2002 Peugeot 307 DTurbo 3dr 2.0 HDI 110 from UK and Ireland


A complete mess


This is my second review of this car and my opinion has seriously changed since posting the first. I have just sold it after covering 10.5K because I had just about had enough of the niggling problems with it.

The most worrying fault was when all the electrics cut out in the wet at about 6000 miles. They came back on after a few moments, but the dealer refused to accept that there was a problem.

The indicator stalk needed changing as the headlights flashed when using it.

The rain sensor became detached from the windscreen after about 8000 miles.

The rear passenger window and trim came loose and had to be refitted. This happened at about 8000 miles.

At about 9000 miles the key press to unlock the car refused to work intermittently. This was not the battery as it happened in the spare too. I guess the receiver had a problem, but a few more presses would eventually unlock the car.

At some point the clips to hold the engine acoustic cover came off and the cover worked loose.

At about 9000 miles the air conditioning began to stink of stagnant water.

More recently at about 10000 miles the engine started to rattle and squeak when started from cold. It also continued to fire a few times after the ignition has been switched off. I didn't bother to have this looked at as I had decided to cut my losses and get rid of the car.

General Comments:

This is also the worst conversion to a right hand drive car I have encountered, the worst point is that the windscreen wipers don't clear the driver window properly (although the passenger gets a great view).

I found visibility restricted due to the huge pillars.

The stereo was awful - tinny and would distort at anything above half volume. Peugeot told me that if I changed it they would not honour the warranty if any electrical faults arose.

There was also a mysterious delay when flashing the headlights which apparently us by design.

Plus points were: The car was comfortable to sit in and the cruise control and climate were great. The seats were comfy and the fuel consumption was above average.

Overall I wish I had never bought the car and had spent my money on a VW Golf.

To cheer myself I up I have just bought a Toyota Celica GT :)

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Review Date: 11th October, 2003

26th May 2005, 11:00

I Have a 307 HDI and the only complaint I have with the car is the windscreen wipers have not been converted to LEFT HAND DRIVE,big mistake

2002 Peugeot 307 Station Wagon 2.0 HDI from UK and Ireland


Make sure you have your friend driving behind you so he can collect all the bits that fall off


Rattling noise from anti-roll bar since car was about a month old, took peugoet six attempts to find and repair.

Vibration at steering wheel since car was new, still not repaired.

Covers fell of engine, top and bottom, they have quick release pin to secure them, but they fell off, I suspect they were not tightened properly as they both fell of within a couple of weeks of a service.

Carpet coming away and fraying inside drivers foot-well.

Plastic clips fall of rear door handles when you try to open them.

Handbrake required adjustment after just one month, they will not repair this under warranty.

Electric blind covering panoramic roof broke.

Remote control for stereo works sometimes, stereo overheats if played at an audible level for more than one hour.

Indicator stem faulty, this was replaced.

General Comments:

Seriously consider buying a skate board and a couple of huskies to get about on.

There is no aspect of driving this car that brings me pleasure, apart from the panoramic roof, till it broke.

It's comfortable, I've done 50000 miles in one year.

Plenty of room for stuff in the back if you take the seats out.

My experience with service department is very bad, never offered a courtesy car, which means I can't work when it's being fixed (most of the time).

I've had Peugeots before and they have been fantastic, 306 was a brilliant car. Shame the 307 is nothing like as good.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2003

1st Apr 2004, 05:06

A colleague of mine who has the same model a 307 S 2004 registered has just had a recall notice to say that there is a problem with the mileage reading - apparently it seems that it is clocking up too many miles that it is actually doing. I only picked up my car 6 days ago - already it has clocked up 400 odd miles, which does seem rather peculiar as its only used for going back and forth to work. I only work 10 minutes away. Has anyone else had a recall notice?

6th Apr 2004, 03:39

I had this problem on an older 406. Sitting in a traffic jam one morning, something caught my eye, and I noticed a mile being added on to the odometer about every 5 seconds. I was not moving at the time.

It recorded a trip from Uxbridge Middx to North Wales as 2,500 miles! Tried putting that one through on the expenses, but strangely our company accountant was having none of it.

The dealer fitted a new instrument panel under warranty and all was well again.