20th Jul 2008, 09:56

I have had my Peugeot 307sw since 02. I have been extremely satisfied with the car in general but looking back I have had some faults which seem to be now common. Indicator problem in 03 was rectified by Peugeot changing (under warranty) the assembly as there was a known defect. The anti pollution fault indicator first showed in 02, was diagnosed and the EMS reset, the explanation was 'probably a loose connection, we have now checked wiring and all is OK', no charge under warranty. The car lost power a few times until a new Petrol Management (Carburettor) card was fitted at my cost, something nearing £500 by the time diagnostics and labour were added. Rear Brake discs needed changing at around 20000 miles but that set has now lasted another 54000 miles (what were the original discs made of? s**t? My cost again although car still under 3 year warranty. The Anti-Pollution fault has been coming on over the years and

I have had a new Warm Air Pump, Plugs and Coil, and now they are intimating that next time it may be the catalytic converter breaking down, it is now the next time and I need some ammunition for my showdown with Peugeot Service. Has anyone the answer to the 'Anti-Pollution Fault' message? I really would like to keep this car but I now have to balance repair costs against it's used value.

4th Aug 2008, 17:36

Sorry to add more dread full comments, however since having my lovely little 02 reg 307 since this January it has had a new exhaust £120, flywheel and clutch £1000, various bulbs £15 each Major Service £300 and now a lovely little sign on the dashboard that says UNBLOCK DIESEL FILTER. By the look of this it will cost £500 for this filter.

I just hope I wake up one morning and its been stolen!!

11th Aug 2008, 19:26

Hey guys I'm from Brisbane, Australia and own a PUG 307 2L 2002. It seems as thought this Cat. Convertor is troubling everyone. I know very little about cars and mine has the warning lights flashing about the C/C when I turned it on this morning. Can someone tell me if its okay to drive still, and how could I fix this problem theoretically??

31st Aug 2008, 07:29

Lots of problem; few (if any) solutions. I also have the constant 'Depollution system faulty' warning lamp in my 2006 307 Hdi Touring Wagon, bought here in Australia. It has been in to the dealer's about 4 times, where it currently is. On the last occasion, the car lost all acceleration whilst my wife was driving. Half a dozen warning lights came on. That was the final straw. I called the dealership and told them it was not acceptable to dismiss it as merely an electrical problem, but should be dealt with properly, and the root cause determined. They have had it for three days now, and after raising a ticket with Peugeot worldwide, have finally determined that it is a catalytic converter problem, causing particle filter blockage.

But, what I can't work out, is why do they act as if this is a "oh, we've never seen that happen before" problem? I typed 307 catalytic converter into Go-ogle, and it seems like EVERY Peugeot has the same problem! Don't want to buy into the whole conspiracy theory thing here, but my only explanation is that they have seen it a million times, it is a design fault that will continue to occur, and admission of this will lead to a significant lack of consumer confidence.

On a more technical note, I have been told various misleading stories by the service division people such as "it is just a loose wire", "it is due to the high emisions standards of European countries", and that it is a diesel fuel quality problem here in Australia. Any replies/comments to this are welcome.

Otherwise, I do like the car...really.

15th Sep 2008, 21:46

Same problems, not problem, problems with a plural! Never will buy Peugeot ever again! 307 nightmare!

11th Oct 2008, 17:08

Hi, my name is Imy from England. I have a 2.0 HDI 110 d turbo. It's had the same problems as all the other, such as ESP not functioning and antipollution fault, and trust me, I've spent over £600 to sort this at the dealers, but no change. The only way I've got rid of this problem is by removing the cat off the exhaust at a local garage, and it's been 11 months now since I've not had any problems.

12th Oct 2008, 12:34

My wife's 307 is having the same problem and I am having the same problem with my Citroen C5 - same family of engines I am afraid. We should all lobby the consumer associations because there are literally thousands of us suffering from the same problems.

15th Oct 2008, 09:11

Hi guys, I stumbled across this site after I googled ESP/ASR not working and ABS fault, and unblock fuel filter on my 02 307 110. Having read other posts elsewhere, the one thing we have in common seems to be that the 2 faults above are very common, and once you have them they are almost impossible to cure.

My Pug is in for an oil service today, and only 2 days after booking the service, the dreaded ESP/ASR not working and ABS fault popped up again. Both the rear sensors have been replaced within the last 18 months, the garage has some new diagnostic gear so I wait in anticipation.

Apart from that, I like the car, and when it's running well, it's great. My previous 4 cars have all been Pug diesels, the last being a 405 with 127K on the clock, and I never had a serious problem with any of them.

19th Oct 2008, 21:53

Hi everyone, I am from Singapore, don't be disheartened, the 307SW is a good car and so are the rest of the Peugeot models. Was having the same problems and many attempts to rectify failed until recently. Do not trust the readings or indicators and most mechanics will try to reset it, don't bother. The manufacturer probably isn't aware of the solution. Try changing the Ecu, that's the culprit. Good luck.

27th Oct 2008, 07:58

I have had similar but different problems, and have now begun to lose all faith in this car. It's a 2002 307 but with about 70k on the clock.

When I'd had the car for three days, it just stopped working completely on a slip road from one motorway joining on to another. It was in a really dangerous spot. Nothing worked, and the car just kept making a ticking sound. I couldn't even open my boot to take out the red triangle (which I guess I will never leave in the boot again). The car literally seized up, as the motorway men usually 'shove these off the road' but they couldn't even do that.

Anyway, 7 hours later I managed to get home, and the car went off to Peugeot. They diagnosed that the battery had simply failed.

I have had the car now for about 5 months, and in that 5 months, I have had that indicator problem that everyone is talking about, but I just thought it was a small thing that I could live with. However, the bigger thing is that during my drives - the whole 'transmission' or 'dashboard' will begin to flash and say 'stop', and then everything goes to zero - petrol, revs, speed, and everything switches itself off (except the engine!). It then comes back to life moments later.

When I put the key in the car to start the car, usually I get the whole dashboard flashing and saying 'stop', but it again 'settles down'. With my back lights in particular, on any given day, one can work, two can work or none of them work. I have taken to checking them each time before I get into the car. However I live in the country and have no other way of getting home, and have had to drive on one light or no lights (I have put on my fogs, and they have worked instead) - but is incredibly annoying to other drivers, but they literally wouldn't see me otherwise - otherwise I am stranded by the side of the road again.

Anyway, these are the problems that I have been living with, and then this morning when I tried to go to work, the car acted like it was possessed. The wind screen wipers worked of their own accord whenever they wanted, and then stopped in the middle of the windscreen blocking my view. I had no control over this. When I hadn't turned the lights on, the lights - front and back would flash like warning lights - when I turned my lights on, only the back lights would flash, and the front lights stayed on.