19th Aug 2015, 10:16

Hi all, just searching for a newer inner armrest on the net, found this site, and yes I definitely can relate to all issues people are encountering. Mine is a 307 2006 model. Looks good but just a rotten car. I can list about 20 annoying faults on mine. Most major ones are listed already. WILL NEVER buy a Peugeot again. A dangerous car to drive.

Say no more.


29th Sep 2015, 15:52

So many people complain about Peugeot. Especially the anti-pollution fault. The truth is that Peugeot cars are sensitive, and they require a trained person to fix any fault; that's when you will enjoy your Peugeot.

6th Jun 2016, 19:20

I've never been a lover of French cars, but my Peugeot 307 SW has been a really sound motor. It's ten years old and serviced regularly.

I came on this site because I get an audible alarm when I startup. It appears it's just telling me the battery is going; that is something I can't complain about. Hope I can keep the motor a few more years and it continues to give good service.

22nd Jan 2017, 07:37

Hi guys. I have a 2002 Peugeot 307 SW 2.0 HDI.

Owned it for 2 years. In that time I had an anti pollution fault due to the DPF filter. I live in Jersey (Channel Islands); we have no MOT here, so had the DPF removed and the thing remapped for £300; a lot cheaper than the quote for a new filter, then the dual mass flywheel packed up. Bought the solid mass conversion, had that fitted. The alternator went soon after (can happen on any car I admit), then the big one. Driving to work, the gearbox basically decided to explode. Had a hole in the casing where parts had decided they wanted to walk.

Sourced a reconditioned box from the UK, had it shipped over and fitted, only for it not to be correct, even though I'd given the company the VIN number and told them I had an RHS engine. They sent another that I had to pay to be installed again, only to find out when driving it whines so badly it's laughable, and now to top it off the airbag light now comes on and stays on. Hahaha.

I'm going to run it into the ground now, but will never buy another, lesson learnt!!