27th Oct 2008, 08:06

(Sorry, I ran out of space with all the different points I had to make). So this morning, to continue, all the dials had set themselves to zero, but they made a ticking noise, and they also moved a little with the tick. Every so often, my clock would flash on and off. My radio would flash on and off. Oh yeah, the boot had locked itself again. The button that I used to change between date / mileage / remaining petrol which only works some of the time, also didn't work at all. The indicators didn't work. The windows opened very slowly and in rhythm to something (ie they rolled down a little very slowly, and then stopped, and did the same again).

Oh yes, I think I forgot to mention that the car itself wouldn't start at all, though the engine sounded 'good' but like something wasn't catching. My partner managed to start the car, by turning the lights on. Strange but true...

So, my mechanic is sending it off to Peugeot today (when I eventually got the car too him (and I will be very interested to hear what it is this time). This is the first and last Peugeot I will ever get. I have a Polo twice its age, that is 100 times more reliable.

3rd Nov 2008, 13:54

Hi all.

Tracey from Dorset, have been having the same warning with the air pollution filter for over a year on and off, losing power etc. The garage made me out to be mad, so it is really interesting to come to this site and find I'm not the only mad pug owner out there. That being said am now at a loss what to do, am yet again booked into the garage tomorrow!!

3rd Nov 2008, 21:26

My beautiful 2004 307 suddenly got the anti-pollution warning & lost power on a freeway yesterday in Melbourne. Very scary as had my daughter strapped up in the back & miles from home. Towing would have been very expensive. Luckily RACV disconnected the battery & reset. It drives OK but with the engine warning light on. Will drop it off for service today, hire a rental & hope for the best. Amazing what you find out on the Internet. Thanks for all comments.

12th Nov 2008, 16:59

Hi all you poor Peugeot owners. Well I can't say I have any good news really. Really fed up with my Peugeot 307 HDI D turbo. Love the car but not the faults... endless.

I bought the car in Sept 2006. Have had two new ECU units, new flywheel, clutch, suspension springs, timing belt slipped after being replaced caused over 1000 worth of damage in August this year, and left me and my family stranded in Bavaria! RAC brought it home after a German Peugeot dealer made a complete hash of the repair.

To date my car has been in garage 5 times and is still not right; having to go back again. Lost power, unblock diesel filter, anti pollution fault. God, you name it at the moment.

Fortunately for me the car up till now has been covered on warranty, but that's run out, so I'm just hoping its sorted FOC because they did repair work under warranty.

Now telling me it may be particulate filter, despite fluid being topped up twice and air pipe clips being replaced. Do Peugeot really know anything about these cars or do they just guess? Seems to me they just keep replacing parts until they get it right.

If you drive down motorway for 10-15 minutes at 60 miles an hour, it cleans filter or supposedly does, so why a new filter. Absolute nightmare.

I love the car, but I'm sick of all the problems, and it seems I'm not the only one. Maybe we should all complain together; they'd have no customers then. Keep smiling, cause you'll go crazy trying to figure out whats up with ya cars. Peugeot don't know, so what hope is there?

11th Dec 2008, 11:19

Hi guys! Chris from Wales here. Unfortunately I need to echo the same points as previously written. CC Fault and Anti Pollution Fault.

My 307 XSI loses oil quickly, and judders when started.

I cannot believe how many similar faults there are!

We need to join forces and complain as a unit!

Never will I buy a Peugeot again!

26th Dec 2008, 18:59

Oh no, I can't believe what I'm reading, my friends! It's Boxing day today, icy and cold, and we were moving our 2 and a half year old peugeot 206CC 1.6 off the drive. There was a puff of smoke from the exhaust, then the car started juddering, stalling, and making horrible noises. We limped round the block and just about got it back on the drive again. All the time the display was saying "catalytic converter fault". But 2 hours later, still on the drive under similar conditions, the car started first time!

Reading the comments on the internet now makes me feel like a mug - I only bought it 4 weeks ago! It seems (according to the comments) that I will now be locked in a never-ending cycle of repairs and breakdowns and bills. I'll try to not let it ruin my Christmas, although it's coming pretty close... Merry Christmas to you!

10th Jan 2009, 17:28

Hi people.. my 307 nearly ended up in a mad accident.. I was driving on motorway where there are no lights in that particular part. Suddenly my lights turned off, CD player off and mirrors folded in... it went pitch black.. I was doing 80mph... I was like what the hell... I don't even know how I managed to go on the hard shoulder... I'm really scared of driving it on motorway... I have to tho... 307 orange KV51 GRX... crap cars or what..

13th Jan 2009, 15:09

I purchased a second hand 307 in May 07, but within weeks I had problems with it.

The key had to be replaced, followed by the rubber trims that fell off and made shutting the doors a nightmare.

There are horrible noises from under car, either the exhaust or the engine rattling especially when changing gear.

The other night my lights came on for no reason. The dashboard flashed on and off and started clicking. Had to disconnect the battery.

Then I had the anti pollution warning sign and the engine light staying on, returned it to the dealer, but I can see this will cost me a fortune. Will not be buying another.

18th Jan 2009, 17:51

My brother phoned me earlier today to say that a 'catalytic converter fault' appeared on the display together with the engine light with the car being hesitant to drive (307, 1.6 2001). He switched the car off, restarted and it seemed to cure it.

I found this thread as I was trying to search for possible causes, but it seems nobody knows what the fault points to or at least nobody has posted a fix.

A lot of you say that the fault appears in misty weather... today was cold but not misty. Another thing that this fault has in common is the fact that switching the car off and back on again cures the problem... the last time I had similar experiences on a different car, the lambda sensor was faulty... maybe this is worth looking into? Does anybody know what the heater resistance should be on the sensor?

His car also has the indicate-right-and-get-left-indicator-for-free-afterwards fault too - bloody annoying!

And another thing I noticed is that after a while driving, the in-dash CD changer makes a noise (like its turning itself on) and then the lights start flashing.

Oh, and operate the rear wash and water jets out of the front! Rear wiper still works though and front wash / wipe works OK too.