2002 Peugeot 307 Rapier 2.0 HDi from UK and Ireland


A spacious good looker with the ride quality of a horse and cart. Don't buy one!!!


Day One! Turbo problem. Loose exhaust. Loads of rattles and trim niggles. Parking Aid was only operating as a random beep generator.

Day Three. Turbo problem (again). Noticed paint problem on drivers door. Dealer called it 'over spray'. I called it a mess. After a couple of polishes it was acceptable.

From then on the car was in the garage every month or so for an abundance of minor and the odd serious fault.

The minor niggles were mostly annoying rattles and squeaks, but also included the fit of the carpets which was terrible.

The most serious failure was at 18000 miles (just over a year old) when during the intermediate service a fault was found on the high pressure fuel pump. The pump was disintegrating and basically passing metal fragments into the fuel system. The entire fuel system had to be replaced on Peugeot's authority. This included the fuel tank, fuel pumps, fuel lines, injectors, filters and I'm sure lots of other bits. The car was off the road for 4 days while the work was taking place. There has been no recurrence of the problem thankfully.

But the worst problem with the car which I believe is a fundamental problem of the model as a whole is the suspension and ride quality. Slowly in the time I've had the 307 the ride quality has been steadily getting worse. As it stands now even if I go over a minor bump the car sounds as though it has just broken something. It was first noticed at about 15000 miles and reported to the dealer. Everything on the suspension was checked and passed with no problem. Now at just over 30000 miles I've been told that the front wishbone bushes are worn and need replacing and the rear bushes will need replacing soon.

Also I've been through two complete sets of tyres which I think is pretty poor and probably suspension based.

General Comments:

The car looks good especially with the added spoiler body colour mudflaps and the cabin is spacious and modern, but in this case beauty is most definitely not skin deep. This is the only car I've owned that I genuinely hate with a vengeance. I have only ever owned Peugeot before, but this one is the last.

Peugeot have really done a terrible job on the 307 and they will need to go some to recover the situation.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2004

11th Aug 2005, 14:06

I also bought a 307 rapier in 2002. Has a lot of the problems listed in previous entries, but most were fixed by dealer. At 60k, the flywheel shattered and took out the gearbox. Even thought the car was well out of warranty, Peugeot covered the cost of the parts and labor with no fuss. Nothing less was expected.

Had a problem with the clicking of the front roll bar shortly after getting the car. Dealer said that he had seen this a few times. He added washers and tightened it. Hasn't come back since 02.

Ride is stiff, but I like that in a car. Gives good road holding. My car had the 17" alloys as standard and have had no issues with tire ware. I suspect the 17" tires add to the hard ride. Irish roads are fairly rough, especially outside Dublin, but the ride is acceptable.

If your car shakes when at the lights, you need a tune. This happens to me when I get near my service date. Ticks over smoothly after service.

I feel that the fuel economy is excellent. I've often got over 600 miles to a tank. I travel all over the country so spend a lot of time in 5th..

I've had a number of cars, some had breaks falling off at 50mph.. Various engine, chassis issues. My Peugeot 307 has had some issues, but seems to be mainly on a par with most other makes I've had or that my friends or work colleagues have had.

17th Oct 2006, 08:39

I have a Peugeot 307 D Turbo. It's my 2nd 307. I have an ongoing problem with the suspension. You'll be driving along and all of a sudden it goes 'clunk'. I had the same problem with my previous 307, hence the reason I traded it for this one. When the car was under warranty it went back for this problem and they replaced the top suspension mounts... they did that twice.

It never cured the problem completely, as it started reoccurring when or just after it rained.

It's now come back again and as the car is not in warranty it means I'll have to pay for it to be investigated and hopefully repaired. I can't wait to get rid of this car.

The other problems I had with it were, faulty boot light repaired. Heater sensors changed twice. Flywheel changed 4 times. Anti Roll bar links changed.

Also my radio no longer recognises the CD Auto Changer... the radio now needs to be replaced.

12th Feb 2010, 14:23

Of course this is NOT 406. I switch too from 406 to 307.

Big mistake! Very stiff ride.

2002 Peugeot 307 LX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Completely unacceptable quality and service


Recalled for ignition part.

Needed two new windscreens; very vulnerable to stone chips.

Oil leak from gearbox.

Indicator problems consequently needed new "COMMS2000" unit.

Airbag fault fixed by dealer.

Constantly blew brake light bulbs; very rarely did both brake light bulbs work together.

Carpet came away in passenger foot well.

External door trim fell off.

Car never tracked straight despite tracking being checked resulting in premature tyre wear.

Intermittent radio fault.

Carpet in driver's foot well dropped so that it would snag left foot when using the clutch.

General Comments:

Brought the car following positive reviews in the motoring press shortly after release.

Initially generally happy with the car until numerous faults occurred very quickly seriously undermining my confidence in it.

The car was returned to the dealer on numerous occasions for the faults to be fixed under warranty. Service from dealer the worst I have ever encountered. They were completely indifferent to the problems. In particular the dealer rarely telephoned to advise when car was ready which on one occasion resulted in dealer having car overnight. No apologies whatsoever for faults and courtesy car never offered and when requested was advised one was not available. On one occasion dealer attempted to charge for labour time in diagnosing fault covered by warranty! Dealer service only improved marginally when I complained in the strongest terms.

In the end had absolutely no confidence in the car whatsoever and brought a Vauxhall Zafira which we are very happy with.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2004

11th Aug 2004, 10:56

Regarding the carpet dropping and causing snagging of the left foot. I have just test driven a Zafira and my foot does not fit between the clutch and footrest on left, without catching. size 9 shoe! male.