2002 Peugeot 307 Rapier HDi 2.0L from UK and Ireland


The initial good feelings when owning the 307 start to disappear as the niggles make it feel cheap


At 2000 rpm there is an annoying ticking noise from the instrument panel, I suspect it is the rev counter and reported it from the first day. The dealer says that they cannot detect it.

Indicator operation poor with loss of self canceling and self activation of the main beam. Unit has been replaced.

Transmission whine on overrun/engine braking which is said to be a characteristic of the gear box set up and though it has not got worse it makes the car "feel cheap".

A creaking noise from the drivers side front and rear door area has become worse and the dealer reports that it will have to be investigated during a week in the work-shop. It may involve removal of the interior body shell liners.

Ventilation blower settings are poor with positions 1 and 2 hardly moving any air and the 3 position creating a noisy gale. Position 4 is hurricane force!

General Comments:

Fuel economy and performance are very acceptable and for a diesel it is quite on motorways.

Comfort is good with seats giving a good driving position, and plenty of interior space.

Watch out for Dealers moving second hand cars around the country to get them as far away as possible from the original owners.

Caution with Service Charges - get a quote before confirming the service. A 12000 mile service had a £200.00 labor charge.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2005

2002 Peugeot 307 XR 1.6 petrol from Cyprus


Bad fuel consumption, ridiculous steering precision. I don't like it any more


The lever of the indicator six times; first time at 100 km, and then every 10,000 km, always changed by the dealer on guarantee.

The oil level gauge sensor three times, first time when new, always changed by the dealer on guarantee.

The rear axle has a cast that makes the rear left wheel have bad alignment. It happened at 63,000km. The dealer is going to replace with no charge.

General Comments:

The car is spacious, especially at the front. The cream interior gives a lightness that adds class. The wood-like touches are very realistic.

The car has the strongest engine in its class, according to the magazines, but it's very much controlled by the electronics for the emission control laws. The gas pedal driven by wire is a disaster, especially when you want to accelerate immediately.

The classic french comfort is not so present; the car is more firm than previous Peugeots, it's like a German car.

The front armrests are at wrong height, and are not adjustable. My Range Rover's armrests were perfect.

The economy with the A/C on, almost always on in Cyprus, cannot be less than 8.2lt/100km.

Some strange noises under the car, maybe the exhaust pipe, must be avoided, and you have to live with them. The doors crackle when on bad tarmac or when the body is under torsion. I didn't have that even with my old Golf I.

The steering is not so precise. The electro-hydraulic power assist, and is not a good invention. I think that this happens on every modern car.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2004

2002 Peugeot 307 Rapier HDi 2.0 HDi from UK and Ireland


Comfy, but too many faults for such a modern car.


Water got into engine management system and caused the electrics to go haywire.

Clutch flywheel replaced twice in 36,000 miles.

Carpets are not fitted well in the boot.

Heated wing mirror failed.

Rear left tyre (only) wore out in less the 10,000 miles.

Rear suspension sounds like you've left the rear axle on the last speed hump.

Clunking when steering - traced to anti-roll bar.

Poor fuel economy (average 44 mpg over a year of testing - the brochure says 54mpg) The best I ever got was 48mpg, and I don't drive fast.

Sluggish on pulling away due to turbo lag.

Rear door handle refused to open.

Trim under rear seats is destroyed if you attempt to put them flat to carry a load - why is it made of cheap foam?

Dealers have been poor overall.

General Comments:

I got car as a company "lease." I was won over by the claimed fuel economy and the road manners, which remain good.

Since then, it has suffered a multitude of faults, most of which seem to be down to poor build quality and in my opinion, cost cutting.

The car is very comfortable to drive and the interior is a pleasant place to be, despite the blind spots and dodgy clutch.

I drive on a wide variety of roads, rough tracks and motorways and do a high mileage. My last car was a 2000 model Astra V reg. In 80,000 miles I had no major faults. What more can I say?

Peugeot could ruin their reputation with this car.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2004

19th Jul 2015, 08:49

"Poor fuel economy (average 44 mpg over a year of testing - the brochure says 54mpg) The best I ever got was 48mpg, and I don't drive fast".

I think what you wrote next explains the fuel economy.

"Sluggish on pulling away due to turbo lag."

You have a faster driving style than what this car is intended for. Didn't you test drive it before you bought it?