10th Nov 2007, 19:55

Hi everyone, I'm in Melbourne and I've been having problems with the 'anti-pollution fault' light showing up as well. It's been to the garage to be fixed three times in less than 6 months. They seemed completely mystified, as if they've never come across such a problem before, but reading all these comments I'm beginning to doubt that story... I've been told it's OK to drive though it worries me. Also, last week the readout on the dash decided to go haywire and I had to reset the time and date as it seemed to revert to the original build date (2002). I'll definitely not be buying another Peugeot!

16th Dec 2007, 03:47

I got the catalytic converter fault in damp cold weather, while driving in Hertfordshire last night. I love my pug, but the car was limping and coughing all the way home. I stopped for a bit and restarted the engine and all was fine.

Would you bother asking the garage or just put it down to a quirk and forget about it?

21st Dec 2007, 04:18

My sister just rang (in tears) with the CAT problem as well. Told her to limp home and I would see what I could find out on the internet. The weather here in Bristol UK, is cold, damp and misty. She just rang me back and the problem has now gone. Will monitor what happens. Does it seems just like dampness in the electrics?

27th Dec 2007, 16:46

I have also just encountered the Anti Polution light problem I am in Yorkshire. It sounds too me like this problem can never be fixed!!!Mark.

14th Feb 2008, 09:55

In response to the ABS problem: mine was diagnosed by an independent dealer as an ABS sensor. they changed it (Cost £22 plus vat for part) and problem was solved... or so I thought. it's now just reappeared after a further 7,000 miles. probably another sensor!

5th Mar 2008, 16:11

Anti Pollution light has finally come on mine. Been losing power for a while now (intermittently) and driving home from work a little beeping sound and the fateful words come up on the display. Brakes giving me loads of gip first thing in the morning as well. This is going to cost, I know it.

22nd Mar 2008, 13:02

Hells bells - what have we bought. Thought we had a bargain back in September when we bought a 1.4 307 for £3200.

Just got the indicator problem and the cat converter problem. what should I do?

1st Apr 2008, 06:53

We have had all the problems mentioned here... and more - really we will be trading in our car asap. I haven't the heart to sell it privately even though it's just been passed through the National Car Test.

Gone through 2 clutches, 1 gear box, 2 front windows (cracked of their own accord), starter coil and various electrical problems.

The electrical problems are - car stops at lights, indicate right and the car automatically indicates left afterwards, indicators work intermittently, horn works when it wants (someone reversed into me a few weeks back as I was frantically trying to get the horn to work), CD player works only if you turn the car off, put the CD in and then turn the car on gently, central locking issues, I'm sure there's more that I can't think off at the moment.

Throw in the problem with mats which won't stay fastened to the floor and it's altogether a car with a lot of character.

We just got the problem with the Catalytic converter this morning.

Can anyone tell me what's next - this pollution thingy seems to be the norm...

I'm sure some people working for Peugeot drive the car as well...

12th Apr 2008, 06:31

In a strange way, it is nice to know we're not alone!

Our 307 has caused us nothing but misery. So far.

1) Back doors jam repeatedly because locks get filled up with water when it rains

2) Cam belt snapped when it had been replaced 10,000 miles previously

3) Anti pollution fault

4) Catalytic converter fault

5) Braking Fault

6) ABS Fault

7) When putting on the indicator to turn right the beam comes on.

It's a shame because on the odd occasion it is working it is a lovely car to drive.

18th Apr 2008, 22:03

Hi from New Zealand, we have recently brought a 2002 307 XSI 40,000km, very happy with it... although, 2nd night we had it both Cat fault and Anti Pollution. We too were in foggy conditions approx. 1-3 degrees. It has remedied itself at this stage (3rd day).

My question is has there been, or is there likely to be a fix we can get for this, it freaks my wife out a bit when it beeps and alarms flash as she is doing 100kmh along the motorway.

19th Apr 2008, 18:22

I've got a 307 XSi on a 02 plate and I have the problem of when I indicate right, the main beam comes on. Does anyone know how to cure this problem?

27th May 2008, 17:18

I have a 2005 Peugeot 307, and if the handbrake is on when it freeze outside (live in Sweden) it jams, I thought it would let go if I drove a bit (warm it up kinda), and it did, but now I've got ABS fault instead.

I think it's a broken sensor or dust from the brake-pads from the "handbrake" maneuver I did, that has got on the sensor.

It can be the heat that emerged from jammed hand brake that cause a broken sensor too.

My wife and me had a VW Passat 98 before, and "boy" did we spend a lot of money repairing that one, ABS unit included.

We feel like that ABS problem is haunting us :-(

The 307 has been quite OK otherwise.

2nd Jun 2008, 16:34

Bought my 03 plate 307 in March 07. Within 4 days it had been in and been repaired for the anti pollution fault and has been in 5 times for the same thing it is there now. The service clerk and I are on first name terms. Plus the indicator fault, a problem wing mirror, in for a major recall and yeh and it's had a new starter motor too. I have been rendered immobile on 3 occasions. I have tried to negotiate with the dealer who is insistant that it's because I don't do enough miles. Can remember signing a mileage contract when I bought the car. As in previous postings I have mixed emotions after reading this site, as it is comforting to realise I am not going potty, however it saddens me to feel that I'm stuck with the unreliability of this car. I can't believe that SOOOOO many complaints and Pug won't admit liability.

9th Jun 2008, 23:00

I also had the anti-pollution fault.

I have a 03 plate 307 SW 2.0; first day I got it, the engine warning light came on and it came up on the display "unblock diesel filter", which basically is all connected to the anti pollution. I had to have a new particle filter, which altogether cost me over £500!

Another problem I'm having; I get through a headlight bulb every week or so.

6th Jul 2008, 04:39

I am in Australia I have a 2004, 307CC. I have had it since October, 2007. Since that time I have had the anti pollution fault 6 times. When it goes into the dealer they say the computer tells them the "Catalytic Converter is aging" The car has done 107,000kms and has already had the cat replaced. Does not seem to affect performance or fuel economy and the dealer suggests to just keep driving!!! I love the car but the constant problems are certainly not going to make me buy another Peugeot.