30th Dec 2010, 11:59

Have had a 307 SW 2.0 TDi on a 03 plate, only 60k on clock for about 18 months. Had endless problems, and has so far been the most expensive car I have ever owned. Stupidly, I changed from an aging Skoda that never really went seriously wrong, and could be fixed with pocket money if it did (had to go as it had no power-steering and my wife didn't like it!).

Has had new particulate filter, suspension springs, problems with headlights, exhaust, tailgate struts (nearly knocked my son out cold when they went!).

Latest issue is indicators that work only intermittently. Problem began immediately after freezing weather; garage says it is coincidence, but I wonder!

17th Jan 2011, 06:01

I too have a 307, have had it since new, 8 years now, window wipers only work when they want, so if it's raining I can't drive it. When I want the right window to go down, the left one does, boot doesn't close all the time; keeps clicking back open. All the signs are coming up on dash, and only has happened after very bad snow and freezing weather. Had the 206 before this, and never had a problem.

18th Jan 2011, 07:29

My 06 plate 407 is a load of crap. I will never, I repeat NEVER buy another French car. I have spent more money on this car in the last 4 1/2 years and yet another fault has appeared de-pollution system faulty (what a surprise). If it's not your dual mass flywheel that knackered or bulbs blowing all the time or the roof cover separating as it retracts over the glass roof...

I am so fed up with this car. Why did I buy French? Japanese all the way next time, Honda or Mazda. Peugeot you are, as I said in the first line, crap.

28th Jan 2011, 10:04

Hi, I also have a crap 307 diesel on a 53 plate. It won't start properly; heater resistor broken 3 times now! Heater wires now burnt out; what a joke.

I advise anyone thinking of buying one, to run as far away from Peugeot as you can. It's the worst car I've ever owned!

19th Feb 2011, 05:37

Thank you all so much for sharing your comments. I was seriously looking at buying a 307- 2007 model. But now reading everyone's comments, I think you've all saved me from tears, heartache and spending a lot of cash.

I researched this model last night, and all comments I read from a number of different websites from consumers all said they had problems with the anti-pollution fault. When I went to the car yard today and spoke to the sales guy about this fault, he acted dumb and told me he didn't know what I was talking about. That's most likely why a 307 '07' model had only 30'000ks on the clock. Some sensible person got rid of it as soon as they could.

I can actually say I'm staying well clear away from this model..

3rd May 2011, 13:14

Hi, you have to apply pressure to the piston, and basically screw it back in, in a clockwise direction. You can buy a tool to do it.

28th Jul 2011, 17:03

My girlfriend has a 2002 HDI 2.0. We have had the ABS fault, took it back and had it reset, cured it for a while, has come back now. Engine stop light flashing all the time, handbrake light stays on all the time, and more worryingly, it is losing vast amounts of coolant, now on a daily basis; fill the expansion tank back up and the low cooling light comes on, it beeps, then the message comes up low coolant. It didn't appear to be dropping any, but yesterday there was a large puddle of coolant directly under the centre of the engine; anyone had this?

9th Oct 2011, 18:13

2002 Peugeot 307 2.0L petrol.

92000km mileage.

I have had this car over 2.5 years now.


1) Anti-pollution fault - unfixable after 6 trips to dealers.

2) Driver's side door will not lock.

3) Blaupunkt CD changer stopped working.

4) Engine cut power multiple times in the middle of traffic.

5) Blown headlights, tail lights & park lights 10 times over 2.5 years.

6) Annoying beeping sounds with no apparent reason or warning reading.

7) Leaking/empty brake oil reservoir 3 times, needed a full brake oil system replacement under warranty - fixed.

8) Rain sensing wiper system can go crazy at times, e.g. working at full speed without rain!

9) Broken left headlight housing mount - fixed.

10) Broken steering shaft - fixed.

11) Broken engine oil level sensor.

Gonna crawl back to my previous Toyota dealership and beg for forgiveness!

KY in New Zealand.

10th Nov 2011, 02:21

Hello fellow 307 owners. We bought a 307 petrol brand new in Gosford, Australia in 2002. (I told her not to buy a French car!!)

From day one, it was just one thing after another...

Heater wouldn't work (and still doesn't).

The car would lock itself, so if the keys were still inside, bad luck!

Headlights would just turn off without warning.

Window winders had a mind of their own.

Temperature gauge going up and down like a yo-yo (and still does).

Throttle pedal delay that I consider dangerous.

ECU had to be replaced.

Weeping head gasket, so the head had to come off.

And recently:

Digital (radio, fuel economy) display stopped working.

Both front inner armrests broke off.

Front passenger window button fell out.

Anti pollution fault comes up, and power goes down.

The car starts up running on 3 cylinders.

Plastic panels inside front guards and under the front bumper all came loose or fell off.

Sometimes you lock the car and it would unlock itself (very annoying when you're running late for something).

And it's got the worst designed gearbox of any car I've ever driven. When serviced, the Peugeot dealer says the code scanner reads 'automatic trans fault' and quoted $1,000 to fix... but apart from that, it's a good car...

I drive a '98 Lexus LS400, and I feel quite confident it'll do a million KMs, and nothing will go wrong with it...

29th Aug 2012, 14:42

I have a 52 plate 1.4 diesel 207. A while ago the Stop warning light kept coming on intermittently. Eventually I realised this was associated with the temp gauge wandering up and down. A replacement sensor fixed this.

For many years on cold mornings, the airbag light would come on when starting the engine, and then stay on. The car would start OK, but turning it off and then re-starting would make the light go out. The battery died at 7 years old, and I replaced it with the biggest that would fit. The airbag light has not appeared since then. So I concluded that the airbag sensing circuit does not like a lowish battery voltage, caused by starting the engine, even though the engine starts satisfactorily.

5th Jan 2013, 18:34

It is nice (LOL) to see that other people have had similar problems to myself. It's been a total financial drain and emotional drain... The gremlins in the electrics drive me crazy. So how do you get rid of a lemon of a car???

10th Jan 2013, 10:48

Your pistons on the rear are wind back. You will need 2 wind back tools, one left hand and one right hand, as the pistons screw back and push.