performance, high fuel economy, and most important…cheap insurance! Group 5 insurance is very good for a car like this.

2nd Oct 2006, 05:08

Manual pump? So the driver sits there pumping away with one hand to feed the diesel?

You mean mechanical pump mate.

9th Oct 2006, 07:50

I've had my 3door Peugeot 306 HDI Turbo for just over a month now, its only got 52 thousand miles on it and I've noticed that its starting to drive better recently, I've been debating getting the car remapped up to 125bhp for a while now and I've decided to go through with it. #

Just for peace of mind can anyone comment on the difference this will make in performance going from 90bhp to 125bhp? as standard at 90 bhp I've had 125mph out of my 306 but probably won't go much more than that. what sort of difference will I be looking at as regards acceleration and top speed once remapped to 125 bhp?


18th Oct 2006, 12:36

Can you tell me why my hdi has blue smoke when you start it in the morning? There is no oil in the pipe from the turbo to the inlet manifold. What else could it be?


1st Nov 2006, 03:19

Could one of the Peugeot mechanics who visit this forum please tell me if the hdi 2.0 turbo is well known for whistling A LOT!. I fitted a bleed valve, re-mapped it and the whistleing got a lot louder. Although it sounds powerful I've had mixed reactions off different mechanic friends. Apparently it could be a sign my turbo is on its way out giving me a £1000+ repair bill!!.

6th Nov 2006, 06:49

I have my 306 HDI D TURBO for about three weeks now. I am happy with its looks and handling, but sometimes it doesn't feel like a turbo. Some of ye talk about re-mapping it, what does that mean! A 1.4 petrol car is faster than my 306 I am not happy with that fact, and can anyone tell me weather my car is 90bhp or 110bhp.

2nd Dec 2006, 11:26

I am on my second 306 HDi D-Turbo - the first got attacked by a 60mph tree. It sitting on 90K miles with a remap, carbon dynamic air-box and custom (but subtle) cat back exhaust. I want to put a charge cooler in which should offer 30% better performance increase than a straightforward front mount inter-cooler, but has anyone done this before and can the rest of the car take the potential 150bhp or will things start to explode?

Finally, does anyone know what the standard boost pressure is on the 90bhp HDI (preferably in psi) and if boost controllers and bleed valves or even waste-gates have any real effect on the performance of the engine? Thanks.

3rd Dec 2006, 04:22

'I am on my second 306 HDi D-Turbo - the first got attacked by a 60mph tree.'

60mph tree!!! I'd hate to think what the combined speed of tree & car were...lol.

4th Dec 2006, 12:33

I'm in a similar situation the the 2nd December commenter, I also want to put a charge cooler in, rather than a front mounted intercooler, so I can get my 125bhp HDI Turbo 306 up to 150bhp! I've been looking for some time, and have had lots of positive info from the guys at www.306gti6.com now, but can't seem to find anywhere that will give me info as to how much it will cost to get done. And had a similar concern that things may start 'blowing up'!! LOL. But after speaking to Celtic Tuning, I was assured that even though they don't offer an intercooler conversion, that they could remap my HDI up to 150bhp, and that this would still be well within the limits of the engine's capability.

Just can't find anywhere to do the damn charge cooler, or at least a front mounted intercooler! Can anyone help with this please???

4th Dec 2006, 17:54

Check out www.dervdoctor.co.uk

They have already put loads of front mounted intercoolers on both HDI's and d-turbos. Lots of interesting stuff in their gallery section like a water injected d-turbo and 160bhp + 35bhp NOS d-turbo.

9th Dec 2006, 17:11

The 60mph tree showed how tough 306's are! Essentially, the fish in the Thames are being born neuter because of all the hormones being pumped into the river from the sewage and HRT etc. Well, in Chippenham there are tons of Hallucinogenic drugs being taken every day. This filters into the water table and is taken up by the trees through their routes. One in every three Elms, Oaks and Beeches are hooked and hare about the countryside late at night. My HDi was innocently sitting on the wayside and then it became another victim of drug abuse! Anyhow, THANKS to the guy who recommended Derv Doctor - my prayers have been answered and my BHP boosted!

10th Dec 2006, 15:36

Just brought a 98 D Turbo S - Only got a K&N Air filter fitted and got 110mph on the way back home!! Is there any other mods to poke the top end up a bit..